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My name is John Wade Adams and I'm currently incarcerated on Texas' notorious death row for a crime I did not commit. One need not go far to understand the various types of injustices associated with this place. I just so happen to fall within the perimeter of those injustices as I will demonstrate here shortly and as accurately as possible. The goal of my endeavor is to raise a sufficient amount of funding to hire an attorney and for this reason I'm requesting assistance from anyone capable of donating to my cause. My legal issues if properly presented by a competent attorney will no doubt win my release for there is nothing but hearsay evidence, if even that to support my current conviction.

This previous mentioned however is not the best part of my case. I will now discuss that point as follows: "prior" to my trial an ex-friend of mine was convicted as the sole perpetrator of the offense. You would rationally think this is impossible. So did I. The fact of the matter is I reside in Texas and the impossible becomes possible when a "poor man" is the subject of prosecution as can obviously be seen. In order for the state to convict me for the foregoing crime in question is to go out of its way to do so. This occurred when the state introduced Perjured Testimony. The persons that testified were all under indictment for various crimes and made deals with the state for leniency in return for their "made up" testimony. Their testimony is what the state used to substantiate a so called "conspiracy theory" or "parties theory." Both of which absent the perjured testimony would have entitled me to an acquittal for the charges I was being held accountable for.

A conviction for capital murder was "impossible" without the perjured testimony because in Texas the law states one cannot be held accountable for mere presence at a crime scene. Jurors are told this in their instructions, but when the state includes an alternate theory along with this previous mentioned instruction then a jury can convict if evidence tends to prove up the states theory of culpability this as I said earlier was accomplished through perjured testimony.

The only way of preventing this testimony during my trial would have been to have had an attorney "well paid" for only a well paid attorney would have vigorously attacked the states introduction of perjured testimony. This did not occur for had it been vigorously attacked I would not be on death row today. The world knows the likes of Texas "appointed attorneys" for death row defendants, and for this reason I'm reaching out to the world asking for help. The remainder of my time on appeal I need to spend obtaining funds for an attorney who will vigorously represent me in a new trial otherwise, I will return to the same place again and again. Life is too short and precious to waste in a place like this, so please help by sending donations to the following address :

John Wade Adams Association

1202 Geneva, Switzerland

Postal Account Nr : 91-131723-9


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