Les SauterellesLES SAUTERELLES - Brucerai / It’s Nothing 7″ (FA 6516) Price: CHF 8 Swiss Franks

Phenomenal italian sung version of Ring Of Fire from early 1967! It’s almost a miracle that such a superlative track was never released in the 60s, because Brucerai could have easily became a classic in Italy! It shows LES SAUTERELLES at one of their very best italian recordings! The flipside repeats the milestone top-deck off their soon to be rare 50th anniversary 45! Both sides were recorded in very early 1967 by the classic early lineup from the first LES SAUTERELLES LP, including Toni Vescoli (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Rolf Antener (lead guitar), Enzo Ernst (bass), and Düde Dürst (drums). Perfect soundquality!

One of the ultimate best SAUTERELLES 45s there is! Must have!

Both 45s come complete with artwork courtesy of LES SAUTERELLES’ drummer, and regular record cover / poster designer Düde Dürst!

Les SauterellesLES SAUTERELLES - It’s Nothing / Evry 5th Is Free 7″ (FA 6515) Price: CHF 10 Swiss Franks

"Special 50th anniversary collectors release!" by no less but the leading Swiss Beat band from the 60s! Contains the sensational never before released english sung original versions of Aiuto!...Va Sempre Male? and Il Quinto Non Lo Paghi from 1967. Both tunes are originals. It’s Nothing puts some spectacular monster, distorted lead guitar riffs around a wild Mod-Beat / Freakbeat sound!! It sounds much more abrasive than the italian version (Aiuto!...Va Sempre Male?) thanks to it’s more effective english lyrics. The flipside plays a fabulous ballad that was written by their bandleader Toni Vescoli and catches LES SAUTERELLES at one of their finest tracks!

This is even better than the hard to find italian version of the Single made by Columbia records in 1967! One of the very best SAUTERELLES 45s ever made! Perfect soundquality too!

Limited to just 500 copies only, so better be quick in ordering your copy before they are all gone! Few copies left!


LP record

LP record

THE NEW NADIR / ME AND THE OTHERS - Uncovered (Feathered Apple FA 6514) LP with inserts! Price: 24:99 Swissfranks

Groundbreaking split LP including 5 killer previously unreleased 1967 freakbeat/rnb/garage studio tracks by the legendary New Nadir featuring Ed Carter from San Francisco, California on lead guitar and vocals (pre The Beach Boys); Gary Thain from Christchurch, New Zealand on bass (pre Keef Hartley, and Uriah Heep); plus Peter Dawkins also from Christchurch, New Zealand on drums (the greatest record producer from down under).

The New Nadir have played some celebrated clubs in London such as the Speakeasy where they gigged a few times with Jimi Hendrix, who was supposed to produce their first record for the UK Polydor label, however after Ed Carter had received the offer to join The Beach Boys, the band split and nothing was ever released.

The five tracks by The New Nadir on this LP were recorded on Monday, August 28th 1967, at a professional Swiss recording studio near Zurich, and capture them in great mood at their fantastic first recordings. The songs range from top freakbeat/garage masterpieces (TOMORROW, as well as I NEED HER NOW), thru unique eastern influenced freakbeat tracks with raga riffs (BLACK SNOW), and onto the pop-art sound of PEOPLE ARE CHANGING, and the rambling rnb/freakbeat/garage guitar instrumental WALKING.

The LP is highlighted by the monster previously unreleased freakbeat track LOVE IS NOT A GAME, which was recorded by the pre-New Nadir outfit Me And The Others in November 1966, at Regent Sound Studios in London. This could easily hail as one of the greatest freakbeat tracks which was ever produced in the UK.

Me And The Others were a mid 60s beat/rnb/freakbeat band from Christchurch, New Zealand featuring Peter Dawkins on drums, and vocals (ex The Strangers); Dave Chapman on guitar, Gary Thain on bass (ex The Secrets, and The Strangers), as well as Paul Muggleston on lead vocals, guitar, and organ (ex The Secrets, The Dynamics, Atlantics, etc.). The LP is rounded out by 5 choice never before released live tracks from a Me And The Others gig in Germany that was recorded in January 1967: The amazing Graham Bond Organisation type of guitar - organ instrumental COMING HOME BABY, plus fantastic kiwi modbeat/garage/freakbeat versions of YOU BETTER RUN, HOLD ON I’M COMING, and CAN’T TURN YOU LOOSE, as well as the killer garage punk original track EVEN GREEN ONES.

This is an official release with over $3.30 in royalties paid for each copy sold!

Key selling points:

1. Gary Thain played with his brother Arthur in the fabulous early 60s beat / garage band The Strangers with whom he released three excellent 45s between the years 1963 to 1965. Gary’s 2nd band The Secrets was nominated with the Loxene Golden Disc award for IT’S YOU (the Searchers-like top-deck of the killer garage track YOU’RE WRONG) in 1965.

After the breakup of the Secrets in 1966, Gary Thain and Paul Muggleston (also from The Secrets) teamed up with Peter Dawkins and Dave Chapman to tour Europe with Peter’s band Me And The Others.

After the breakup of Me And The Others, Gary, and Peter went on to form the legendary freakbeat/rnb/garage trio The New Nadir with Ed Carter from California on vocals, and guitar. The rest is history. Ed Carter then joined The Beach Boys, and Gary went on to play with Keef Hartley and Uriah Heep.

2. Ed Carter became the lead guitarist and bass player of The Beach Boys in 1968, with whom he still plays with today.

3. Peter Dawkins has produced no less than 20 number one hit records, and over 50 gold and platinum albums during his producing career.

4. Ed Carter began in 1963 to play guitar and bass with The Shufflers, a surf and rhythm and blues band from southern California featuring Mike Kowalski on drums, and Bruce Johnston on keyboards and guitar. In 1965 Johnston joined The Beach Boys to replace Brian Wilson at concerts. Three years later, in 1968, Carter and Kowalski became permanent members of The Beach Boys too.

5. Jimi Hendrix was going to produce the first record of The New Nadir for the UK Polydor label, however after Ed Carter received the offer to join The Beach Boys, The New Nadir split and nothing was ever released.

6. Jimi Hendrix shared the stage with The New Nadir several times during 1967 to 1968, and he jammed with them at the Speakeasy!

7. LOVE IS NOT A GAME was never released, only because Me And The Others had no time to record a flipside for it, as they had to leave for some gigs in Germany, where they finally broke up in February of 1967.

8. The five songs by The New Nadir are all top notch 1967 freakbeat originals, written by Ed Carter, Gary Thain, and Peter Dawkins.

9. The New Nadir tracks have a killer analogue sound quality as they were cut DIRECTLY from the original master tapes!

10. The New Nadir tracks were all recorded as part of a package promotion deal which was put together by the famous Swiss 60s music magazine Pop, and the small Swiss Eurex Records label. The recording session was held at a professional Swiss recording studio that was located near Zurich.

11. The New Nadir tracks on this LP were never released because the band didn’t want to end up on a small Swiss record label. They wanted their first record to be produced by Jimi Hendrix for Polydor Records in the UK.

12. The LP comes with solid extensive liner notes written by Peter Dawkins and Dave Chapman.

13. The LP cover shots of Me And The Others were taken in London for Brian Epstein’s agency.


1. People Are Changing
2. I Need Her Now
3. Walking
4. Tomorrow
5. Black Snow

1. Love Is Not A Game
2. Even Green Ones
3. Coming Home Baby
4. You Better Run
5. Hold On I’m Coming
6. Can’t Turn You Loose

This LP is strictly limited to 1000 copies totally. The first 300 copies came handnumbered + with superlimited poster + a special booklet + 2 more inserts inside!
Price for one of the superlimited first 300 LPs with 4 inserts= CHF 45.00 [EURO 30.00] each


THE OUTSPOKEN BLUES - Same CD (Feathered Apple FA 6513) Price: 23:00 Swissfranks

Any true 60s garage maniac should already be hip to The Outspoken Blues monster 60s garage track Not Right Now via Back From The Grave, Volume 8, as well as The Bryds Your Lies via Back From The Grave, Volume 6. Now, on this historic and completely official 17-track CD, the full musical output and story behind those legendary Chicago 60s garage bands is finally told.

The compilation kicks off with both sides from The Outspoken Blues ultra-rare and killer $5000 single of Not Right Now b/w Mister You’re A Better Man Than I that was originally released on the highly sought after Orlyn Records studio label in 1966; that single is followed by 11 fabulous and never-before-released 1967 garage/rnb tracks from The Outspoken Blues unreleased album, including seven originals (Not Right Now, Sitting On A Sunday, A Wonderful Summer, I Can’t Make You Love Me, I’ll Stay,All Your Love and N.Y.P.D) and five covers (Mister You’re A Better Man Than I, I Know, Hold On I’m Comin, Turn On Your Lovelight and Since I Don't Have You).

Also featured are two great and previously unreleased 1968 garage tracks (Poor Rich Man and Jr. Saw It Happen) that were recorded under the moniker of The Prod.

As a final bonus, the CD is rounded out in great fashion with both tracks from The Bryds super rare and fantastic 1965 teen garage 45, Your Lies b/w Why Did You Have To Break My Heart, penned by The Outspoken Blues main songwriter and part lead-vocalist Robert Stanley.

Retailprice: SFR. 24:00 each plus postage
Wholesale available: Dealers and distributors are welcome to send in their inquiries.


THE BASTARDS / THE YODLER KILLERS - Schizo Terrorist CD (Feathered Apple ZAK 11) Price: 22:00 Swissfranks

Killer official Swiss Punk CD including 11 raw 1978 punk rock tracks by the legendary BASTARDS, plus 3 rip-roaring 1979 - 1981 punk anthems from the mighty YODLER KILLERS!

This fantastic set includes both ULTRARARE 7" records from the tiny ZAKI label by THE BASTARDS (Impossibilities / Danger / Schizo Terrorist) and the YODLER KILLERS (Jacot Masturbette / Soussolrock). It also contains THE BASTARDS killer previously unreleased 2nd ZAKI records Single (Loser / Apathy), and adds 2 more fantastic previously unreleased studio cuts from the same May 13th 1978 recording session (I Can’t Stand Your Guts / I Don’t Care), as well as 4 wild punk tracks off an early BASTARDS TV show from April 1978. It is closing out with the YODLER KILLERS incredible version of La Ravachole (that was originally recorded in 1981 for the rare PALLADIUM LP).


THE BASTARDS - Impossibilities
THE BASTARDS - Schizo Terrorist
THE BASTARDS - I Can’t Stand Your Guts
THE BASTARDS - Schizo Terrorist
THE BASTARDS - Slow Death (part)
YODLER KILLERS - Jacot Masturbette
YODLER KILLERS - Soussolrock

Retailprice: SFR. 24:00 each plus postage
Wholesale available: Dealers and distributors are welcome to send in their inquiries.

Click here for THE BASTARDS story and some more infos!

45 RPM

THE NIGHT CRAWLERS - Want Me / Feel So Fine (Feathered Apple FA-6510) 7" 45 r.p.m. vinyl Single Price: 8:50 Swissfranks

Killer previously unreleased Minnesota ’66 fuzz garage Single!! The A-Side of this MONSTER was comped on BACK FROM THE GRAVE - Vol. 8, but the flipside has never before seen the light! This is the same quintet that unleashed the 12-string coolity, You Say on Maad records in Mai 1966 (that was reissued on the Hipsville-Vol. 3 LP comp.) Limited to 500 copies only. FEW COPIES LEFT!

Retailprice: SFR. 8:00 each plus postage only
Wholesale available: Dealers and distributors are welcome to send in their inquiries.


THE REDNECKS - Blitzkrieg Bop Live ’78 CD (Feathered Apple ZAK 9) Price: 23:00 Swissfranks

Fabulous Swiss Punk CD of a never before issued live broadcast from 18. 10. 1978 by this group of ex-members from THE BASTARDS, JACK AND THE RIPPERS, and LES SCELLERATES! Including 17 Ramones/Heartbreakers styled versions of Blitzkrieg Bop, Let Go, Cop Cars, Needles And Pins, Pills, Please Don’t Touch, Endless Sleep and many others!

THE REDNECKS feature Sandro Sursock on Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar (=ex THE BASTARDS), Francis Seilern on Lead Guitar (=ex JACK AND THE RIPPERS), Babine on Bass (=ex JACK AND THE RIPPERS), and Paul Zouridis on Drums(=ex LES SCELLERATES).


1. Blitzkrieg Bop (The Ramones)
2. Let Go (The Heartbreakers)
3. JuJu Man (Dave Edmunds)
4. I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock and Roll (Nick Lowe)
5. Please, Please, Please (Ducks Deluxe)
6. Endless Sleep (Jody Renolds)
7. Needles And Pins (The Searchers)
8. Please Don’t Touch (The Pirates)
9. Cop Cars (The Boys)
10. Wild Wild Women (Chris Spedding)
11. It's My own Business (Chuck Berry)
12. Mistery Dance (Elvis Costello)
13. Pills (Bo Diddley)
14. Please Don’t Touch (The Pirates)
15. JuJu Man (Dave Edmunds)
16. Blitzkrieg Bop (The Ramones)
17. Let Go (The Heartbreakers)

All tracks were recorded live on 18. 10. 1978 at Salle Du Faubourg in Geneva, Switzerland (opening for The Troggs)

Retailprice: SFR. 24:00 each plus postage only
Wholesale available: Dealers and distributors are welcome to send in their inquiries.


THE BASTARDS - Schizo Terrorist LP (Feathered Apple ZAK 8) Price: 19.00 Swiss Franks

KILLER long awaited LP of nine snotty Swiss Punk blasts from April/May 1978 by the first Swiss punk band. The Bastards came from Geneva (=home also to JACK & THE RIPPERS, THE YODLER KILLERS, and TECHNYCOLOR etc.) and were called THE SLAM during 1976-1977. Their family tree goes back to the mid 60s. On this historic Swiss Punk LP you get to hear some fantastic, snotty Punk vocals courtesy of THE BASTARDS female lead-singer MARIE-PIERRE, as well as from THE BASTARDS male bandleader, and songwriter SANDRO SURSOCK.
This never before released Swiss Punk LP includes all 3 killer classic tracks off THE BASTARDS superrare and lone 1979 EP on the Zaki label: Impossibilities, Danger, Schizo Terrorist; as well as 4 previously unreleased cuts from the same May 13th 1978 T.H.C. recording studio session: "I Can't Stand Your Guts, I Don't Care, THE BASTARDS killer previously unreleased 2nd Single of Loser b/w Apathy, plus 2 never before released TOP soundquality live tracks: Gloria (ultimate punk version of the P. Smith version), and a raw live version of Danger. This is a KILLER LP of classic early punk the likes of THE HEARTBREAKERS, RAMONES, RICHARD HELL, THE STOOGES, FLAMIN GROOVIES, REAL KIDS, SEX PISTOLS, SAINTS, KIDS etc.

This thick 180 gramm LP ships with a large 2-sided BASTARDS bonus Poster inside, and comes with detailed english written linernotes by THE BASTARDS leader Sandro Sursock himself! This 100% official LP has a full and authentic soundquality. Weight =288 gramm!

Retailprice: SFR. 19:00 each plus postage only
Wholesale available: Dealers and distributors are welcome to send in their inquiries.

Click here for The Bastards story and some more infos!
Scored a bunch of the last copies of the first edition of this necessary reissue of a host of tracks by Switzerland’s premier punk snots, The Bastards. This issue comes complete with a two-sided poster, one suitable for framing and the other featuring extensive English sleeve notes from founding member Sandro Sursock. The sound is classic UK-inspired nada filtered through a classic garage/rock n roll aesthetic that would reconcile the sound of The Flamin' Groovies, Dolls, Stooges et al with lip-curling nihilistic toe-in-your-ass style primitive aggro ala early Damned/Pistols/ATV et al and features great, leery female/male vocals and classic beard-trimming buzzsaw guitar. This great collection includes three tracks from their rare 1979 EP alongside four previously unreleased cuts from the same sessions, both sides of their previously unreleased second single and two wild, primeval live blasts, including a Patti Smith-inspired Gloria. Titles include grunts of the calibre of I Can't Stand Your Guts, Apathy, Loser and I Don't Care. Highly recommended.
-David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue, UK

LP record

THE SEVENS - Same LP (Feathered Apple FA 6507) in stereo, with large bonus poster inside!

Here comes the first official reissue of the first, BEST and rarest Swiss 60s beat, garage album. The ultrarare original LP by this legendary group from Basel, Switzerland, was recorded in 1965 and issued in 1966. It sold locally and in very limited amounts only. Original copies now fetch up to Dollar 3000 in near mint condition. This top 60s garage LP contains no less but 9 killer original-songs & 3 wild covers of choice Animals, Them and Kinks tracks!

Looks and sounds fantastic! (Mike Stax, Ugly Things, San Diego)

Anybody with the slightest interest in wild raving 60s beat garage music the likes of The Remains, The Seeds, The Shadows Of Knight, etc., should have a copy of this sensational Sevens LP in his collection.

I’m sure that this record will be considered a classic for many years to come. (Billy Miller, Norton Records, Kicks Magazine, New York City)

Comes with a large A2-size poster inside, that has The Sevens story printed on the photo-packed back.

The sound quality on this STEREO LP is FABULOUS AUTHENTIC and blows the inferior Akarma release out of the water....some say it even sounds better then the original LP (released on Layola in 1966 and one of the rarest Euro 60's beat albums!). After the amazing Dr. Spec’s Crypt 45, here’s another release that sets new standards for VINYL SOUND REPRODUCTION! (Erik Meinen, Beat Behind The Dykes, Winterswijk)

Recorded in one August 1965 session and first released in early 1966 on the Layola label, The Sevens sole LP has since become one of the most sought-after European beat albums. For a few short years, The Sevens caused fan-mania in their native Switzerland with their cool mop-tapped image and high energy beat sound. Decades later, a new generation of fans, 60s beat and garage collectors, flipped when they rediscovered The Sevens music and such basic, teen-naive and instantly catchy songs as The Love Of A Bird, My Mother, What Can I Do and In God I Trust.
The reissue of The Sevens LP on an Italian label earlier this year caused something of a stir in the online garage and beat music community. According to sources close to the band, the recordings had not been legally licensed and the release was in effect a bootleg. Compounding the situation, The Sevens had had their own officially sanctioned release in the pipeline for some time and the Italian issue had stolen their thunder. Understandably, they were pretty pissed off. The Italian Sevens reissue was denounced in no uncertain terms and buyers were warned off. Rumors subsequently floated that a settlement had been reached between the Ialian label and the band, this was later denied by the band.
The band-backed release has since been rushed out on the Feathered Apple label, based out of their hometown of Basel. It’s an exact repro of the original LP, including the fold-over (no glue, no flaps) card cover. Also included is a large poster insert with full linernotes and some terrific photos. The soundquality is excellent, much superior to the Italian edition. The band themselves will be releasing a CD edition which will include all the non-LP singles and some previously unreleased tracks.
-Mike Stax, Ugly Things, August 2005

The Sevens from Basel coarse guitar chords and leads, diddly-swirly organ parts, fondue-clotted English vowels and lots of chutzpah. The guitarist presents his heavy-gauge, back-and-forth scales like Clapton’s gift to the alps, the organist attacks his modest compact like a Hammond and the singer’s faulty elocution is ever forward in the mix. Great on comps, but an album?
Be My Loving Baby is a crude stab at Brill Building confect ed romanticism; Talk About Her, at Jaggeresque insinuation; The Love Of A Bird a Zen koan; Why Don’t You Love A Man Like Me, Willie Dixon-Jimmy Reed rnb; Panam, a Yardbirds rave-up; You Should Know, moody groveling; What Can I Do and In God I Trust are throwaway garage anthems. Bassist and songsmith Michel Bovay tacks variously. Tossing Mann-Weil sentiments into the garage is always fresh if you do it right, and a second language approximation of the Jagger stance can be less icy and condescending. Every serious beat group had one serious rnb song to record if only they weren’t derivative. The rave-up is brilliant. All the songs sound as if they were seasoned on the road. The three covers, from The Animals, Them and The Kinks, aren’t too much. Sevensville gets more interesting the longer you stay.
In 1971, Michel Bovay gave up music for Zen Buddhism and is currently master of the Zen Dojo for Zurich. His 1966 paradox about a book, the chain of desire and a threshold of knowledge hinted perhaps at his later calling.
I’ve got a book which is called The Love Of A Bird
I don’t know what it says, I don’t know what it mean
-Randall Wood, Ugly Things, August 2005

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Beware of bootlegs, this is the real thing!


Be My Loving Baby (Pierre Aebischer - Michel Bovay - Pino Gasparini) Publisher: SUISA
I’m Crying (Alan Price - Eric Victor Burdon) Publisher: Ivy Music Ltd.
I’m Gonna Dress In Black (Gilon) Publisher: Carlin Music Corp.
Talk About Her (Pierre Aebischer - Michel Bovay - Pino Gasparini) Publisher: SUISA
The Love Of A Bird (Pierre Aebischer) Publisher: SUISA
Why Don’t You Love A Man Like Me (Pierre Aebischer - Michel Bovay - Pino Gasparini) Publisher: SUISA


Panam (P. Aebischer - M. Bovay - P. Gasparini - M. Hungerbuehler) Publisher: SUISA
Pretty Little Angel (Pierre Aebischer - Michel Bovay - Pino Gasparini) Publisher: SUISA
What Can I Do (Pierre Aebischer - Michel Bovay - Pino Gasparini) Publisher: SUISA
You Should Know (Pierre Aebischer - Michel Bovay - Pino Gasparini) Publisher: SUISA
In God I Trust (Pierre Aebischer) Publisher: SUISA
Don’t You Fret (Ray Davies) Publisher: AME-Kassner GmbH

THE SEVENS LP 180 gramm vinyl LP reissue Price: 19:00 Swissfranks plus shipping
THE SEVENS LP 180 gramm vinyl LP reissue with poster Price: 24:00 Swiss Franks plus shipping
THE SEVENS LP (autographed by all five original members!!) 50 Swissfranks plus postage (ultra rare!!)
Wholesaleprice/dealers: please ask for details

Click here for The Sevens story and full discography

LP record

JACKIE FOUNTAINS - Same LP (Feathered Apple FA 6505) with photo packed 4 page insert

This historical release is due in no small part to the valiant efforts of Swiss beat maniac Rolf R. and his Feathered Apple imprint, which has established contact with surviving members of The Jackie Fountains, and their manager Peter Warmling, to get the whole group scoop. Pulling in unreleased material, together with three of the four single sides the group made back in 1966 for the incredibly rare Dollar label (home to The Madmen’s Alfred E Goes Surfing) and a few tracks (also recorded during 1966) released on a hideously rare 1969 LP -- Spex and Pengar, also on Dollar, which the group shared with an eccentric spoken word artist M. Swingberg - has resulted in one of the most pleasing releases in the sixties beat canon.

The unreleased cuts are taken mostly from the days when they were cutting it as an rnb outfit, having shed their Shadows and Spotnicks fixation. A live n wild recording of The Snobs Buckle Shoe Stomp and a powerful harp-wailin’ romp through Vince Taylor’s oft-covered Brand New Cadillac are included; the former somewhat lacking in hi-fidelity but more than making up for it in attitude and stomp, while the latter is one of the very best versions I've heard of this song.

The Jackie Fountains also have more than a touch of Chuck Berry-itis too delivering a rousing Bye Bye Johnny and a splendidly executed I’m Talking About You. A brave shot at The Animals name-dropping party swinger Club-A-Go-Go and a late-night melancholic offering, Sentimental Blues, also makes for a very enjoyable listen. Although these are all pretty damn cool in themselves, The Jackie Fountains really come into their own when they choose to perform their own material. You Better Look Around from their debut single shows them more than capable of standing up to their beat peers with a low-key but wonderfully effective number complete with yearning lead vocal. This and Listen Girl, a fabulous garage-edged folk-rocker culled from the Spex and Pengar outing feature some nice 12-string picking and more impassioned vocalising from Bob Yell, one of two non-Swedes in the group; both he and Mimi Matisic (piano) coming originally from Yugoslavia, where they were members of The Lonely Ones. The jazz-tinged Love Time and Your Love (especially) are also deserving of our attention with scuds of rumbling bass, to-the-point drums and plenty of six-string action from group mainstay Hasse Warmling.

Few people out there will know that Hasse was responsible for co-writing The Stranglers early 80s hit Strange Little Girl. He and Hugh Cornwell (then in Sweden) used to play together in Jonny Sax during the mid 1970s, but when the group moved over to England they changed their name to The Guildford Stranglers, then just dropped the Guildford prefix. Hasse didn't think anything was gonna happen with the group so he moved back to Sweden before the group took off, and the rest as they say is history.

The LP packaging sports classic garage-beat imagery, utilising a simple black front with an ultra cool and moody shot of the group taken in late 1965, topped off with Jackie Fountains in gold lettering. It could even be the latest volume in the Diggin’ For Gold series of top class beat LPs. There are heaps of great photos, original newspaper clippings and information like the above included in the gatefold insert, not to mention some sterling beat and rnb raunch contained in the grooves. Feathered Apple have produced a great record here, one you really ought to seek out before it slips away and you regret not buying it when it was available. Definitely for fans of The Downliners Sect, Namelosers, Dee Jays, Shanes etc.
Lenny Helsing, Shindig magazine, April 2004

The Jackie Fountains were an obscure beat group from a small rural town in Sweden. They released two singles for the tiny Dollar label in 1966, and several more tracks from 1965 to 1966 also appeared on an oddball spoken word album by a farmer named M. Swingberg, which was released by Dollar in 1969 and, needless to say, sold very few copies.

Now Feathered Apple have rescued the group from obscurity with this LP, collecting most of the above-mentioned tracks (one B-side excepted) plus previously unreleased live and demo recordings. Fans of mid-60s Euro-beat will not be disappointed. The band’s first single, You Better Look Around is a mournful beat number decorated with some stirring 12-string guitar. Listen Girl (from the Swingberg LP) is another excellent number, with a slow swaying rhythm and a revolving guitar riff, while Your Love kicks up the energy level with a wild double-time break. Why Did You Leave Me, another original composition, is a snotty, harp wailing rnb mover, and they also beat out smashing renditions of Buckle Shoe Stomp (live in very raw fidelity), I’m Talking About You and Brand New Cadillac. The album signs off on a surprisingly smooth and melodic note with Bad Girl, a lovely commercial pop song, complete with Bacharach-style horns, it would’ve been perfect for somebody like Dave Berry, circa 1966.

The Jackie Fountains broke up in 1967, but several years later lead guitarist Hasse Warmling was in an early line-up of the Stranglers. He left the group before they became successful, but they held on to a song he had co-written with Hugh Cornwell, Strange Little Girl, the music of which dated back to Warmling’s Jackie Fountains days. The Stranglers demoed the song with Warmling as early as 1974 (it can be heard on the Early Years Rare And Unreleased 1974-76 CD, and it’s wonderful), but it was not until 1982 that they re-recorded it and it became one of their biggest hits.

Feathered Apple have put together a very strong package here, with extensive liner notes by Peter Warmling (Hasse’s brother and the group’s manager) and a glossy insert loaded with old press clippings and set lists. A CD edition with additional tracks is in the works.
Mike Stax, Ugly Things issue number 22, December 2004)

Click here for the Jackie Fountains story
Retailprice: SFR. 19:00 each plus postage
Wholesale available: Dealers and distributors are welcome to send in their inquiries.
45 RPM
THE RISING TIDES - Take The World As It Comes / I’m Crying 7" (Feathered Apple FA 6501/02)

MONSTER previously unreleased 1965 garage-punk single from New York City. Both sides were originally recorded
at the Nola Penthouse Sound Studios Corp. in 1965. This is a straight analogue copy of the one and only acetate in
existance - it sounds like the real thing!! Take The World As It Comes was used for Back From The Grave Volume 5,
but the Rising Tides amazing version of I’m Crying was never nefore released and the soundquality of this dynamic
and DEADLY single is actually much better than on the Back From The Grave Volume 5 LP!!
Superlimited pressing of 300 copies only, grab it now!!
Retailprice: SFR. 15:00 each plus postage

45 RPM
THE MODS - All The Day / Long Tall Sally 7" (Feathered Apple Records FA 6500)

All The Day is an excellent rocking beat number overrun with mad trebly guitar leads, and they also dish out a wild,
Star Club-style Long Tall Sally. Very tasty picture sleeve on this number too. (Mike Stax, Ugly Things issue number 19)
This killer debut Single on the Feathered Apple Records label comes with a fabulous printed (undigitalized) six color Picturesleeve of the highest grade! The frontcover looks a bit similar to THE MODS original Layola Picturesleeve from 1965, except that the bandphoto is different! The cryptic Feathered Apple Records sleeve is picturing for the very first time the correct, and classic MODS lineup that actually plays on the Mods records!

Only 435 copies made!! Very few copies left! This all official previously unreleased first Mods single was only ever available for retail as a mailorder special directly from Feathered Apple Records (it never sold to any shops)
Retailprice: SFR. 15:00 each plus postage

45 RPM
THE MODS - All The Day / Long Tall Sally 7" (FA 6500) WITH HARDCOVER!

Long out of print 7" of the Mods (from Winterthur, Switzerland) previously unreleased first 7" coupling of All The Day backed with Long Tall Sally from 1965. The unreleased test pressing Single came sleeveless and with blank labels only. Theres only one copy of the unreleased first MODS Single known to exist.
Later in 1965 All The Day was picked up by Layola records for release as the A Side to THE MODS lone, and rare as hen’s teeth Layola Single featuring Nobodys Woman on the flipside, and so THE MODS frantic version of Long Tall Sally from the unreleased early test pressing only Single was never released!

WITH ULTRARARE HARDCOVER!! Only 65 copies made! A good number of this official 45 were used for promotional purposes.
Only 3 copies left!
Price: SFR. 150:00

45 RPM
THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS - She Pays The Rent / LYRES - She Told Me Lies 7" splitsingle (Feathered Apple Records FA 1300) Price: 15:00 Swiss Franks

Battle of the 80s garage kings!!!!

The Chesterfield Kings boss version of The Lyres hit She Pays The Rent v.s. The Lyres swinging version of
the Chesterfield Kings killer 80s garage anthem She Told Me Lies!! It was a KILLER 45 for both bands!

Only 500 copies made! Few copies left! Must have!

"The best recording of The Lyres in many years" (Tim Warren, Crypt Records)
An original Feathered Apple Records production.

Price: SFR. 15:00