P.O. BOX 141
4007 BASEL
FAX/TEL: +41 61 632 0184

                 ALL PRICES IN SWISS FRANKS!!

CRAMPS - Confessions Of A Psychocat (Class IVY 666, LUX 706, NICK 945)(PS) 3 - EP BOX SET, with insert! M-/M- CHF 150:00
Ultrarare 3 EP BOX set!! It comes complete with the original numbered extra EP cover inside! There were only 350 numbered numbered copies of it made! This is #204 of 350!!
CRAMPS - Faster Pussycat / You Got Good Taste (French - New Rose 28) picturedisc M- CHF 40:00
Killer version (!!) of the ultimate classic Russ Meyer track Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!! Supersexy shot of Ivy, and therefore one of thee most desirable picture discs ever seen! Very rare!!
CRAMPS - Fever / Garbageman (U.K. - Illegal 0017)(PS) Ž80 VG+/M- CHF 100:00
One of their BEST ONES!! Superrare original 1980 UK single!!
CRAMPS - Fever / Garbageman (U.K. - Illegal 0017)(PS) 1980 VG+/VG++ CHF 150:00
Ultrarare first pressing with the withdrawn original picture sleeve!! The record is in dark red vinyl but it only shows under light!
CRAMPS - Goo Goo Muck / She Said (UK - IRS PFP 1003)(PS) 1980, no center, yellow vinyl! M-/M- SOLD!
Superrare UK first pressing original 7" from 1980 on yellow vinyl!
CRAMPS - I Ain't Nuthin But A Gorehound / Weekend On Mars (French - New Rose NEW 33)(PS) 1983, green vinyl! M-/M- CHF 50:00
Superrare original green vinyl first pressing 7" from 1983!!
CRAMPS - Live EP (M A/2)(PS) 1980, white vinyl!, with insert M-/M- SOLD!
Ultra rare first pressing EP from the early 80s on white vinyl!! Only the first 100 copies came on white vinyl!! =one of their ultimate rarest ones!
CRAMPS - Smell Of San Diego EP (U.S.A. - TC 01)(PS) red vinyl M-/M- CHF 130:00
Superrare live in San Diego EP including fantastic versions of Domino, Nothing But A Gorehound, Faster Pussycat and Garbage Man!! This is #394 of only 475 copies made!! Bloody 2-sided sleeve, for true gorehounds only!
CRAMPS - Voodoo Idol EP (Hot Spot Records NR-16974)(PS) first pressing, on red vinyl, with postersleeve! M-/M- CHF 100:00
Superrare original first pressing EP on red vinyl!! It comes with a killer kool EC comics like postercover!
CRAMPS - YouŽll Never Change Me / Bacon Fat (U.S.A. - PMS 511050)(PS) 1984 M-/M- SOLD!
Ultrarare and great limited edition Single in stunning picturesleeve!! This is #116 of only 300 made!! One of their rarest ones!!

                 ALL PRICES IN SWISS FRANKS!!

CRAMPS - Can Your Pussy Do The Dog? 10" record            (French - New Rose Cramps 2) 1985          M-/M-    CHF  45:00
-V.rare limited and numbered 10" record!! W. Blue Moon Baby, Georgia Lee Brown, Can Your Pussy Do..
CRAMPS - The Crusher + 2 12"                              (U.S.A. - Illegal PFSX 1008) 1980          M-/M-    CHF  50:00
CRAMPS - Big Beat From Badville                           (U.S.A. - Epitaph 86516-1) Ž97             M-/M-    CHF  38.00
-Guaranteed original first pressing LP with original printed innersleeve inside (with photos, text etc.) Rare!
CRAMPS - Demons Of The Swamp Vol. 2                       (U.K. - SS-1000)                           M-/M-    SOLD!
CRAMPS - Human Fly                                        (Belgium - CPS1981)                        M-/M-    CHF  60:00
-Guaranteed original first pressing LP!
CRAMPS - A Date With Elvis                                (French - New Rose 81) 1986, first pressing LP with 
                                                          original innersleeve!!                     M-/M-    CHF  35:00
-First pressing with embossed cover + original innersleeve!
CRAMPS - Live, Venus April 19. 1980                       (The Cramps no#) red vinyl!              VG++/VG++  SOLD!
-Ultrarare first pressing LP from 1980 on red vinyl, and with original first state LP cover! This 
-is guaranteed 100% original!
CRAMPS - Stay Sick                                        (German - Enigma ) '89 first pressing!!    M-/M-    CHF  25:00
CRAMPS - SurfinŽ The Dark PICTUREDISC                     (U.K. - LOTC) Picturedisc!                 M-/M-    SOLD!
-Ultra rare early Legion Of The Cramps fan club picturedisc LP!! There were only 200 copies of it ever made!
CRAMPS - Songs The Lord Taught Us                         (UK - Illegal ILP 005) 1980              VG++/VG++  CHF  18.00
-Rare UK first pressing LP! A bargain!
CRAMPS - Most Exalted Potentates Of Trash                 (Australia - Taylordisco TD 45-001)        M-/M-    CHF 150.00
-Ultrarare 8-track 12" from around the mid 80s incl. Devil With The Blue Dress, YouŽll Never Change Me, 
-Sinner, Big & Fat (Beacon Fat), Zombie Dance, Tear It Up + 2! With supercool glossy sleeve of some caged dolls!!
-This is 100% guaranteed the first pressing LP of it, and NOT a later reissue!
CRAMPS - All Tore Up                                      (Australia - Revisited 001)                M-/M-    CHF  40:00
CRAMPS - Rock N Roll Monster Bash                         (Germany - Turn Blue TB-100/KD-002)        M-/M-    CHF 350.00
-Ultra rare and guaranteed 100% original first pressing LP from the early 80s with original first state cover, 
-and original blue label! The Cramps lineup on this LP includes Julien of The Mad! It was recorded at The Edge, 
-in Toronto, July 18, 1980. The cover is still in shrink! =one of their rarest ones!

Various Artists LPs: 

ROCKABILLY PSYCHOSIS AND THE GARAGE DISEASE               (U.K. - Big Beat 18) 1984                 M-/M-    CHF  48:00
-Superrare comp with The Phantom, Trashmen, The Sonics, Hasil Adkins, Legendary Stardust Cowboy,
-Jimmy Dickinson & The Cramps, The Meteros, TAV Falco & The Panther Burns, The Gun Club, Sting-Rays, Meteors etc.
BORN BAD - Vol. 7                                         (Australia - Born Bad Records BB007)       M/M     CHF  27.00
-Superlimited comp including 16 killer '50s rab and 60s punk cuts by Ric Cartey, Johnny Fortune, 
-The Blue Rockers, Roy Brown, Larry Phillipson, Terry Dunavan, The Shells, The Fanatics, The Wailers,
-Junior Thompson, Kit & The Outlaws, Charlie Feathers, The Embers, Gene Summers, and Link Wray
BORN BAD - Vol. 8                                         (Australia - Born Bad Records LP008)       M/M     CHF  27.00
-Superlimited comp including 16 killer '50s rab and 60s punk cuts by Sheriff & The Ravels, Bo Diddley,
-Walter Brown & His Band, Keith Courvale, Hayden Thompson, Lightnin' Slim, Roy Brown, Danny Dell,
-The Fender Four, Elvis Presley, Slim Harpo, Randy Alvey & The Green Fuz, Captain Beefheart, Sonny Burgess,
-Don & The Galaxies, and The Revels
SONGS THE CRAMPS TAUGHT US - Vol. 1                       (UK - Cato LP001)                          M/M     CHF  20.00
-Superlimited comp including 16 killer '50s rab and 60s punk cuts by Jack Scott, Roy Orbison, The Trashmen,
-Rick Nelson, Jimmy Stewart, The Sonics, Johnny Burnette R&R Trio, The Huntsmen, The Phantom,
-Randy Alvey & The Green Fuz, Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads, The Novas, Kip Tyler & The Flips, 
-Elroy Dietzel and The Groupies
SONGS THE CRAMPS TAUGHT US - Vol. 2                       (UK - Cato LP002)                          M/M     CHF  20.00
-Superlimited comp including 14 killer '50s rab/60s surf garage cuts from The Readymen, Jim Lowe, 
-Hasil Adkins, Mel Robbins, Warren Smith, The Spark Plugs, Charlie Feathers, Dave Diddle Day, 
-Jackie Lee Cochrans, R. Lewis Band, Andy Starr, Macy Skipper, Carl Perkins and The Fendermen

THE CRAMPS - Books, and Magazines:
                 ALL PRICES IN SWISS FRANKS!!

Very rare!!
LOLLIPOP #2 (Sweden - by Carl Abrahamsson) M- SOLD!
Superrare May 1986 issue of this great Swedish zine with a supercool shot of LUX INTERIOR (of THE CRAMPS) on the frontcover and fantastic 18 page CRAMPS interview and story inside, plus ALEX CHILTON about THE CRAMPS, TAV FALCO etc. FREDDIE WADLING (4 pages), THE STOMACH MOUTHS (fantastic 4 page interview/article) etc.
ROCKIN' BONES #9 (U.K. - by Lindsay Hutton) M- CHF 14:00
V. rare issue!! Cramps, Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Screaming Tribesmen, Bam Balam, more!!
(no picture)
ROCKIN' BONES #11 The Final Chapter (U.K. - by Lindsay Hutton) M CHF 10:00
Rare final issue of the U.K. Cramps fanclub zine!! It also contains the Scientists and Mad Daddies!!
(no picture)
ROCKIN' BONES #12 The Death Rattle (U.K. - by Lindsay Hutton) M- SOLD!
This very last stab was just one doublefolded A4 page!! It is about The Cramps!! Cheap!!
RUMBLE #2 (N. IRELAND - by Liam Watson) M- CHF 27:00
Liam Watsons fantastic 80s garage zine!! Most hard to find issue with Lux Interrior of The Cramps on frontcover, and 4 page Cramps interview inside!! Plus Ricky Nelson, Jet Black Berries, The Stomach Mouths (by Gunnar Johanson), The Gun Club, Fleshtones, Nomads, The Oink Oink Man, bad films, some funny comic strips from Peter Bagge, more!!
SUNGLASSES IN THE DARK -THE CRAMPS A DISCOGRAPHY 1976 -1986 (U.K. - by Lindsay Hutton) M- CHF 25:00
Scarce booklet discography of THE CRAMPS from 1986!! By the editor of Next Big Thing!!

                 ALL PRICES IN SWISS FRANKS!!

THE CRAMPS - Eldorado, France 6. and 7. June 1981 (France - New Rose) VG(+) SOLD

THE CRAMPS - On Tour (U.K.) strong VG+ SOLD
Classic Cramps poster for some UK - tour that I think was cancelled! I used to have an early reprint of this, but I think this must be an original copy of it, cause the printing quality of this poster is definitely superrior to the one I've had before, and cause it looks more vintage to me, so I think this must be original. I've been collecting The Cramps stuff since 1980.

THE CRAMPS - Sunday, May 23rd 1982 at The Met VG++ SOLD!
Superrare Cramps flyer of a gig with the Bop Zombies, and The Redheads! The Met was probably located somewhere around Seattle.. No extracopies in stock!

THE CRAMPS - Peppermint Lounge, New York City / 31. October 1983 VG++ SOLD!
Superrare original poster (small) for The Cramps halloween concert at the famous Peppermint Lounge in NY, NY! This extremely scarce and supercool looking poster was made by Rudi Protrudi of The Fuzztones. No extracopies around! This is guaranteed 100% original!

THE CRAMPS - Tuesday, 29. May 1984: Hammersmith Odeon, London, U.K. strong VG+ SOLD!
Superrare original concert poster from 1984 with The Specimen opening for The Cramps at the Hammersmith Odeon! This is guaranteed 100% original! Great condition for this very large and superrare poster! No extracopiees around.

THE CRAMPS - A Date With Elvis (UK - Big Beat) 1986, promoposter VG+ CHF 25:00
Very rare original UK promo poster from the early eighties! This was only used for display in some choice record shops. The poster has few very fine pinholes, and it was taped on all 4 corners on the backside, to possibly make it stronger, but now you can see some stains from the aged tape that actually went through the poster! A bargain!

THE CRAMPS - A Date With Elvis (UK - Big Beat) 1986, promoposter VG+ SOLD!
This is much rarer than the other Date With Elvis promo-poster is! Some "push marks" in the middle of the poster, but no tears! It was impossible to take a good photo of this poster.

THE CRAMPS - Tour 1986 (UK?) 1986 VG++ CHF 400:00

Ultrarare original European 1986 "A Date With Elvis"-tour poster!! This comes in very huge "world-size" and looks just absolutely incredible (in it's slimey dayglow green lime color)!! This was very hard to take a good photo of (cause of light reflections), and so the real thing looks a million times better than the two photos. It looks fantastic!! This is guaranteed the original 1986 European tour poster, and not a reprint of it!! This 1986 tour-poster is virtually impossible to find, as there were only few copies of it made! This is one of the ultimate BEST Cramps posters there is. It should be easily worth the price for some reasons. This poster was NOT available for sale on The Cramps 1986 tour, but it was put on display by the people that sold The Cramps merchandise in the frontroom of the concert halls. I've tried to get one of these at The Cramps 1986 gig in Zurich, but the seller of The Cramps stuff said that this was not available for sale, and that the only two copies of it they have left were the ones they put on display. It was impossible to get one of them. I've finally got the poster few years ago -- it came from one of the big German Cramps collectors. Nobody else in Switzerland has a copy of this poster, and I doubt that there are more than a handfull of copies of it in collectors hands.

THE CRAMPS - Sunday 6. April 1986 / Brielpoort, Deinze, Belgium SOLD!

THE CRAMPS - Tuesday, 15. 4. 1986 / Hyde Park, Osnabrueck, Germany M- CHF 45:00
Superrare original concert poster for The Cramps 1986 gig at the Hyde Park in Osnabrueck, Germany! This poster is very huge!! I used to have around 5 copies of these, but now I'm down to my last and best kept copy!

THE CRAMPS - Monday, 21. April 1986 / Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland + Tuesday, 22. 4. 1986 / Palladium, Geneva, Switzerland (Swiss - Disctrade) 1986 promosticker! M- SOLD!
Ultrarare promo sticker for The Cramps two Swiss dates from their famous A Date With Elvis tour! This sticker is actually much rarer than the Swiss posters are. Very few of these stickers got out. No extracopies left. This sticker should be impossible to refind!

THE CRAMPS - What's Inside A Girl (UK - Big Beat) 1986, promoposter VG++ SOLD!
Rare UK original promo poster from 1986!! This is larger in size than the A Date With Elvis posters! It was not possible to take a better photo of this poster, sorry!

THE CRAMPS - Live In New York City / Friday 1. August 1986 / Ritz (U.S.A.) VG++ SOLD!
Ultrarare and fantastic looking original concert poster for The Cramps concert at the Ritz in New York! This concert was also released as a bootleg LP, but the bootleg LP clamims that it was recorded in 1983, which of course is not correct. Few small pin-holes only. This is not a reprint!

THE CRAMPS (UK ?) 1990, promoposter M- SOLD!
Superrare original promo poster! This is guaranteed 100% original and definitely not a reprint! Perfect condition for this poster, and no extracopies around!

THE CRAMPS - Stay Sick (UK ?) 1990, promoposter VG++ SOLD!
Superrare original promo poster of most possibly european origin! Few small pinholes only!

THE CRAMPS - Look Mom No Head! (UK?) 1991, promoposter M- SOLD!
V. rare original promo poster of most probably european orign!

THE CRAMPS - Wednesday, 13. November 1991 / Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland M- SOLD!
Scarce original Swiss concert poster from the Look Mum No Head - tour! No extracopies around! A bargain!

THE CRAMPS - Urgh (U.S.A. - ) 1981 M- CHF 50:00
V. rare original 1981 movie poster from the U.S.! This is the lineup of The Cramps featuring Julien Griensnatch of the great New York punk band The Mad! The Cramps clip that was used for this movie, is something that you should see! This one comes in folded condition (as they don't exist in rolled condition.) This is guaranteed 100% original! No extracopies around.

                 ALL PRICES IN SWISS FRANKS!!

Superrare official original set of 3 Cramps badges from the Can Your Pussy Do The Dog period, and complete with (slightly aged) original Cramps letterhead!!


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