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This theodolite was produced from Wanstaff at Berlin in 1907 by plans from Heinrich Wild.
Property of Eidgenössische Landestopographie.

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At the age of three, Heinrich Wild's father passed away.  The Wild family
moved to Bilten, taking up residence with his grandmother.

After completing his studies at age 22, as first in his class at the
“Geometerschule des Technikums Winterthur” he accepted a position at the
“Eidgenössischen Topographischen Bureaus” (later named “Schweizerische
Landestopographie”) at Berne. While employed as a classical land surveyors, topographer, and leveler, he also investigated and developed new instrument designs.

During the years 1905 to 1907, he was a member of a Swiss military commission
charged with providing new range finders (Optical distance measuring devises). 
While serving in this position, he came into contact with personnel at the
Carl Zeiss Works located at Jena, Germany.

Simultaneous readings of diametrically opposed circle points.
Attachment to Swiss Patent No. 38603, granted to Heinrich Wild, 1907.

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