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In 1931 he moved to Zurich and left Wild Heerbrugg on 7.December 1932. But he was working as a independent designer and developer still for them till 1935.

In this time he worked on a stereo autograph for which he got a patent in 1935.

In 1935 he signed an agreement for manufacturing a new theodolite with Kern Aarau, Switzerland.

The following article was written in the KERN Bulletin 26  July 1978 to the 100th anniversary of Dr. h.c. Heinrich Wild (15.11.1877 - 26.12.1951)

After Heinrich Wild separated from Wild Heerbrugg and, in 1935 presented his newest theodolite designs to Kern for manufacturing purposes, a completely new line of theodolites was created.

His new designs were introduced to the geodetic community for the first time at the International Congress of Surveyors in Rome in 1938. The instruments shown were the theodolites without optical micrometer DK1 and DK2 as well as the types with optical micrometer DKM1, DKM2 and DKM3.  
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 All these instruments had several new features in common: Leveling cams which turn on a horizontal axis for precise leveling, very stable, high precision ball bearing vertical axis, glass circles with two concentric graduations (double circle principle), powerful, short telescopes, fully transitable, an overall very compact and rugged lightweight design. All these features are still typical of today's Kern theodolites as confirmed by the two theodolites DKM1 and DKM3 which, 40 years after their creation, are still a mainstay in our present manufacturing program, even though several improvements were added in the course of time.

Heinrich Wild did not limit his activity to the theodolite sector of Kern. He developed an extraordinary dividing machine and laid the groundwork for mass production of the new theodolites. Finally, in the year of his death, Heinrich Wild contrived a photogrammetric plotter by seeking out an entirely new approach. Even though this plotter appeared only as a prototype, Kern, with it, ventured into the building of photogrammetric instruments.

The Swiss Geodetic Commission has issued a publication commemorating Heinrich Wild. All contributions praise Dr. h.c. Heinrich Wild as a dominating, strong- willed personality whose untiring energy was aimed at the only goal with insistence and intensity; to develop more precise, lighter and smaller geodetic instruments which would provide ease in handling and give more precise measurement results in a shorter time.  

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