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...to Cindy Meister's Web site. Do you have questions about how to use MSWord? Especially Mail Merge and Forms? Then you're in the right place! I hope you find something useful, please enjoy your stay :-)
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Unless otherwise stated, all information is valid for most current versions of Word (6, 95, 97, 2000, 2002, 2003)

My favorite tips is a section of miscellaneous information that I've come across on the Newsgroups and CompuServe. Be ready for just about anything :-)!

List of my publications (English language) with links to the articles on-line, where available.

The Mail Merge FAQ covers formatting topics and some issues related to more complex merges, such as pictures from a database, multiple items per record and creating an address book. There is also information on sending data from MSAccess or another program directly to Word using VBA and OLE-Automation, rather than the mail merge facility.

The online Forms FAQ offers solutions for spellchecking in protected forms and performing and updating calculations. Idiosyncracies in Word97 are touched on and possible workarounds discussed. For an introduction to creating and using forms in Word see the article at Dian Chesney's website.

Nifty Numbering is a collection of solutions to odd questions I've encountered as a Sysop and MVP on CompuServe and the Internet. How to use Word's built-in numbering feature is not discussed.

If you're looking for foreign language proofing tools, go the Links page, you'll find them after the other links to informatative web-sites.

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