In no particular order, but grouped by topic, here are some côôl places to jump to:

The MSWord MVPs FAQ Accumlated wisdom of the MSWord MVPs, all in one spot! Plus links to relevant websites and articles.
Dian Chesney Fellow MVP and CSP, and our Evil Twin#1, Dian~ (or ~E as she's fondly called) has a super site. Looking for Word tips and utilities to handle long documents? Then take a moment to visit her. Want to know how the notorious MVPs look? Dian's camera was busy at two MS-sponsored Summits and she got some good sneak shots in Seattle! ôô

For animal lovers and the non-technically-minded Dian also has an entire pet section. Warning: beware of the dogs !
Jonathan West Jonathan is also an Word MVP. His pet project is a tool to search out all the cross-references within & between documents in a large documentation set, convert them to hyperlinks, and then output the resulting files in HTML or Adobe PDF formats. The Office 97 version is out, now, he tells us. He also has a Word FAQ posted.
Bill Coan Bill's another Word MVP. Lots of useful information on Word and automating Word with VBA at his site.
Graham Mayor Graham's been around in the newsgroups for years, but was only made an MVP in 2002; everyone thought he was already an MVP! But he wasn't; now he is. He has some pretty good tips, based on years of experience in Word. And also some nifty ideas about what to do with retirement...
Scott Matthewman More VBA programming tips can be found at the site of yet another full-blood programmer, Scott. Pay him a visit and see what kinds of solutions he's worked out for various Word automation problems.
Chris Rae This young Scotsman has some more interesting Word VBA tips at his site. He says he's starting to dabble in Excel, as well, so I imagine there will soon be Excel tips, there!
Susan Daffron Here's a site that offers DeskTop Publishing and VB-Developer tips. Susan is our Word Evil Twin #2, but concentrates her efforts more in the DTP area. Her partner, James, is into databases and VB applications.
Steve Rindsberg No listing could be complete without including someone from the Powerpoint side of the tracks. Steve is a quick-witted MVP (always trying to stay a step ahead of Dian~!) who has a slide imaging bureau. If you're working on presentations, pay him a visit.
Dev Ashish Dev also comes from the MS Newsgroups: Access is his specialty. Visit the Access FAQ at his web-site and link from there to even more information if you have questions about Access :-)
Greg Chapman Occasionally, Greg comes and slums with us "Wordies", but in real life he's a Windows 95 configuration guy. Among other things, he has a utility to back up the "thingy" that keeps track of all those long file names on your computer. Then, if your system crashes and you have to restore, you'll have a much better chance of finding your files again without having to play DOS 8.3 guessing games.

Oh, yeah, and Greg's alter ego is Dian~'s partner. (Good going, guy!)
Sue Mosher Yet another MVP, Sue's main area of interest is the communications aspects of Windows. If you have questions about Exchange or Outlook, Sue's site is the place to go.

Have you ever wondered what all the different Services Releases are for Office 97, and which one you need? Sue has a complete run-down that tells you what, where and how.
"Uncle" Gus Hallgren Enjoyed seeing the MVP links I have on my site? Found them helpful and informative? Looking for more ? And some côôl entertainment at the same time? Then check out the "Guru Retreat" at Gus' site.
MVP site Here's another site with links to many MVPs, mostly in the "non-End User" category (Developer, NT, etc.)
Woody Leonhard's WOPR Woody Leonhard has been an acknowledged Word guru for years. If you've never read any of his books, you're missing a real treat. They're not only informative, but also extremely entertaining. His team also has "Woody's Office Power Pack", a Word add-in to offer you more features. In addition, you can subscribe to his free electronic newsletter, WOW (Woody's Office Watch).
Foreign language proofing tools for Word The official distributer of Microsoft language modules up through Office 2000 is ALKI software. You can find information at their site about what tools are available and their cost.

Starting with Office2000, all 30+ supported languages are available in a single language pack. You'll find up-to-date information at the Microsoft site.

There is a relatively inexpensive spell-check program ($34.95, includes all 12 languages) that integrates into MSOffice products. Languages: American English, Brazilian, British English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish. A Medical and legal dictionary is also available for an extra $15.00. Evaluation copy available at

If you have Outlook 98 you already have many spell-check dictionaries. Instructions

Further addresses people have shared with me for other suppliers of French proofing tools:

  • Synapse Développement is a French company that offers a number of products, such as Cordial and Lexical. The palette ranges from spelling and grammar check through a lexicon that can give definitions and translations. Demos are available on-site.

  • Machina sapiens, a French Candian company, has the tool Correcteur 101. This company also has a Spanish proofing tool. A demo is available on-site.

  • Pro-Lexis from Diagonal, in France. Unfortunately, I have no website address. But you can e-mail Diagonal to request more information:

  • Another set of French liguistic tools that can be integrated into Word is Antidote.

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