VINYL COLLECTION            last updated 10/13/2002

707 Megaforce 25AP2371 1982 Sony/CBS/Japan
707 S/T NBLP7213 Casablanca USA
707 The second album (Promo) NBLP7248 Casablanca USA
8084 Love and war 1003 Swinesong USA
8084 S/T(8 trax) 1002 Swinesong USA
2 DIE 4 Deliver me from evil/My day will come/Walk right now(No.694) PZ224 Morgan Creek GB
2 DIE 4 S/T 3145139271 Morgan Creek GB
2 DIE 4 Walk right now/Find the time PZ215 Morgan Creek GB
2 DIE 4 You got what it takes/Make your mind up/Come inside PZ237 Morgan Creek GB
22O VOLT Power games CBS25819 CBS HOL
22O VOLT S/T EPC25449 Epic Records HOL
22O VOLT Eye to eye(Promo Stamp) 7464450641 Epic Records USA
24-7 SPYZ Harder than you (Promo) 613003-1 Relativity USA
3RD STAGE ALERT S/T EP SP18-5142 Metal Blade JAP
44 MAGNUM Actor(incl.Outer sleeve/Iron on patch/Plastic logo)  30ML-1 Moon JAP
44 MAGNUM Live act II(London/Tokyo/2 LP) 38001-2 Moon JAP
45 GRAVE School`s out E1039 Enigma USA
451' S/T(1.LP) 625114 X/Teldec Records GER
9.O Too far gone 1686193441 Roadrunner HOL
A PERFECT CIRCLE Mer de noms (2LP) 2438492531 Virgin USA
AARON LEE Call of the wild RR9780 Roadrunner/Attik HOL
AARON LEE Lee Aaron Project(Picture Disc) VV1001 Freedom USA
AARONSROD Illusions kill(Signed by Brian Spalding) RR9690 Roadrunner   HOL
ABATTOIR The only safe place 8856181121 Combat USA
ABATTOIR Vicious attack MX8014 Combat USA
ABBA S/T EPC80835 Epic Records GB
ABBA Super trouper 2344162 Polydor GER
ABBA The visitors 2311122 Polydor GER
ABBA Arrival SD18207 Atlantic USA
ABBA The album SD19164 Atlantic USA
ABBA Voulez-vous SD16000 Atlantic USA
AC/DC Dirty deeds done dirt cheap APLP020 Albert Productions AUS
AC/DC High voltage APLP009 Albert Productions AUS
AC/DC Let there be rock APLP022 Albert Productions AUS
AC/DC T.N.T. APLPA016 Albert Procuctions AUS
AC/DC Back in black XSD16018 Atlantic CAN
AC/DC Rock'n'roll damnation/Sin city K11142 Atlantic GB
AC/DC Whole lotta Rosie/Hell ain't a bad place to be K11207 Atlantic GB
AC/DC Dirty deeds done dirt cheap ATL50323 Atlantic GER
AC/DC High voltage ATL50257 Atlantic GER
AC/DC If you want blood... ATL50532 Atlantic GER
AC/DC Let there be rock ATL50366 Atlantic GER
AC/DC Touch too much/Live wire(L)/Shot down in flames(L) ATL20206 Atlantic GER
AC/DC Highway to hell SD19244 Atlantic USA
AC/DC Powerage SD19180 Atlantic USA
ACCEPT Balls to the wall PRT25791 Portrait GB
ACCEPT Breaker 0060390 Brain GER
ACCEPT Death row(Double album) 74321230161 RCA/BMG GER
ACCEPT Russian roulette PL70972   RCA GER
ACCEPT S/T(1.LP) 0060188 Brain GER
ACCEPT Kaizoku-Ban(Live in Japan) (6 trax)  23-3P-694 Epic/Japan JAP
ACID Black car (Drop dead/The day you die/Exterminator) G12502 Giant BEL
ACID Engine beast G713 Giant BEL
ACID Maniac G712 Giant BEL
ACID S/T(1.LP) G6711 Giant BEL
ACTION Action kit 2 25PL1 Philips/Japan JAP
ACTION Action kit(Poster/Comix/Lyrics/Sticker/Fan Club Sheet/Plastic Comix) 20PL-41 Philips/Japan JAP
ACTION Heart raiser 28PL96 Philips/Japan JAP
ACTION Hot rox 28PL78 Philips/Japan JAP
ACTION Movin' and rockin' SJX-30343 Victor JAP
ADRAMELCH Irae melanox MET104 Metal Master ITA
AEROSMITH Livin'on the edge/Don't stop(unreleased)/Flesh (No.4826) (Picture Disc) GFSTP35 Geffen GB
AEROSMITH Get a grip GEF24444 Geffen GER
AEROSMITH Night in the ruts 25AP1601 Sony/CBS/Japan JAP
AEROSMITH Classics/Live 7464403291 Columbia USA
AEROSMITH Done with mirrors 7599240911 Geffen USA
AEROSMITH Draw the line (Promo) 34856 Columbia USA
AEROSMITH Get your wings JC32847 Columbia USA
AEROSMITH Live/Bootleg(DLP) PC235564 Columbia USA
AEROSMITH Permanent vacation (Promo) 7599241621 Geffen USA
AEROSMITH Pump (Promo) 924254-1 Geffen USA
AEROSMITH Rocks 34165 Columbia USA
AEROSMITH S/T(1.LP) PC32005 Columbia USA
AEROSMITH Toys in the attic PC33479 Columbia USA
AFTERMATH Straight from hell (Mask of deception/You never gonna wake up/Pandemonium/SFH) MC1-269 Aftershock USA
AGENT STEEL Mad locust rising (Blue Vinyl) MX8080 Combat USA
AGENT STEEL Skeptics apocalypse MX8029 Combat USA
AGENT STEEL Unstoppable force 8856180961 Combat USA
AIIZ No fun after midnight/Treason/Walhalla force POSPX243 Polydor GB
AIIZ The witch of Berkley/Live (+ Patch) 2383587 Polydor GB
AIRRACE Shaft of light 7567902191 Atco USA
A'LA ROCK Indulge 23000413 Nibelung Records GER
ALASKA Heart of the storm MFN023 Music For Nations GB
ALASKA The pack (Signed by Bernie Marsden) MFN041 Music For Nations GB
ALCATRAZZ Island in the sun/General hospital/Suffer me RCAT434 RCA GB
ALCATRAZZ Hiroshima mon amour/Live,Country Club 1984 HE22/25D  GER
ALCATRAZZ Dangerous games ECS91176 Capitol/Japan JAP
ALCATRAZZ Life sentence/Live 28MM0351 Polydor/Japan JAP
ALCATRAZZ No parole from rock'n'roll 28MM0320 Polydor/Japan JAP
ALCATRAZZ Disturbing the peace 7777123851 Capitol USA
ALCATRAZZ Life sentence/Live XR22020 Rocshire USA
ALCATRAZZ Live sentence (White Label Promo) XR22020 Rocshire USA
ALEXA  S/T LPVAG911 Savage Records GB
ALICE IN CHAINS Dirt 9974723301 Columbia GER
ALICE IN CHAINS Face lift 9974672011 Columbia HOL
ALICE IN CHAINS SAP(Double Album/Gatefold) 7464578041 Columbia USA
ALICE IN CHAINS We die young/It ain't like that/Killing yourself  (US Promo) XSS2095 Columbia USA
ALKATRAZ Doing a moonlight UAS30001 UA/Rockfield GB
ALPHA S/T (6 trax) JSQ1001 JSQ USA
AMERICADE American metal FJ615 Adem USA
AMULANCE Feel the pain 08-9805 SPV GER
ANA BLACK She's a tease WRC1-5234 Ragged CAN
ANACRUSIS Manic impressions ZORRO23 Music For Nations GB
ANGEL Helluva band NBLP7028 Casablanca USA
ANGEL Live without a net/Live(2 LP) NBLP7203 Casablanca USA
ANGEL On earth as it is in heaven(+ Poster) NBLP7043 Casablanca USA
ANGEL S/T(1.LP) NBLP7021 Casablanca USA
ANGEL Sinful NBLP7127 Casablanca USA
ANGEL White hot NBLP7085 Casablanca USA
ANGEL WITCH Live ZORRO01 Music For Nations GB
ANGEL WITCH Screamin`n`bleedin` KILP4001 Killerwatt GB
ANGEL WITCH Sweet danger/Hades paradise/Flight nineteen 12EMI5064 Bronze GB
ANGEL WITCH S/T(1.LP) VIP6756 Bronze/Japan JAP
ANGELICA S/T(12 trax) (Signed by Rob Rock) RO9061 Intense GB
ANGELICA Walkin'in faith RO9204 Intense GB
ANGELS Beyond salvation(Double Album) TVL93327 Mushroom AUS
ANGELS Dark room(Gatefold) ELPS4061 CBS/Australia AUS
ANGELS Face to face APLP031 Albert Productions AUS
ANGELS Howling RML53226 Mushroom AUS
ANGELS Live line(Double Album/16p booklet) l59001/2 Mushroom AUS
ANGELS Never so live(Fashion and fame/Talk about you/Bad dream/Angel) EX12016 CBS/Australia AUS
ANGELS Night attack ELPS4258 CBS/Australia AUS
ANGELS No exit APLP038 Albert Productions AUS
ANGELS Out of the blue (4 trax) (+ Poster) AS37 Albert Productions AUS
ANGELS Red back fever (Red Vinyl) TVL93352 Mushroom AUS
ANGELS Watch the red ELPS4364 CBS/Australia AUS
ANGELS Live from Angel city (5 trax) ACE001 Telegraph USA
ANGRA Angels cry 478019 Eldorado/Sony BRA
ANGUS Metal warriors(No.166/500) SHR002 Steelhunter Records CZE
ANNIHILATOR Alice in hell 1686194881 Roadracer USA
ANNIHILATOR Never neverland 1686193741 Roadracer USA
ANTHEM Hunting time MFN104 Music For Nations GB
ANTHEM No smoke without fire MFN101 Music For Nations GB
ANTHEM Bound to break K28P655 Nexus JAP
ANTHEM Gypsy ways K28P710 Nexus JAP
ANTHEM Ready to ride(Red Vinyl) K20P593 Nexus JAP
ANTHEM S/T K28P566 Nexus JAP
ANTHEM Tightrope K28P628 Nexus JAP
ANTHEM Xanadu(Act 1 & 2) K12P648 Nexus JAP
ANTHRAX Anti-social/Parasite/Le sects 12IS4O9 Megaforce GB
ANTHRAX Black lodge(2 mixes)/Pottersfield(2 mixes) (No.6800) 7559662820 Elektra GB
ANTHRAX Hyproglo(2 versions)/Room for one more(L) 7559662540 Elektra GB
ANTHRAX Indians/Sabbath bloody sabbath/Taint (Poster bag) 12IS325 Megaforce GB
ANTHRAX Live/The Island years ILPS8027 Island GB
ANTHRAX Madhouse/A.I.R./God save the Queen 12IS285 Megaforce GB
ANTHRAX Attack of the killer B's 211732 Island GER
ANTHRAX Persistance of time(Double LP) 304050 Island GER
ANTHRAX Sound of white noise 7559614301 Elektra GER
ANTHRAX Stomp 442 7559618561 Elektra GER
ANTHRAX Armed and dangerous/Raise hell/God save the Queen/Metal thrashing mad(L)/Panic(L) MRS05 Megaforce USA
ANTHRAX Fistful of metal MRI469 Megaforce USA
ANTHRAX Spreading the disease ISL1069 Megaforce USA
ANTIX Get up get happy (5 trax) E1141 Enigma USA
ANVIL Backwaxed VPR106 Viper CAN
ANVIL Make it up to you/Metal on metal/School love  MET12002 Attic FRA
ANVIL Steamin/Stop me/Jackhammer/Tease me, please me  MET12001 Attic GB
ANVIL Past and present/Live in concert 1686194531 Metal Blade HOL
ANVIL Forged in fire 28MM0254 Polydor/Japan JAP
ANVIL Hard'n'heavy 28MM0202 Polydor/Japan JAP
ANVIL Metal on metal 28MM0230 Polydor/Japan JAP
ANVIL Pound for pound 1877733361 Metal Blade USA
ANVIL(LIPS) Hard n'heavy(Signed by band) SPLASH007 Splash CAN
APOCALYPSE S/T(incl.Disctrade Band Info Sheet) D277-1 Out Of Tune SWI
APOCRYPHA The eyes of time SH1039 Shrapnel USA
APOCRYPHA The forgotten scroll SH1034 Shrapnel USA
APOLLO RA Ra pariah (No.359/500) OPMR1006 O.P.M. Records USA
APRIL WINE First glance AQR517 Aquarius CAN
APRIL WINE The whole world`s goin`crazy AQR510 Aquarius CAN
APRIL WINE The nature of the beast 7777121251 Capitol USA
ARCANE Destination unknown WRR027 Wild Rags USA
ARCANGEL S/T BFR38247 Portrait USA
ARIA Blood for blood 1013C6 ? RUS
ARIA Hero of a speedway C6027413000 Melodia Records RUS
ARIA Playing with fire C6029907000 Melodia Records RUS
ARMAGEDDON(USA) The money mask 1418218441 R.E.X. GB
ARMORED SAINT March of the saint (Signed) CHS41476 Chrysalis CAN
ARMORED SAINT Symbol of salvation (Signed) ZORRO20 Music For Nations GB
ARMORED SAINT Revelation (2LP/Gatefold) 3984142881 Metal Blade GER
ARMORED SAINT Delirious nomad WWS91152 Toshiba/EMI JAP
ARMORED SAINT March of the saint WWS91101 Toshiba/EMI JAP
ARMORED SAINT Rising fear (Promo) CP32-5554 Toshiba/EMI JAP
ARMORED SAINT Can u deliver(US Promo) AS1966 Chrysalis USA
ARMORED SAINT Can u deliver(US Promo) EPRO136 Metal Blade USA
ARMORED SAINT Delirious nomad (Signed) BFV41516 Chrysalis USA
ARMORED SAINT Isolation(US Promo) (Signed) VAS2767 Chrysalis USA
ARMORED SAINT Lesson well learned/False alarm/On the way (Signed) MBR1009 Metal Blade USA
ARMORED SAINT Long before I die(US Promo) (Signed) VAS2274 Chrysalis USA
ARMORED SAINT Over the edge(US Promo) (Signed) VAS2213 Chrysalis USA
ARMORED SAINT Raising fear (Signed) BFV41601 Chrysalis USA
ARMORED SAINT Saints will conquer/Live(6 trax) (Signed) 1877723011 Metal Blade USA
ARMORED SAINT Take a turn(US Promo) (Signed) AS2009 Chrysalis USA
ARROGANCE Suddenly 7599234291 Curb USA
ARROW Diary of a soldier (Diary of a soldier/Straight to your heart/Tongight's the night/Until the endo of time) ARF001 Indie SWE
ARTCH Another return ACTLP5 Active GB
ARTCH Another return(White label) ACTLP5 Active GB
ASIA Astra GEF26413 Geffen GB
ASIA S/T(1.LP) GEF85577 Geffen HOL
ASSASSIN License to kill WRA1-158 Micro-Mix Records CAN
ASTAROTH The long loud silence (Die to be alive/Burning the diamond/She-wolf/Jack in the box) RMLP012 Rave-On Records HOL
AT WAR (White label) NRR46 New Renessaince USA
ATOMIC ROOSTER Death walks behind you EKS74094 Elektra USA
ATTACKER Battle at helms deep 720171 Metal Blade USA
ATTACKER The second coming MER2107 Mercenary USA
AUTOGRAPH Sign in please RPL8287 RCA/Japan JAP
AUTOGRAPH That's the stuff RPL8320 RCA/Japan JAP
AUTOGRAPH Loud and clear 7863557961 RCA USA
AUTOGRAPH/ZEBRA Live/Radio-Show(KBFH,San Antonio,TX 84/85) 10-2-85  USA
AVENGER Killer elite NEAT1026 Neat Records GB
AVENGER Blood sports/Killer elite(2 LP) E401038 Neat Records SPA
AVIATOR S/T 7863580601 RCA USA
AXATAK S/T (Shock rock/You/Let the beast rn wild/Live out your dreams/Night fighter)(Signed by all 4 members) CCH1202 Crunch Records AUS
AXE Living on the edge (Promo) MCA3224 MCA USA
AXE Nemesis (Promo) 7567900991 Atco USA
AXE Offering SD38148 Atco USA
AXTION Live (Look out for the night/Metal shock/Makin'love/Stand up/Shoot out for the stars) DRE 18359 Dream Records FRA
AXTION Look out for the night IRDT005 IRD Records USA
BABYS The official unofficial Babys album NEL6016 NEMS GB
BABYS Broken heart CHR1150 Chrysalis USA
BABYS Head first 7558511951 Chrysalis USA
BABYS Live at the Tower Theatre,Philadelphia7/23/77 CHS4PDJ Chrysalis USA
BABYS On the edge 7558513051 Chrysalis USA
BABYS S/T(1.LP) CHR1129 Chrysalis USA
BABYS Union jacks 7558512671 Chrysalis USA
BAD BRAINS Live 1886101601 SST Records USA
BAD BRAINS The youth are getting restless/Live Amsterdam 1704616171 Caroline USA
BAD ENGLISH Forget me not/Rockin' horse/Lay down 6550896 Epic GB
BAD ENGLISH When I see you smile/Tough times don't last/Rockin' horse (+ Patch) 6553478 Epic GB
BAD ENGLISH Backlash 9974685691 Epic HOL
BAD ENGLISH Forget me not (Promo) EAS1650 Epic USA
BAD ENGLISH S/T 7464450831 Epic USA
BADLANDS S/T 7567819661 Atlantic USA
BALANCE In for the count PRT85787 Portrait HOL
BALLARD RUSS S/T 1C0642401331 EMI America GER
BALLARD RUSS Barnet dogs PRT83867 Epic HOL
BALLARD RUSS Into the fire 7464369931 Epic USA
BANG TANGO Ain't no jive...Live! (5 trax) MCA10531 MCA GB
BANG TANGO Dancin'on coals 0881101961 MCA USA
BANG TANGO Live injection (6 trax) 9086110001 World Of Hurt Records USA
BANGALORE CHOIR On target 7599244331 Giant GER
BARNES JIMMY Barnestorming(2 LP) TVL98001/2 Mushroom AUS
BARNES JIMMY Bodyswerve RML53138 Mushroom AUS
BARNES JIMMY Freight train heart RM153238 Mushroom AUS
BARNES JIMMY Soul deep RMD53344 Mushroom AUS
BARNES JIMMY Two fires TVL93318 Mushroom AUS
BARNES JIMMY I'd die to be with you tonight (Promo) PRO-A-2488 Geffen USA
BARNES JIMMY No second price (Promo) PRO-A-2418 Geffen USA
BARNES JIMMY S/T Promo) 7599240891 Geffen USA
BARNES JIMMY Working class man (Promo) PRO-A-2452 Geffen USA
BARREN CROSS Hotter than hell/Live(2 LP) 1686193831 Medusa HOL
BARREN CROSS Believe/He loves you/Going nowhere/Give your life/Just a touch/Light the flame MPPA12211 MPPA USA
BATHORY S/T(1.LP) BMLP6661 Black Mark SWE
BATTLEAXE Burn this town MFN008 Music For Nations GB
BATTLEAXE Power from the universe RRIRDOO9 Roadracer USA
BATTLEFIELD Still and ever again IRS942223 Rising Sun GER
BATTLEFIELD We come to fight 808140 TRC GER
BATTLEZONE Fighting back RAWLP020 Raw Power GB
BATTLEZONE Children of madness 1515112341 Shatter Records USA
BAY CITY ROLLERS Greatest hits 1C06460065 Arista GER
BEASTIE BOYS Licence to ill (Promo) 7464402381 Columbia USA
BEATLES 1962-1966(2 LP) SKBO3403 Capitol USA
BECK BOGERT APPICE Live in Japan(2 LP) 403P55~56 Epic JAP
BECK JEFF Truth BXN26413 Epic USA
BENGAL TIGERS Metal fetish/EP S7M001 Indie AUS
BEOWULF Slice of life 020 Morrhythm USA
BERLIN Count three and pray 7599241211 Geffen USA
BIG CHILL Halfway to Heaven MFN142 Music For Nations GB
BIOHAZARD S/T (White Label Promo) 3275110671 Maze America CAN
BIOHAZARD State of the world address 9362455951 Warner Bros. GER
BITCH(CH) First bite 2640001 Bellaphon SWI
BITCH(CH) Some like it hard 26040003 Bellaphon SWI
BITCH(USA) Be my slave MBR1007 Metal Blade USA
BITCH(USA) Damnation alley/Saturdays/Never come home/He's gone/Live for the whip (Signed) MBR1002 Metal Blade USA
BITCHES SIN No more chances/Overnight/Ice angels QT001 Q.T. Records GB
BITCHES SIN Predator HMRLP4 Heavy Metal Records GB
BITCHES SIN Invaders GWD90531 King Klassic USA
BITTER END Harsh reality ZORRO10 Music For Nations GB
BLACK ALICE Endangered species STLP004 Street Tunes GB
BLACK ALICE No warning/Running hot, running wild/Man of metal/Hell house JJ10312 Street Tunes GB
BLACK ANGELS Hellmachine 32015 Meteor SWI
BLACK COFFEE Golden lady 1-005-C-6/9 BSA Records RUS
BLACK COFFEE Life never waits C6029491006 Memoria RUS
BLACK COFFEE Step over the threshold C6026139006 Memoria RUS
BLACK CROWES The southern harmony and musical companion 3145122631 Def American HOL
BLACK DEATH S/T(+FREE 7") AU002 Auburn Records USA
BLACK ICE Hot'n heavy/U.S.Metal/Animal rock/Heavy metal warriors IW1017 Iron Works USA
BLACK JACK(AUS) Five pieces of eight (5 trax) MFM1 Metal For Melbourne AUS
BLACK N`BLUE Nasty nasty P13375 Geffen/Japan JAP
BLACK N`BLUE S/T(1.LP) 28AP2903 Geffen/Japan JAP
BLACK N`BLUE Without love 28AP3078 Geffen/Japan JAP
BLACK N`BLUE I`ll be there for you(Rock remix) (US Promo/Blue Vinyl) PROA2661 Geffen USA
BLACK N`BLUE I'll be there for you (LP version 3.47) Promo PROA2604 Geffen USA
BLACK N`BLUE In heat (Promo) 7599241801 Geffen USA
BLACK ROSE (GB) Nightmare/Need a lot of lovin'/Rock me hard/Breakaway NEAT004812 Neat Records GB
BLACK ROSE (GB) We're gonna rock you/Used & abused/Red light lady/Stand your ground BOLT6 Bullet Records GB
BLACK ROSE (SA) Live by it ROSE1 Poko Records FIN
BLACK SABBATH Master of reality(Box) 6360050 Vertigo GB
BLACK SABBATH Sabbath bloody sabbath WWA005 Vertigo GB
BLACK SABBATH Turn up the night/lonely is the word (Picture Disc) SABP612 Vertigo GB
BLACK SABBATH Vol.4 6360017 Vertigo GB
BLACK SABBATH We sold our soul for rock'n'roll(2 LP) NELD101 NEMS GB
BLACK SABBATH Cross purposes 7777132221 I.R.S. GER
BLACK SABBATH Heaven and hell 6302017 Vertigo GER
BLACK SABBATH Paranoid 6360011 Vertigo GER
BLACK SABBATH Heaven and hell RJ7672 Vertigo/Japan JAP
BLACK SABBATH Master of reality SP185012 Nems/SMS JAP
BLACK SABBATH Sabbath bloody sabbath SP185014 Nems/SMS JAP
BLACK SABBATH Headless cross 7673129021 I.R.S. USA
BLACK SABBATH Technical ecstasy BS2969 Warner Bros. USA
BLACK SABBATH The eternal idol (Promo) 7599255481 Warner Bros. USA
BLACK SHEEP Trouble in the streets 1877720711 Enigma USA
BLACK SUN Imperial journey ALP007 Avispa SPA
BLACKFOOT Every man should know/Highway song/Street fighter K11636T Atco GB
BLACKFOOT Marauder (Signed by:R.Medlocke/J.Spires/C.Hargrett) ATL50799 Atco GB
BLACKFOOT Medicine man MFN106 Music For Nations GB
BLACKFOOT Send me an angel/Drivin' fool (Shape) B988OP Atco GB
BLACKFOOT Highway song/Live ATCK50910 Atco GER
BLACKFOOT Flyin`high PE34378 Epic USA
BLACKFOOT No reservations AN7076 Antilles/Island USA
BLACKFOOT Strikes SD38112 Atlantic USA
BLACKFOOT Tomcattin' SD32101 Atlantic USA
BLACKFOOT SUE Nothing to hide JAL104 Jam Records GB
BLACKJACK(USA) S/T(Michael Bolton) PD16215 Polydor USA
BLACKTHORNE Afterlife 1658311481 Music For Nations GB
BLESSED DEATH Destined for extinction RR9588 Roadracer USA
BLESSED DEATH Kill or be killed MRI1369 Megaforce USA
BLIND GUARDIAN Tales from the twilight world 210783 No Remorse GER
BLITZKRIEG A time of changes NEAT1023 Neat Records GB
BLITZKRIEG 10 years of Blitzkrieg 1686193021 Roadracer HOL
BLIZARD My tears evaporate K12514 Atlantic/Japan JAP
BLIZZARD Fading away(Illusions/Stronger than the wind/Lonely nights/Fading away) ABF ABF Records SWE
BLOODLUST Terminal velocity WRR005 Wild Rags USA
BLOODY SIX In the name of blood SKULLLP8390 Mausoleum BEL
BLUE CHEER The beast is back MRI1069 Megaforce USA
BLUE MURDER Ptolemy/Riot (Promo/Blue vinyl) BM9130 Blue Murder USA
BLUE MURDER S/T (Promo) 924212-1 Geffen USA
BLVD. S/T (Promo) MCA42111 MCA USA
BODINE Bold as brass WEA1801 WEA CAN
BODINE Three times running 2402561 Rhinoceros/WEA GER
BODINE S/T(1.LP) WEA58278 Rhinoceros/WEA HOL
BODY COUNT Born dead 2438398021 Virgin USA
BOLTON MICHAEL Everybody's crazy (Promo) 7464393281 Columbia USA
BOMB ADAM Fatal attraction 7599240661 Geffen USA
BON JOVI Live on Tour (Breakout/Runaway/Tokyo road/Wanted dead or alive) 8888201 Mercury AUS
BON JOVI Living on a prayer/Borderline/In and out of love (+ 3live/2x12") BONX1 Vertigo CAN
BON JOVI Bad medicine/99 in the shade/You give love a bad name(L)/Living on a prayer(L) (Collectors edition) JOVR312 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI Born to be my baby (Promo) JOVDJ412 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI Born to be my baby/Love for sale/Wanted dead or alive  JOV412 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI Born to be my baby/Love for sale/Wanted dead or alive (Picture Disc) JOVP412 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI Born to be my baby/Love for sale/Wanted dead or alive(L) (Collectors edition) JOVR412 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI Chris Tetley Interview (Double Shape) CTD2003 PRT Records GB
BON JOVI Chris Tetley Interview (Picture Disc) CT1001 PRT Records GB
BON JOVI Hardest part is the night/Always run to you/Tokyo road(L) VERX22 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI Hardest part is the night/In and out of love(L) (DJ Copy) BONDJ312 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI In and out of love/Roulette(L)/Shot through the heart(L) VERX19 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI Lay your hands on me/Blood on blood(L)/Born to be my baby(Acoustic) (Col.Ed.No.5376) JOVG612 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI Let it rock/You give love a bad name/Hardest part is the night(L)/Burning for love(L)(Blue Vinyl) VERXR26 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI Living on a prayer/Wild in the streets/Edge of a broken heart (Green Vinyl) VERXR28 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI Never say goodbye/Raise your hands/Wanted dead or alive(Acoustic)(Yellow Vinyl) JOVR212 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI Runaway/Breakout(L)/Runaway(L) VERX14 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI Wanted dead or alive/Shot through the heart/Silent night(L)/Get ready(L) (Silver Disc) JOVR112 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI Wanted dead or alive/Shot through the heart/Social disease JOV112 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI Wanted dead or alive/Shot through the heart/Social disease (Poster bag) JOVPB112 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI You give love a bad name/Let it rock (Shape) VERP26 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI You give love a bad name/Let it rock/Borderline (+ Poster) VERX26 Vertigo GB
BON JOVI Bad medicine/99 in the shade/Lay your hands on me 870657-1 Vertigo HOL
BON JOVI 7800' Fahrenheit 28PP1001 Mercury JAP
BON JOVI S/T 25PP119 Mercury JAP
BON JOVI Slippery when wet 28PP1025 Mercury JAP
BON JOVI New Jersey (Promo) 4228363451 Mercury USA
BON JOVI She don't know me/Breakout (US Promo) PRO266-1DJ Mercury USA
BON JOVI Slippery when wet (Picture Disc) 4228308221 Mercury USA
BON JOVI Slippery when wet (Promo) 4228302641 Mercury USA
BON JOVI Wanted dead or alive(Short/Long Version) (US Promo) PRO496-1 Mercury USA
BON JOVI JON Miracle (No.5290/7500) JBJ212 Vertigo GB
BONHAM Mad hatter 9974694551 Epic HOL
BONHAM/MR.BIG Live/Radio-Show(WW1 3 trax)Show#91-38(16-9-91)   USA
BOSTON Don`t look back EPC86057 Epic Records HOL
BOSTON S/T(1.LP) EPC81611 Epic Records HOL
BOULDER S/T (Promo) 6E238 Elektra  USA
BOW WOW Hard dog SM285073 Sound Marketing System JAP
BOYZZ Too wild to tame JE3544 Epic/Cleveland USA
BRAINFEVER Capture the night SKULL8362 Mausoleum BEL
BREAKER (CAN) In days of heavy metal (Living free/Satan's lyre/Easyrider/In days of heavy metal) IH6982 Ironhead Records CAN
BREAKER (USA) Get tough AU006 Auburn Records USA
BRIGHTON ROCK S/T (Young, wild and free/Assault attack/Barricade/The fools waltz) FFEJ11001 Flying Fist CAN
BRIGHTON ROCK Take a deep breath 2559691 WEA USA
BRIGHTON ROCK Young wild and free 7567905441 Atco USA
BRITNY FOX S/T 25AP5171 Sony/CBS/Japan JAP
BRITNY FOX Boys in heat 7464453001 Columbia USA
BRITTON Rock hard (Signed by Jim McMellen) 2522171281 Backstage Records USA
BROCAS HELM Black death (Picture Disc) DPR6 Doomed Planet Records USA
BROCAS HELM Into battle FSR801 First Strike USA
BROUGHTON EDGAR A bunch of 45`s SHSM2001 Harvest/EMI GB
BROUGHTON EDGAR Wasa wasa 1C03704083 EMI HOL
BROWN ARTHUR The crazy world of Arthur Brown 2485114 Polydor HOL
BROWN DANNY JOE & The Danny Joe Brown Band (Promo) 7464373851 Epic USA
BUDGIE Deliver us from evil RCALP6054 RCA GB
BUDGIE If swallowed, do not induce vomiting (4 trax) BUDGE1 Active Records GB
BUDGIE Nightflight RCALP6003 RCA GB
BUGGLES The age of plastic ISLP9585 Island USA
BULLDOZER  IX LP328 Discomagic ITA
BURDON ERIC Comeback(OST) 625124 Line Records GER
BURNING TREE S/T 7464454641 Epic USA
BURTNICK GLEN Heroes & zeros 7502151661 A&M USA
BUSH STAN All american boy (US Promo) AS1709 Columbia USA
BUSH STAN S/T(1.LP) (US Promo) 7464387981 Columbia USA
BUSH STAN Stan Bush & Barrage(Promo/Signed by John Bush) 7464405911 Scotti Bros. USA
BUSH STAN The touch (US Promo) ZAS2398 Scotti Bros. USA
BYSTANDER Not so innocent ABS476 A.B.S. Records USA
C.I.A. In the red (Promo) 8856120121 Combat USA
CACOPHONY Go off(M.Friedman/J.Becker) 2624510401 Shrapnel USA
CACTUS ot'n'sweaty 50013 Atco FRA
CACTUS S/T(1.LP) P8128A Atlantic/Japan JAP
CACUMEN Bad widow L08335 Boom Records GER
CAIN TANE S/T  7863543811 RCA USA
CANDLEMASS Disciples of doom (Birmingham March 1988)(No.209/500) CLUB5 Fan Club Records ?
CANDLEMASS Epicus,doomicus,metallicus BD013 Black Dragon FRA
CANDLEMASS Ancient dreams ACTLP7 Active Records GB
CANDLEMASS Chapter VI MFN128 Music For Nations GB
CANDLEMASS Live(2 LP) MFN109 Music For Nations GB
CANDLEMASS Nightfall (White label Promo) AXISLP3 Axis GB
CANDLEMASS Samarithan/Solitude/Crystal ball 12AX1 Axis GB
CANDLEMASS Tales of creation MFN095 Music For Nations GB
CANDLEMASS Epicus,soomicus,metallicus + Live in Birmingham, March 1988 PLRLP02 Powerline Records SWE
CANDLEMASS At the gallows end/Solitude/Crystal ball 1877722950 Metal Blade USA
CANDY Whatever happened to fun… 4228248131 Mercury USA
CAPABILITY BROWN From scratch CAS1O56 Buddah CAN
CAPITALIST ALIENATION S/T (Cover by Away from Voivod) UR1244 Alienation Records CAN
CAREY TONY Blue highway 2526711 MCA GER
CARNIVORE S/T(1.LP/White Label) RR9754 Roadrunner   HOL
CARNIVORE S/T(1.LP) GWD90534 Roadracer USA
CARRION Evil is there 7022 Sri Lanca GER
CARS Heartbeat city 602961 Elektra USA
CASH JOHNNY At Folsom Prison CS9639 Columbia USA
CASSLE Midnight fantasy (Uncut 7") S67 Azra Records USA
CATS IN BOOTS Demonstration(East meets West)             20BA01 Bronze Age JAP
CELTIC FROST Live Switzerland, St.Gallen 17th May 85  Chevalier de la mort ?
CELTIC FROST Cold lake MMI1056 Maze Music CAN
CELTIC FROST Into the pandemonium CL1029 Cobra CAN
CELTIC FROST Morbid tales (8 trax) BAM1007 Banzai Records CAN
CELTIC FROST To Mega Therion BRC1964 Banzai Records CAN
CELTIC FROST Interview(Chris Tetley Story/2 Live) (Picture Disc) ROHALP1 Rock Hard Records GB
CELTIC FROST A night in the dark    GER
CELTIC FROST Cold lake (White Label Promo) 084721 Noise GER
CELTIC FROST Emperors return (5 trax)(Picture Disc) N0042PD Noise GER
CELTIC FROST Emperors return (Circle of the tyrants/Morbid tales/Dethroned emperor/Visual aggression/Suicidal winds)(Signed/Poster) 601684 Noise GER
CELTIC FROST I won't dance/One in their pride/Tristesses de la lune (Signed by Tom) N0094 Noise GER
CELTIC FROST Morbid tales (6 trax) (Picture Disc) N0017PD Noise GER
CELTIC FROST Morbid tales(6 trax)(Back cover signed) 601673 Noise GER
CELTIC FROST Morbid tales(6 trax)(Vinyl signed by Martin Ain) 601673 Noise GER
CELTIC FROST Parched with thirst am I and dying 0603061911 Noise GER
CELTIC FROST The collector's Celtic Frost (In the chapel, in the moonlight) N0078 Noise GER
CELTIC FROST To Mega Therion (+ Poster/Signed by all 3) 081696 Noise GER
CELTIC FROST To Mega Therion (White Label) 081696 Noise GER
CELTIC FROST Tragic serenades (4 trax) (Picture Disc) N0041PD Noise GER
CELTIC FROST Vanity/Nemesis 7777940701 Noise GER
CELTIC FROST Wine in my hand/Heroes/Descent to Babylon 9992037646 Noise GER
CELTIC FROST Into the pandemonium VAP35184-25 VAP/Japan JAP
CELTIC FROST Cold lake FW44270 Noise International USA
CELTIC FROST Emperors return (Circle of the tyrants/Morbid tales/Dethroned emperor/Visual aggression/Suicidal winds) 720661 Metal Blade USA
CELTIC FROST Into the pandemonium 8856181751 Combat USA
CELTIC FROST Morbid tales (8 trax)(+ Poster) 720161 Metal Blade USA
CELTIC FROST To Mega Therion MX8091 Combat USA
CELTIC FROST Tragic serenades (The usurper/Jewl throne/Return to the eve) MX8107 Combat USA
CENTAURUS S/T (Picture Disc) 61549 Azra Records USA
CEREBUS Too late to pray GWD9O542 New Renaissance Records USA
CHANCE Take it!!(4 trax/Signed by whole band on backcover) CPI10249 Destination Records USA
CHAOS/THE SICK S/T(Split EP)(Day doult/Get out of my pocket//Never too late/Switzerland) FFC7904/5 Off Course SWI
CHARACTER S/T (Into the fire/Demon child/Snuffy's revenge/Stand up and be proud/Swept away) MA4584 Crank Records USA
CHARIOT Burning ambition SHADE4 Shades Records GB
CHARIOT Burning ambition(White Label Promo/no cover) SHADE4 Shades Records GB
CHARIOT The warrior SHADE1 Shades Records GB
CHARISMA Under fire/Walkin' down the city 1201 Music Box SWI
CHASTAIN World gone mad (White Label Promo) BD007 Black Dragon FRA
CHASTAIN For those who dare RR93981 Roadrunner   HOL
CHASTAIN Mystery of illusion SH1018 Shrapnel USA
CHASTAIN Ruler of the wasteland SH1024 Shrapnel USA
CHASTAIN The 7th of never LA871 Leviathan USA
CHASTAIN DAVID T. Instrumental variations LA872 Leviathan USA
CHATEAUX Chained and desperate EBON13 Ebony Records GB
CHEAP TRICK Standing on the edge(Promo) EPC26374 Epic Records GB
CHEAP TRICK The flame/Through the night (Shape) 6514660 Epic Records GB
CHEAP TRICK At Budokan/Live EPC86083 Epic Records HOL
CHEAP TRICK Dream police EPC83522 Epic Records HOL
CHEAP TRICK In color EPC82214 Epic Records HOL
CHEAP TRICK Busted 7464460131 Epic USA
CHEAP TRICK Found all the parts(+ 7") 4E36453 Epic Records USA
CHER Could've been you/One small step/When love calls your name (Picture Disc) GET21722 Geffen GER
CHER Greatest Hits 1965-1992/2 LP 5064244391 Geffen GER
CHER Love hurts 2064244271 Geffen GER
CHER S/T 7599241641 Geffen USA
CHERRY BOMBZ Hot girls in love LIXT3 Lick Records GB
CHERRY BOMBZ Hot girls in love PVC5910 PVC Records USA
CHINA S/T 4228344511 Vertigo GB
CHINA Sign in the sky 4228422471 Vertigo GER
CHINA Live 4228482271 Vertigo HOL
CHINAWHITE Run for cover 8351 Skull BEL
CHYLD Conception 1893666121 New Renaissance Records USA
CHYLD Limited edition EP NRR42 New Renaissance Records USA
CINDERELLA Heartbreak station 4228480181 Vertigo GER
CINDERELLA Long cold winter 4228346121 Mercury USA
CINDERELLA Still climbing(Clear Vinyl/No.479) 3145229471 Mercury USA
CINEMA FACE S/T(1983) RS2 Red Sun Records CAN
CINTRON S/T (Getaway/Fortunate son/Never to return/Going crazy) (+Patch/Press info etc) In Rock 1 In Rock Records USA
CIRITH UNGOL Frost and fire(Picture Disc/No.95)   ? SWI
CIRITH UNGOL Frost and fire LF001 Liquid Flames USA
CIRITH UNGOL King of the dead E1089 Enigma USA
CIRITH UNGOL One foot in hell 1877721431 Metal Blade USA
CITIES Annihilation absolute (In the still of the night/Not alone in the dark/Burn forever/Fight for your life/Stop the race) METALPM108 Metal Masters GB
CITIES Annihilation absolute(Remix/9 trax) 1877721761 Metal Blade USA
CLAWFINGER Deaf dump blind 4509932451 WEA GER
CLAWFINGER Use your brain 4509993401 WEA USA
CLOVEN HOOF The opening ritual (The gates of Gehenna/Stormrider/Back in the USA/Starship sentinel) EM001 Elemental Music GB
COBRA First strike (Promo) 7464387901 Epic USA
COLD CHISEL Barking Spiders/Live 1983 2515251 WEA AUS
COLD CHISEL Breakfast at Sweethearts 600042 WEA AUS
COLD CHISEL Circus animals 600113 WEA AUS
COLD CHISEL Radio songs/Best of… 2523621 WEA AUS
COLD CHISEL Twentieth century 2503901 WEA AUS
COLD CHISEL You`re thirteen,You`re beautiful.../Live (5 trax) EP12001 Elektra AUS
COLD CHISEL Swingshift(2 LP/White Vinyl) LIDLP500010M Line Records GER
COLD CHISEL East (Promo) 6E336 WEA USA
COMMANDER The high n'mighty IW1028 Iron Works USA
COMMANDMENT Engraved in stone(Gatefold/No.390/500) OPMR1004 O.P.M. Records USA
CONCEPTION In your multitude 0603002291 Noise GER
CONCEPTION Parallel minds 0603002181 Noise GER
CONCEPTION The last sunset(Signed by Band) CSFLP9101 CSF Records NOR
CONCRETE BLONDE Bloodletting 9992410591 I.R.S. EEC
CONEY HATCH Hey operator/Stand up/Devil's deck HATCH12 Mercury GB
CONEY HATCH S/T(1.LP) SRM14056 Mercury USA
CONTRABAND S/T 7777450031 Impact American/EMI GER
CONVICT Go ahead...make my day CL1002 Cobra CAN
COOPER ALICE Freedom/School's out(Live)/Time to kill (Snakeskin bag) MCAX1241 MCA GB
COOPER ALICE Billion dollar babies WB56013 Warner Bros. GER
COOPER ALICE Constrictor 2292542531 MCA GER
COOPER ALICE Goes to hell WB56171 Warner Bros. GER
COOPER ALICE Killer WB46121 Warner Bros. GER
COOPER ALICE Muscle of love WB56018 Warner Bros. GER
COOPER ALICE School's out WB56007 Warner Bros. GER
COOPER ALICE Special forces WB56927 Warner Bros. GER
COOPER ALICE The Alice Cooper Show(1977) WB56439 Warner Bros. GER
COOPER ALICE The last temptation(incl.Comic book) 9974765941 Epic HOL
COOPER ALICE From the inside BSK3263 Warner Bros. USA
COOPER ALICE Raise your fist and yell 7674220911 MCA USA
COOPER ALICE Trash (Promo) 7464451371 Epic USA
COOPER ALICE Welcome to my nightmare SD19157 Atlantic USA
CORONER Grin N0210-1 Noise GER
CORONER Mental vortex N0177-1 Noise GER
CORONER No more color N0138-1 Noise GER
CORONER Punishment for decadence(Signed backcover) N0119-1 Noise GER
CORONER No more color 3612451811 Noise International USA
CORONER Punishment for decadence (Promo) 3612442691 Noise International USA
CORONER R.I.P. 8856181561 Noise International USA
CORONER Tunnel of pain/Die by my hand(Promo/Clear Vinyl) 01386 Noise USA
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Animosity 720371 Death Records USA
CRACK JAW Night out 081839 Steamhammer GER
CREED The sign of victory 20159 Pila Music GER
CRIMSON GLORY Dream dancer(unreleased)/Lost reflections(Remix) 1686124671 Roadrunner   HOL
CRIMSON GLORY Lonely/(Remix)/In dark places/Dream dancer 1686124481 Roadrunner   HOL
CRIMSON GLORY S/T 86001A Par Records USA
CRIMSON GLORY Transcendence (Promo) 7677263501 Roadracer USA
CRISIS Armed to the teeth BULP4 Bullet GB
CRY TUFF Nobodys baby 1793-1 Bullet USA
CRY TUFF S/T EP(Lady of the night/Eyes of a killer/Under age out of control/Stranger)  Vicious Virgin USA
CRY WOLF Crunch 7777130501 I.R.S. EEC
CRY WOLF EP(Red Vinyl) KC2001 Shinjuku Records JAP
CRYSTAL PRIDE Knocked out/Venus/Magic man MMSS2001 Mill Records SWE
CRYSYS Hard as rock   Long Street Records USA
CRYSYS Hard as rock MWR8001 Metalworks Records USA
CULPRIT Guilty as charged SH1008 Shrapnel USA
CULT Electric 4228309161 Vertigo CAN
CULT Pure Cult(4 album Box/Best of + Live/Marquee) 1209391309 Beggars Banquet GB
CULT Sweet soul sisterThe river/American horse(Live) BEG241TG Beggars Banquet GB
CURRIE CHERIE & MARIE Messin'with the boys 1C064-86065 EMI GER
DAGGER Not afraid of the night VPR114 Viper CAN
DAKOTA Runaway (Promo) 7673255021 MCA USA
DAKOTA S/T (Promo) 7464362611 Columbia USA
DAMASCUS STEEL Cry of the swords (No.106/500) HMG003 Hidden Metal Gems GER
DAMIEN Every dog has it's day 1091216221 Select/Mondo USA
DAMIEN Stop this war 1091228861 Mondo Music USA
DAMIEN (SWE) Requiem for the dead (Not a pleasant way to die/Death is part of the process/Knights of the realm) 001 Gothic Records SWE
DAMN YANKEES Don't tread 9362450251 Warner Bros. GER
DAMN YANKEES Live/Radio-Show(WW1  91/Off The Record/Interview) W91-16 Westwood One USA
DAMN YANKEES S/T 7599261591 Warner Bros. USA
DAMNED Alone again or(Mixed again)/In dulce decorum(L)/Psychomania(L) GRIMT7 MCA GB
DAMNED Is it a dream (Street of dreams/Curtain call/Pretty vacant/Wild thing all live) GRIMT3 MCA GB
DAMNED Live Shepperton 1980 NED1 Big Beat/Ace Records GB
DAMNED Phantasmagoria(incl. Bonus Blue Vinyl"Eloise") MCG3275 MCA GB
DAMNED Strawberries BRON542 Bronze GB
DAMNED The black album(2 LP) CWK3015 Chiswick GB
DAMNED The shadow of love(Pressure mix)/Nightshift/Would you GRIMT2 MCA GB
DAMNED There ain`t no Sanity Clause(remix)/Looking at you(L)/Anti Pope(Fiddling about version) NST92 Big Beat/Ace Records GB
DAMNED Machine gun etiquette 0067068 Chiswick GER
DANCER In the beginning… 22MRLP007 Mandrake Root JAP
DANCER Violent emotion 28MRLP013 Mandrake Root JAP
DANGER DANGER Screw it 9974686611 Epic HOL
DANGER DANGER Down & dirty live(Promo 5 tracks) EAS1996 Imagine/Columbia USA
DANGER DANGER S/T 7464443421 Imagine/Columbia USA
DANGEROUS TOYS Hellacious acres 9974679371 Columbia HOL
DANGEROUS TOYS Live/Radio-Show(WW1 2-12-90,Boston,MA 6 trax/20 mins.) #90-07 Westwood One USA
DANGEROUS TOYS S/T(1.LP) 7464450311 CBS/Columbia USA
DANZIG Danzig II - Lucifuge 7599242811 Geffen USA
DARK AGE S/T(1.LP) GNARL1001 Gnarly Records USA
DARK AGE S/T(Picure Disc) GNARP1001 Gnarly Records USA
DARK ANGEL Darkness descends 8856181141 Relativity USA
DARK ANGEL Live scars (Leave scars/The burning of Sodom/Never to rise again/The promise of agony/We have arrived) 8856120131 Relativity USA
DARK ANGEL Merciless death (Shape/Chainsaw) MS8602 Metal Storm USA
DARK ANGEL Merciless death (Shape/Heart) MS8602 Metal Storm USA
DARK ANGEL Merciless death (Shape/Skull) MS8602 Metal Storm USA
DARK ANGEL Merciless death (Shape/Torture) MS8602 Metal Storm USA
DARK ANGEL We have arrived MS8501 Metal Storm USA
DARK ANGEL We have arrived(Picture Disc) MS8501 Metal Storm USA
DAVIES DAVE Glamour 7863540361 RCA USA
DAY HOUSTEN S/T 1423410921 We Bite Records GER
DAY ONE One look (wob) DO11584 Day One USA
DBC Dead brain cells 8856181611 Relativity USA
DBC Universe 8856120031 Relativity USA
DE MONT Body language 9974652701 Giant/CBS AUS
DE YOUNG DENNIS Desert moon (Promo) 7502150061 A&M USA
DEAD BOYS Night of the living Dead Boys BLP4017 Bomb Records USA
DEAD END Dead line(Picture Disc + Single) NIGHT009 Night Gallery JAP
DEAD END Ghost of romance VIH28302 Invitation JAP
DEAD END Shambara VIH28326 Invitation JAP
DEAD END Dead line NIGHT009 Night Gallery
DEAD KENNEDYS Bleed for me VIRUS23 Static GB
DEAD KENNEDYS Frankenchrist(Poster) VIRUS45 Alternative Tentacles GB
DEAD KENNEDYS In god we trust inc. 620110 Static/Teldec GER
DEAD KENNEDYS Bedtime for democracy(Poster) VIRUS50 Alternative Tentacles USA
DEAD KENNEDYS Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables SP70014 I.R.S. USA
DEAD KENNEDYS Plastic surgery disaster(+ Book) VIRUS27 Alternative Tentacles USA
DEADLY BLESSING Ascend from the cauldron 1893666371 New Renaissance Records USA
DEADLY BLESSING Limited edition EP (Salem's lot/Escape the wrath/Cry of Medusa) NRR39 New Renaissance Records USA
DEAF DEALER Keeper of the flame 4228300311 Mercury CAN
DEAN JOANNA Kiss this (US Promo) PRO5671 Polygram USA
DEAN JOANNA Misbehavin' (Promo) 4228352721 Polygram USA
DEATH Leprosy 8856182481 Combat USA
DEATH Scream bloody gore 8856181461 Combat USA
DEATH ANGEL Live/Fall from grace RO93331 Roadracer HOL
DEATH ANGEL Act III (Promo) 7599242801 Geffen USA
DEATH ANGEL The ultra-violence 1877732531 Enigma USA
DEATH ROW Dath is alive: 1981-1985 (Pentagram) GT16 Game Two Records USA
DEATHWISH Demon preacher GWLP33 GWR Records GB
DEEP PURPLE Knocking at your back door(Long version)/Perfect strangers (No.6210) POSPX749 Polydor GB
DEEP PURPLE Perfect strangers/Son af Alerik POSPX719 Polydor GB
DEEP PURPLE Singles A`s & B`s SHSM2026 Harvest/EMI GB
DEEP PURPLE Stormbringer TPS3508 EMI GB
DEEP PURPLE Fireball 1C06292756 EMI GER
DEEP PURPLE In concert/Live(2 LP) 1C16464156/7 EMI GER
DEEP PURPLE Live in London/Live 1C06464877 EMI GER
DEEP PURPLE Made in Europe 1C06498181 EMI GER
DEEP PURPLE The book of Taliesyn 1C05204000 EMI GER
DEEP PURPLE Last concert in Japan P10370W Pioneer/Japan JAP
DEEP PURPLE Live in Japan(2 LP)(Budokan 17-12-72) P5506~07W Pioneer/Japan JAP
DEEP PURPLE Machine head P6507W Pioneer/Japan JAP
DEEP PURPLE New, live & rare TRSH2009 Trio/Japan JAP
DEEP PURPLE Perfect strangers 25MM0401 Polydor/Japan JAP
DEEP PURPLE Who do we think we are P10103W Pioneer/Japan JAP
DEEP PURPLE Come taste the band PR2895 Warner Bros. USA
DEEP PURPLE Made in Japan/Live(2 LP) 2WS2701 Warner Bros. USA
DEEP PURPLE WW1 (Paris Theatre, London 9-3-71/70 minutes)  Westwood One USA
DEF LEPPARD First strike 843007 Flash Records BEL
DEF LEPPARD Bringin' on the heartbreak/Me and my wine/You got me runnin' LEPP312 Vertigo GB
DEF LEPPARD On through the night 9102040 Vertigo GB
DEF LEPPARD Photograph/Bringin' on the heartbreak/Mirror, mirror(Look into my eyes) VERX5 Vertigo GB
DEF LEPPARD Retro-active 3145183051 Bludgeon Riffaola GB
DEF LEPPARD Rock of ages/Action! Not words (Shape) VERP6 Vertigo GB
DEF LEPPARD High n`dry 6359045 Vertigo GER
DEF LEPPARD Bringin`on the/Me & my wine (US Promo) PRO2731 Mercury USA
DELIVERANCE S/T 1418269072 Intense GB
DELIVERANCE Weapons of our warfare 1418269089 Intense GB
DEMON FLIGHT Dead of the night/Search & destroy/Flight of MBR1003 Metal Blade USA
DEMONAX S/T (Black Vinyl) OPMR1008 O.P.M. Records USA
DEMONAX S/T (Red Vinyl) OPMR1008 O.P.M. Records USA
DEMONS & WIZARDS S/T (2LP/Picture Vinyl)(incl.2 bonus trax)(14 trax) 1617217115 Steamhammer GER
DER KAISER Vautours MAD2005 Devil's Records FRA
DERVISH Some monsterism (Green Vinyl/No.5/750) OPMR1007 O.P.M. Records USA
DESTRUCTION Infernal overkill 081806 Steamhammer GER
DESTRUCTION Mad butcher/The damned/Reject emotions/The last judgement (Promo/Red Vinyl) SHE4001 Steamhammer USA
DETENTE Recognize no authority 1877721521 Metal Blade USA
DEUCE S/T (Recorded 78-79) OPMR1000 O.P.M. Records USA
DEVO Freedom of choice (+ Poster) 202283 Virgin HOL
DIAMOND HEAD Borrowed time DH1001 MCA GB
DIAMOND HEAD Death and progress 1761581921 Bronze GB
DIAMOND HEAD Diamond lights (DL/We won't be back/I don't got/It's electric) DJM005 DHM Records GB
DIAMOND HEAD Four cuts (Call me/Trick or treat/Dead reckoning/Shoot out the lights) DHMT101 MCA GB
DIAMOND HEAD In the heat of the night/Play it loud(Live) DHMT102 MCA GB
DIAMOND HEAD Makin`music/Andy Peebles interview DHMT103 MCA GB
DIAMOND HEAD Sucking my love(Live)/Out of phase DHMT104 MCA GB
DIAMOND HEAD Wild on the streets/Can't help myself (Etched B-side) DHS1 Diamond Head GB
DIAMOND HEAD Lightning to the nations WR9004 Woolfe Records GER
DIAMOND HEAD Behold the beginning 1877722001 Metal Blade USA
DIAMOND NEIL Love at the Greek/Live(2 LP) CBS95001 CBS HOL
DIANNO Two swimmers & a bag of jockies K28P436 Nexus/Japan JAP
DICKINSON BRUCE Accident of birth  RAWLP124 Raw Power GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Accident of birth/Ghost of Cain/Accident of birth(Demo)(Red Vinyl) RAWT1042 Raw Power GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Alive in Studio A/Alive at the Marquee Club(No.0075) RAWDV102 Raw Power GB
DICKINSON BRUCE All the young dudes(Shape) EMPD142 EMI GB
DICKINSON BRUCE All the young dudes/Darkness be my fiend (Uncut shape) EMPD142 EMI GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Balls to Picasso  EMD1057 EMI GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Dive dive dive/Riding with the angels(L)/Sin city(L)/Black night(L) (Poster cover) 12EMP151 EMI GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Dive dive dive/Riding with the angels(L)/Sin city(L)/Blakc night(L) (Picture Disc) 12EMPD151 EMI GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Shoot all the clowns/Laughing in the hiding bush/The post alternative… (Poster cover) 12EM341 EMI GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Skunkworks  RAWLP106 Raw Power GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Tattooed millionaire/Ballad of Mut/Winds of change (Poster cover) 12EMP138 EMI GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Frankfurt 5-July-1990 (2 LP) 30790AD Iron Records GER
DICKINSON BRUCE Tattooed millionaire 7464461391 Columbia USA
DICTATORS Go girl crazy KE33348 Epic USA
DIETRICH S/T(1.EP) DROO88 Die Rich Productions USA
DIO Intermission/Live (6 trax) 7599254431 Reprise CAN
DIO Holy diver VERS5 Vertigo GB
DIO Holy diver/Evil eyes/Don't talk to strangers DIO112 Vertigo GB
DIO Rainbow in the dark/Stand up and shout(L)/Straight through the heart(L) DIO212 Vertigo GB
DIO We rock/Holy diver(L)/Rainbow in the dark(L) DIO312 Vertigo GB
DIO The last in line(Signed) 8223661 Vertigo GER
DIRTY LOOKS Bootlegs 1686193061 Roadrunner   HOL
DIRTY LOOKS Cool from the wire 7567818361 Atlantic USA
DISCHARGE Hear nothing see nothing say nothing CLAYLP3 Clay Records GB
DISCIPLE S/T (5 trax) BSR226 BSR Records USA
DIVINE RITE First rite GWD90527 Greenworld USA
DIVINE RITE First rite(White Label Promo/Grey Cover) R2J100 Indie USA
DIVING FOR PEARLS S/T (Promo) 7464451301 CBS USA
DOC HOLLIDAY Doc Holliday rides again AMLH64882 A&M HOL
DOC HOLLIDAY S/T (Promo) 7502148471 A&M USA
DOKKEN Breaking the chains 67865 Carrere FRA
DOKKEN Back in the streets(Red Vinyl) RR2005L Repertoire GER
DOKKEN Beast from the east/Live (2 LP) 35P122767 Pioneer/Japan JAP
DOKKEN Tooth and nail P13061 Pioneer/Japan JAP
DOKKEN Under lock and key P13212 Pioneer/Japan JAP
DOKKEN Breaking the chains(remix) 7559602901 Elektra USA
DOKKEN Dream warriors 7559668170 Elektra USA
DOKKEN DON Up from the ashed (Promo) 7599243011 Geffen USA
DOOM Complicated mind VIH28355 Invitation JAP
DOOM Killing field (5 trax) VIH12 Invitation JAP
DOOM  No more pain(+7" Flexi) EXP-HM283024 Explosion JAP
DOOMSDAY NEWS I Various:Voivod/Kreator/Coroner(Picture Disc) N0105 Noise GER
DOWN Nola 7559618301 Elektra USA
DRAHDIWABERL Werwolfromantik 222117 GIG Records GER
DRAMA Once and for all MET110 Metalmaster ITA
DREAM POLICE Messing with the blues 9974691041 Columbia HOL
DREAM POLICE S/T 9974675671 Columbia HOL
DREAM THEATER Lie(Edit)/Space-Dye vest/Take the time(Demo)(PosterFanzine) 7567958340 Atlantic GB
DREAM THEATER Awake (2 LP) 7567901261 Atlantic GER
DREAM THEATER Images and words 7567921481 Atlantic GER
DREAM THEATER When dream and day unite (Promo) 7674222591 Mechanic/MCA USA
DRI Crossover 1877722011 Death Records USA
DRIFTER Nowhere to hide 626933 Frontrow GER
DRIFTER Reality turns to dust 626763 Frontrow GER
DRIVE Characters in time 8122709381 Rampage USA
DRIVE SHE SAID Drivin' wheel MFN118 Music For Nations GB
DRIVE SHE SAID Excelerator MFN149 Music For Nations GB
DRIVE, SHE SAID S/T (Promo) 7464451021 CBS USA
DRUNKEN STATE Bags not carry the coffin(Deal w/the devil/Prophets on t/wind/Time to stop/Let me go) DRUNK101 Indie GB
DRUNKEN STATE Kilt by death(Incl. Bio) HMRLP151 Heavy Metal Records GER
DUST S/T(1.LP) KSBS2041 Kama Sutra USA
DUSTY ROSE S/T(Over the top/Two time lover/Minstrel) DR001 Absolute Records USA
EARTHSHAKER Tokyo/Live (Tokyo/Lost 7224/More/Young girls/Wall) MFN035 Music For Nations GB
EARTHSHAKER Blondie girl/I need the woman/Earthshaker/Marionettes) K18P405 Nexus/Japan JAP
EDWARDS MARK Code of honor (Kamikaze/COH/Snakebite/Dance with the devil) 720721 Metal Blade USA
EF BAND Deep cut LSPLP103 Ewita SWE
EKLYPCE Passion after midnight MCR671 Mark Records USA
ELECTRIC BOYS Groovus maximus 3145122551 Vertigo GB
ELEGY Supremacy TT0009-1 T&T Records GER
ELEKTRADRIVE Due M188904 Minotauro ITA
ELEKTRADRIVE Over the space DM06 Discotto Metal ITA
ELESSAR Defy the king (6 trax) IW2007 Iron Works USA
ELF S/T(1.LP) EPCS65389 Epic Records HOL
ELF L.A. 59 M3G4974 MGM USA
ELIXIR Lethal potion SONICLP9 Sonic GB
ELIXIR The son of Odin ELIXIR2 Elixir Records GB
ELO II JETLP902 Jet Records HOL
ELO The light shines on EMS50105 EMI/Toshiba JAP
ELO Out of the blue JTLA823L2 Jet Records USA
EMERALD Armed for battle A111777 Metal Gem USA
EMERGENCY Martial law 209771 Ariola HOL
EMMETT PETER The Peter Emmett Story 7673253881 MCA USA
ENUFF Z'NUFF Strenght 7567916381 Atco GER
EPEDEMIC Futuredoom(Futuredoom/Radioactive/Epedemic/Rest in peace) EPE 001 Sin City SWE
EPITAPH Live 0060385 Brain GER
ERIKA Cold winter night LHLP101 Lionheart SWE
EUDOXIS Attack from above/Metal fix AFA001 Fast Music Productions CAN
EUROPE Out of this world VILB23001 Victor JAP
EUROPE The final countdown VIL28019 Victor JAP
EUROPE Wings of tomorrow VIL6095 Victor JAP
EVIL Evil`s message/Evil/The devil wants me/Son of the bitch/Take good care(of your balls) RMLP010 Rave-On HOL
EXCEL Split image SLP1004 Siuicidal USA
EXCITER Kill after kill N0192-1 Noise EEC
EXCITER Heavy metal maniac SH1004 Shrapnel USA
EXE Stricken by might 1515112311 Shatter Records USA
EXECUTIONER In the name of metal GWD90538 New Renaissance Records USA
EXISTENCE Reign in violence (No.491/500) HMG001 Hidden Metal Gems GER
EXODUS Fabulous disaster (Picture Disc) 1658310900 Music For Nations GB
EXODUS Bonded by blood(Signed) MX8019 Capitol USA
EXODUS Impact is imminent(Signed/Band) 7777903791 Capitol USA
EXODUS Pleasures of the flesh 8856181691 Relativity USA
EXODUS Pleasures of the flesh (Picture Disc) 8856181961 Combat USA
EXORCIST Nightmare theatre CL1007 Cobra CAN
EXPLORER Symphonies of steel Expert1201 Hard Hot Heavy Records USA
EXPLORER Symphonies of steel 1877721641 Metal Blade USA
EXTREME Pornograffitti 7502152381 A&M USA
EXTREME S/T 7502152381 A&M USA
EXUMER Possessed by fire 10005 Disaster GER
EXUMER Rising from the sea 10007 Disaster GER
EYES S/T(feat.Jeff Scott Soto) D1-77314 Curb HOL
EZO Fire fire VIH28365 Invitation JAP
EZO S/T (+ Bio) VIH28281 Invitation JAP
EZO Fire fire (Promo/Differnet cover) 7599242301 Geffen USA
EZO Live/Radio-Show(WW1 11-6-90  5 trax/20 mins) Bad condition  Westwood One USA
EZY RYDER Power ES101 English Steel GB
FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS/WAITE JOHN Live/Radio-Show(WW1  8-18-86,State Fair Colliseum,Dallas,TX  9 trax/39 mins)  Westwood One USA
FAHRENHEIT Talking 'bout love 7623613 OK Musica AUT
FAIR WARNING(AUS) Love to rock`n`roll/To late for love/Pass this way/All's quiet CLPMZ11 Cleopatra AUS
FAIR WARNING(GB) Rocking at the speed of light/Tongue in cheek/Breakin' the law ERA2 Areba GB
FAITH NO MORE Angel dust (2 LP) 4228283261 Slash GER
FAITH NO MORE King for a day (2 LP/Red vinyl) 4228285601 Slash GER
FAITH NO MORE We care a lot MDR1 Mordam GER
FAITH NO MORE Introduce yourself 7599255591 Slash USA
FAITH NO MORE The real thing (Promo) 7599258781 Slash USA
FAITH OR FEAR Punishment area 8856120051 Relativity USA
FALLEN ANGEL S/T(7 trax) UNI2474 Indie SWE
FASTER PUSSYCAT S/T(1.LP) 7559607301 Elektra USA
FASTWAY Waiting for the roar CBS26654 CBS GB
FASTWAY We become one/Crazy dream(unreleased)/Back in the game(unreleased) TA3480 CBS GB
FASTWAY All fired up 283P549 Epic/Japan JAP
FASTWAY S/T 25-3P-445 Epic/Japan JAP
FATE Scratch n'sniff 7777955571 EMI DEN
FATE S/T(1985) 1395821 EMI HOL
FATES WARNING Inside out IRS972262 Massacre GER
FATES WARNING Night on Bröcken MBR1025 Metal Blade USA
FATES WARNING Night on Bröcken (Burning witch cover) MBR1025 Metal Blade USA
FATES WARNING No exit (Promo/Picture Disc)  Metal Blade USA
FEAR OF GOD Within the veil 7599263011 Reprise GER
FIERCE HEART S/T(1.LP) 7567902351 Mirage USA
FIFTH ANGEL S/T(re-release on major label/Promo) 7464442011 Epic Records USA
FIGHT War of words(Clear Vinyl) 9974745471 Epic GER
FIREHOUSE  S/T(1990) 9974674411 Epic HOL
FIST Back with a vengeance(Poster) NEAT1003 Neat Records GB
FIST Turn the hell on MCF3082 Neat/MCA GB
FIST(CAN) Hot spikes SP4823 A&M CAN
FIST(CAN) In the red SP9089 A&M CAN
FIST(CAN) Thunder in rock 7502148931 A&M USA
FLAME Queen of the neighbourhood PL12160 RCA GB
FLAMES Summon the dead BD035 Black Dragon FRA
FLASH & THE PAN Light in the night 7464364321 Epic USA
FLASH POINT No point of reference FP01 Indie GB
FLATBACKER S/T(1.LP) VIH28228 Invitation JAP
FLEURY S/T RNR6969 Dirty Blonde Records USA
FLOTSAM & JETSAM Cuatro 0881106781 MCA GER
FLOTSAM & JETSAM Flotzilla/I live you die RR125471 Roadrunner   HOL
FLOTSAM & JETSAM Doomsday for the deceiver 1877721301 Metal Blade USA
FLOTSAM & JETSAM No place for disgrace 7559607771 Elektra USA
FORBIDDEN Forbidden evil FLAG27 Under One Flag GB
FORBIDDEN Raw evil/Live at the Dynamo (Promo) 8856120091 Relativity USA
FORBIDDEN Twisted into form 8856120141 Relativity USA
FORCE Set me free HMRLP16 Heavy Metal Records GB
FORD LITA Dangerous curves PL90592 RCA GER
FOREIGNER Unusual heat 7567822991 Atlantic GER
FOREIGNER 4 P10981 Pioneer/Japan JAP
FOREIGNER Double vision P10523A Pioneer/Japan JAP
FOREIGNER Head games P10698 Pioneer/Japan JAP
FOREIGNER S/T(1.LP) P5904 Pioneer/Japan JAP
FOREIGNER First time around (Boston 77/New Jersery????) TAKRL926 The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label
FOREPLAY First licks BT15836 Bigtime Productions USA
FOREVER Forever & ever HMUSA66 Heavy Metal Records GB
FORGOTTEN CHILD  S/T(1986) BLM1-001 Blue Lampion Music USA
FORSALE Even(If this is not forever)/Hold on/Even(Disco version) GBR99700 Sound Service ITA
FORTE Stranger than fiction(Green Vinyl/No.465) 942274 Massacre GER
FORTNOX S/T(1.LP) 7464382041 Epic USA
FORTUNE S/T(1985)(Promo Stamp) MCA5673 MCA USA
FOUR HORSEMEN Nobody said it was easy 3145100471 Def America GER
FOUR HORSEMEN S/T (Welfare boogie/Shelly/Highschool rock'n'roll/Hard lovin' man) ILL02 Caroline USA
FRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTS RCA Radio Series No.10 DJL14015 Millennium Records USA
FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Warriors(Attack mix feat. Gary Moore) (White Label Promo) 12ZTAK25 ZTT Records GB
FREAK OF NATURE Gathering of freaks 1658311691 Music For Nations GB
FREAK OF NATURE S/T 1658311461 Music For Nations GB
FREHLEY ACE Into the night/Fractured too/Breakout A9255T Megaforce GB
FREHLEY ACE Live + 1 (5 trax) P6267 Pioneer/Japan JAP
FREHLEY ACE S/T(1st LP) P13521 Pioneer/Japan JAP
FREHLEY ACE Second sighting P8658 Pioneer/Japan JAP
FREHLEY ACE Calling to you(Vocal 4.12) PR2118 Megaforce USA
FREHLEY ACE Insane(3.46) PR2322 Megaforce USA
FREHLEY ACE It's over now(LP 4.39/Remix 3.35) PR2416 Megaforce USA
FREHLEY ACE Live + 1 (5 trax) 7567818261 Megaforce USA
FREHLEY ACE Rock soldiers(5.50) PR2073 Megaforce USA
FREHLEY ACE S/T(1st LP) 7567817491 Megaforce USA
FREHLEY ACE Trouble walkin' 7567820421 Megaforce USA
FREHLEY ACE Words are not enough(US Promo) PR2233 Megaforce USA
FREIS HENRY Countdown cocktail 26040004 Bellaphon SWI
FRONTIERS Frontpage(Time will tell/Help me now/This feeling/Seperate worlds) FT19861104 Frontattack SWE
FUN BOY THREE The more I see the less I believe Vol. 1 + 2 CHS122664 Chrysalis GB
FUN BOY THREE Waiting CHR1417 Chrysalis GB
GALACTIC COWBOYS S/T 2064243241 Geffen GER
GALLAGHER RORY Irish tour/Live(2 LP) 2659031 Polydor GB
GALLAGHER RORY Live in Europe/Live 2383112 Polydor GB
GALLAGHER RORY Against the grain 6307563 Chrysalis GER
GALLAGHER RORY Jinx 204408 Chrysalis GER
GALLAGHER RORY Photo-finish 6307669 Chrysalis GER
GALLAGHER RORY Top priority 6307620 Chrysalis GER
GALLAGHER RORY Deuce CHR1254 Chrysalis USA
GALLAGHER RORY Stage struck - Recorded live CHR1280 Chrysalis USA
GAMMA 2 X6E288 Elektra CAN
GAMMA 1 6E219 Elektra USA
GAMMA 3 E160034 Elektra USA
GANG BANG BAND S/T(Gang bang/Are you lonesome tonight/Wet dream/Lucille) (feat.B.Torme) TROOPS2 Quiet Records GB
GARGOYLE Limited Edition EP (The burning/Look homeward/Final victory) NRR38 New Renaissance Records USA
GARGOYLE S/T 1893666402 New Renaissance Records USA
GEISHA Phantasmagoria HMILP88 Heavy Metal Records GB
G-FORCE S/T(Gary Moore) JETLP229 Jet Records GB
GIANT Last of the runaways 7502152721 A&M USA
GILLAN Future shock (No.1900/3300) V2196 Virgin AUS
GILLAN Mr.Universe L37135 Kingsway Records AUS
GILLAN Future shock (Poster cover) VH2196 Virgin GB
GILLAN Glory road (incl. Fanclub LP) V2171 Virgin GB
GILLAN Live at Reading '80 176447021 Raw Fruits Records GB
GILLAN Magic V2238 Virgin GB
GILLAN Magic (Picture Disc) VP2238 Virgin GB
GILLAN Scarabus ILPS9511 Island GB
GILLAN Double trouble/Live(2 LP) 301804 Virgin GER
GILLAN Mr.Universe (Different songs) 1C06463280 Acrobat GER
GILLAN Child in time MWF1005 Oyster JAP
GILLAN Clear air turbulence ILS50109 Island JAP
GILLAN Double trouble VIP9913~4 Virgin JAP
GILLAN Future shock VIP6976 Virgin JAP
GILLAN Glory road VIP6962 Virgin JAP
GILLAN Live at the Budokan Vol.1/Live EWS81112 Kingsway Records JAP
GILLAN Live at the Budokan Vol.2/Live EWS81113 Kingsway Records JAP
GILLAN Magic VIL6007 Virgin JAP
GILLAN One for the road (6 trax live/Picture Label) VIP5911 Virgin JAP
GILLAN Reading live & more (5 trax/Picture Label) VIP5901 Virgin JAP
GILLAN S/T EWS81120 Kingsway Records JAP
GILLAN Scarabus ILS80955 Island JAP
GILLAN Child in time (White Label Promo) OY11602 Oyster USA
GILLAN Glory road (1 track different)(Promo) VR1-1001 RSO Records USA
GILLAN Scarabus (Different cover) ILPS9511 Island USA
GILLAN IAN Chris Tetley Interview Picture Disc ROHALP3 Rock Hard Records GB
GILLAN IAN Toolbox/Hang me out to dry/Dirty dog/Pictures of Hell (Promo) SAM906 East West GB
GILLAN IAN Gut reaction/No good luck/Talking to you/Moonshine(Clear Vinyl/PROMO) SAM678 Teldec GER
GILLAN IAN Naked thunder 9031718991 Teldec GER
GILLAN IAN Nothing but the best/Hole in my vest/Moonshine 9031720410 Teldec GER
GILLAN IAN Toolbox 9031756411 Teldec GER
GIRL Waysted youth JETLP238 Jet Records HOL
GIRLSCHOOL 1234 Rock and roll(Ext.Version)/Tush/Don't call it love/Emergency(3 new studio versions) BROX169 Bronze GB
GIRLSCHOOL 20th Century boy/Breaking all the rules/Like it like that BROX171 Bronze GB
GIRLSCHOOL C'mon let`s go BROX126 Bronze GB
GIRLSCHOOL Hit & run BROX118 Bronze GB
GIRLSCHOOL Take a bite GWLP21 GWR Records GB
GIRLSCHOOL Demolition VIP6738 Bronze JAP
GIRLSCHOOL Hit & run VIP6779 Bronze JAP
GIRLSCHOOL Live and more (6 trax incl. Please don't go/Live with Motorhead) VIP5913 Bronze JAP
GIRLSCHOOL Nightmare at Maple Cross VIL28058 GWR/Japan JAP
GIRLSCHOOL Play dirty VIL6077 Bronze JAP
GIRLSCHOOL Running wild 25PP177 Polygram JAP
GIRLSCHOOL Screaming blue murder VIP6814 Bronze JAP
GIRLSCHOOL Don't call it love/Tush (Promo) MK244 Mercury USA
GIUFFRIA Call to the heart/Out of the blue (+ 7") MCAS935 MCA GB
GIUFFRIA S/T P13088 Pioneer/Japan JAP
GIUFFRIA Silk & steel P13258 Pioneer/Japan JAP
GLACIER S/T (5 trax) AXEKILLER7O15 Axe Killer FRA
GLORY 2 forgive is 2 forget ONELP37 Alpha/V.I.P. SWE
GLORY Danger in this game BOLP5005 Bozz SWE
GLORY BELL`S BAND Dressed in black SOSLP068 Sound Of Scandinavia SWE
GLOVER ROGER Elements 2391306 Polydor FRA
GLOVER ROGER Butterfly ball OLLP5307AS Line GER
GODDO Best seat in the house/Live(2 LP) 2LAT1107 Attik CAN
GODDO Pretty bad boys LAT1120 Attik CAN
GODDO Who cares 2424902 Polydor CAN
GOGMAGOG I will be there/Living in a f**king time warp/It's illegal it's immoral it's unhealthy but it's fun YUMT109 Food For Thought GB
GOLDY'S CRAIG RITUAL Hidden in plain sight MFN125 Music For Nations FRA
GOREFEST The Eindhoven insanity/Live(Clear Vinyl) 2736160871 Nuclear Blast GER
GOTHAM CITY The unknown FING006 Fingerprint SWE
GRAMM LOU Ready or not 7567817281 Atlantic CAN
GRAND PRIX There for none to see RCALP6027 RCA GB
GRAND SLAM Live document (BBC Broadcast late 1984/Phil Lynott/Cyan Vinyl)  Roxy Records GB
GRAVEN IMAGE Warn the children/No rest(for you)/The house (Picture Disc) RRPD1 Rockhouse America USA
GREAT WHITE Twice shy + Live at the Marquee (2 LP) 7777936361 Capitol GB
GREAT WHITE Shot in the dark ECS81769 Capitol/Japan JAP
GREAT WHITE Face the day/Hard and cold/No way GWD90535 Greenworld USA
GREAT WHITE Out of the night (5 trax) AR001 Aegean USA
GREAT WHITE Waiting for love(US Promo/White) SPRO9829 EMI USA
GREENWAY Serious business 7567818271 Atlantic USA
GREIFENHAGEN Only for the night WBLP09 Wishbone GER
GRIFFIN Fight of the griffin SH1015 Shrapnel USA
GRIM REAPER Fear no evil(Signed frontcover by band) EBON32 Ebony Records GB
GRIM REAPER Rock you to hell 7863562501 RCA USA
GRIM REAPER See you in hell 7863580381 RCA USA
GRIM REAPER The show must go on(LP version/new version) (US Promo) JD13930 RCA USA
GRIP INC. Griefless/Verräter(Betrayer) 1617186657 Steamhammer GER
GRIP INC. Power of inner strength 1617769218 Steamhammer GER
GROUNDHOGS Hoggin`the stage(+ 7") PSYCHO24 Psycho GB
GROUNDHOGS Split LBG83401 Liberty GB
GROUNDHOGS Crosscut saw UALA603G United Artists USA
GROUNDHOGS Hogwash UALA008F United Artists USA
GUNS N'ROSES Appetite for conversation(White Vinyl) BAK6001 Baktabak GB
GUNS N'ROSES Chris Tetley Interview (Double Shape) CTD2002 PRT Records GB
GUNS N'ROSES Don't cry(Original/Alt.Lyrics/Demo) (3D Picture Sleeve) GFST9 Geffen GB
GUNS N'ROSES It`s so easyMr.Brownstone/Shadow of your love(L)/Move to the city(L) (Picture Disc) GEF22TP Geffen GB
GUNS N'ROSES Knockin'on heaven's door(LP/Live) GFST21 Geffen GB
GUNS N'ROSES Live and let die(LP Version/Live Version) (Orange Vinyl) GFST17 Geffen GB
GUNS N'ROSES Nightrain/Knocking on Heaven's door(Live)/Reckless life GEF60T Geffen GB
GUNS N'ROSES Nightrain/Reckless life (Shape) GEF60P Geffen GB
GUNS N'ROSES November rain/Sweet child o'mine/Patience (Etched disc) GFST18 Geffen GB
GUNS N'ROSES Paradise city/Used to love her (Holster Pack) (Shape) GEF50P Geffen GB
GUNS N'ROSES Welcome to the jungle/Whole lotta Rosie(L)/It's so easy(L)/Knocking..(L) (Poster cover) GEF30TW Geffen GB
GUNS N'ROSES Welcome to the jungle/You're crazy(Acoustic version) (Poster cover) GEF47TW Geffen GB
GUNS N'ROSES Don't cry(Original/Alt.Lyrics/Demo) (Picture Disc) GET21678 Geffen GER
GUNS N'ROSES Live and let die(LP/Live)/Shadow of your love(Live) GET21692 Geffen GER
GUNS N'ROSES November rain/Sweet child o'mine/Patience  GET21710 Geffen GER
GUNS N'ROSES November rain/Sweet child o'mine/Patience (Picture Disc) GET21713 Geffen GER
GUNS N'ROSES Sweet child o'mine/Move to the city/Whole lotta Rosie(Live)/It's so easy(Live) 9212430 Geffen GER
GUNS N'ROSES Yesterdays/November rain/Yesterdays(Live) GET21769 Geffen GER
GUNS N'ROSES Appetite for destruction 7599241481 Geffen USA
GUNS N'ROSES Lies 7599241981 Geffen USA
GUNS N'ROSES Live?`*o like a suicide (Reckless life/Nice boys/Move to the city/Mama kin) USR001 Uzi USA
GUNS N'ROSES The spaghetti incident(Orange Vinyl) 2064246171 Geffen USA
GUNS N'ROSES Use your illusion I 2064244151 Geffen USA
GUNS N'ROSES Use your illusion II 2064244201 Geffen USA
GYPSY KYSS Songs from a swirling ocean RSPLP004 Rising Sun GER
GYPSY KYSS When passion murdered innocence IRS942210 Rising Sun GER
HADES Live:On location IRS942224 IRS GER
HADES Resisting success (Promo) 8856181381 Torrid USA
HAGAR SAMMY Standing hampton GEF85456 Geffen HOL
HAGAR SAMMY Danger zone 7777120691 Capitol USA
HAGAR SAMMY VOA(Promo) 7599240431 Geffen USA
HALFORD Resurrection(12 trax/Gatefold) 38456900112 Metal Is GB
HALL AFLAME Guaranteed forever 1555701031 I.R.S. GB
HALLOWEEN Don`t metal with evil MA1031 Motor City Metal USA
HALO S/T 1418212501 Pakaderm GB
HAMMERFALL Glory to the brave 2736162651 Nuclear Blast GER
HAMMERFALL Legacy of kings 2736163351 Nuclear Blast GER
HAMMERS RULE Show no mercy(Promo/White Vinyl) HRT121983 Tangents Records USA
HANDSOME BEASTS Beastiality HMRLP2 Heavy Metal Records GB
HANKER In our world (No.70/500) Cult Metal 004 Cult Metal Classics GRE
HANKER Snakes and ladders (No.119/500) Cult Metal 005 Cult Metal Classics GRE
HANOI ROCKS Back to mystery city JHN3023 Johanna FIN
HANOI ROCKS All those waysted years/Live LICKDLP5/6 Lick Records GB
HANOVER Hungry eyes 7673255361 MCA USA
HANSEN KAI Heading for tomorrow 6030015119 Noise GER
HARDLINE Double eclipse MCA10586 MCA GER
HAREM SCAREM  S/T(10 trax) 9031751501 Warner Music GER
HAVE MERCY Armageddon descends (6 trax) (Promo) MX8117 Relativity USA
HAVOC The grip AU003 Auburn Records USA
HAVOC MAX S/T(1.LP) 1 Triple Platinum Records USA
HAWAII Natives are restless(White Label) 081862 SPV GER
HAWAII Loud,wild and heavy(Bad boys of metal/LWH/Escape the night/Phapsody in black) IRD007 Important USA
HAWAII One nation underground SH1009 Shrapnel USA
HAWAII The natives are restless SW01 Shockwaves USA
HAWK S/T(Signed:David Fefolt) MMH01 Metal Method USA
HAWKWIND Space ritual/Live(2 LP) UALA120 United Artists USA
H-BLOCKX Time to move 74321187511 BMG/Sing Sing GER
HEADBOYS S/T(1.LP) RS13068 RSO Records USA
HEADHUNTER(CH) S/T(1.LP) 26009065 Bellaphon GER
HEADHUNTER(G) A bizarre gardening accident(No.416/1000) 1027800431 Major Records GER
HEADHUNTER(G) Parody of life 1298101511 CBH/Virgin GER
HEADPINS Line of fire 7573290311 SGR Records USA
HEART Bad animals ECS91222 Capitol/Japan JAP
HEART Dogs & butterfly 253P12 Epic/Japan JAP
HEART Dreamboat Annie EMS80946 EMI/Japan JAP
HEART Little Queen 253P61 Epic/Japan JAP
HEART Live & Best (Double 1 live/1 best of) 403P250~1 Epic/Japan JAP
HEART Magazine EMS81072 EMI/Japan JAP
HEART Private audition 253P361 Epic/Japan JAP
HEART S/T (1985) ECS91123 Capitol/Japan JAP
HEART Brigade 7777918201 Capitol USA
HEATHEN Breaking the silence 8856181621 Relativity USA
HEATHEN Set me free/Goblins blade (US Promo) 8856181821 Relativity USA
HEATHENS RAGE EP (Knights of steel/City of hell/Dark storm) RD9002 Rock Dream Records USA
HEAVENS EDGE S/T 7464452621 Columbia USA
HEAVY LOAD Death or glory ILP822 Thunderload SWE
HEAVY LOAD Full speed at high level HSLP03 Heavy Sound Records SWE
HEAVY PETTIN Lettin loose HEPLP1 Polydor GB
HEAVY PETTIN Love times love/Shout it out (Shape) HEPP3 Polydor GB
HEAVY PETTIN Sole survivor/Crazy/Northwinds HEPX4 Polydor GB
HEAVY PETTIN Rock ain`t dead 4228258971 Polydor USA
HEIR APPARENT Graceful inheritance(White Label) BD008 Black Dragon FRA
HEIR APPARENT One small voice                         7777916901 Metal Blade USA
HEIST High heel heaven 4479720191 Muscle Records USA
HELLACOPTERS Disappointment blues(7 trax) JAZZ015LP White Jazz Records SWE
HELLACOPTERS Payin'the dues(Gatefold/Purple Vinyl) JAZZ004LP White Jazz Records SWE
HELLACOPTERS Grande rock(14 trax) 9878704761 Sub Pop USA
HELLACOPTERS/FLAMING SIDEBURNS White trash soul (6 trax) FRO1003 Bad Afro Records DEN
HELLANBACH Now hear this NEAT1006 Neat Records GB
HELLANBACH The big H NEAT1019 Neat Records GB
HELLFIELD Tell me are you listening + 5 trax from their debut album (US Promo) AS572 Epic USA
HELLHAMMER Satanic rites(Multicolored Vinyl) SPRHH9020  GER
HELLHAMMER Satanic rites (Picture Disc/No.260/333) HHMR2 Hellhammer Maniac SWI
HELLHAMMER Triumph of death (Picture Disc/No.195/333) HHMR1 Hellhammer Maniac SWI
HELLHAMMER Apocalyptic raids (The third of the storms/Massacra/Triumph of death/Horus/Aggressor) MBR1028 Metal Blade USA
HELLION The black book MFN108 Music For Nations GB
HELLION Postcards from the asylum(White Label Promo) NRR36 New Renaissance Records USA
HELLION S/T (Don't take no(for an answer)/Backstabber/Lookin' for a good time/Driving hard) HELL1 Bongus Lodus USA
HELLION Screams in the night(Clear Vinyl) NRR22 New Renaissance Records USA
HELLO Keeps us off the streets BELLS263 Bell GB
HELLOWEEN Live in the U.K. 7777923711 EMI EEC
HELLOWEEN Chameleon 7777893681 EMI GB
HELLOWEEN Pink bubbles go ape 7777960861 EMI GB
HELLOWEEN Keeper of the seven keys(Poster/Blue Vinyl) 08-4415 Noise GER
HELLOWEEN Master of the rings 1094671501 Raw Power GER
HELLOWEEN Starlight + 5 trax (Picture Disc) N0056PD Noise GER
HELLOWEEN Halloween(Edit/LP Version) (US Promo) 64021RDAB RCA USA
HELMET Meantime 7567921621 Interscope GER
HELSTAR The James Rivera Legacy (Black Vinyl/No:302/500) HMG003 Hidden Metal Gems GER
HELSTAR The James Rivera Legacy (Pink Vinyl/No:028/500) HMG002 Hidden Metal Gems GER
HELSTAR Multiples in black 675942326 Massacre HOL
HELSTAR Nosferatu 1686194381 Roadracer HOL
HELSTAR A distant thunder 1877722901 Metal Blade USA
HELSTAR Burning star (White Label Promo) MX8007 Combat USA
HELSTAR Remnants of war MX8052 Combat USA
HERETIC Burnt at the stake (Water of vice/Keep on tellingthose lies/Fever of love/Watch me grow) THBE1004 Thunderbolt GB
HERICANE ALICE Tear the house down 7567820281 Atlantic USA
HERO S/T SRM11137 Mercury USA
HEXENHAUS A tribute to insanity ACTLP06 Active GB
HEXENHAUS Awakening ACTLP19 Active GB
HEXENHAUS The edge of eternity ACTLP13 Active GB
HEXX No escape SH1016 Shrapnel USA
HEXX Quest for sanity (Racial slaughter/Sardonicus/Fields of death/Mirror of the past/Twice as bright) WRR024 Wild Rags USA
HEXX Under the spell SH1025 Shrapnel USA
HIGH POWER S/T FOO40 Devil's Record FRA
HIGHLAND QUEEN S/T (Living after mignight/Break out/Feel right/R.U. Ready/Get out) 9800 Power Records FRA
HIGH'N DRY Hands off my toy! 26009066 Bellaphon GER
HIGHWAY CHILE Fever/Headbangers(Remix)/Handing you over/Bite an anger INL3652 Lark HOL
HIGHWAY CHILE For the wild and lonely (6 trax) 2124 21 Records HOL
HIGHWAY CHILE Rockarama (Promo) 902871 21 Records USA
HOCCULTA Warning games DM003 Discotto Metal ITA
HOLLAND Little monsters (Promo) 7567812591 Atlantic USA
HOLOCAUST Coming through/Don't wanna be(a loser)/Good thing going PSP4 Phoenix GB
HOLY MOSES Queen of Siam AAARRG 01 Aaarrg Records GER
HOLY TERROR Terror and submission FLAG10 Under One Flag GB
HOLY TERROR Mind wars (Promo) 1888193221 Roadracer USA
HONEYMOON SUITE Racing after midnight(Promo) 7599256521 Warner Bros. USA
HORIZON Master of the game 26297 CBS HOL
HOUNDS Puttin`on the dog JC36098 CBS USA
HOUSE BAND S/T(Signed) 12TS439 Topic GB
HOUSE OF LORDS Demons down 4228283111 Victory GER
HSAS Through the fire/Live GEF25893 Geffen HOL
HUGHES BRYAN GROUP Break the rules 6858420231 ISBA Records CAN
HUGHES/THRALL S/T(9 trax) P11262 Pioneer/Japan JAP
HUMBLE PIE Smoking` 86034 A&M GER
HUMBLE PIE Go for the throat SD38131 Atlantic USA
HUMBLE PIE Rockin`at the Fillmore/Live(2 LP) SP3506 A&M USA
HUMBLE PIE Thunderbox SP3611 A&M USA
HUNT The thrill of the kill PB6015 Passport USA
HUNTER IAN Welcome to the club/Live(2 LP) 6685048 Chrysalis GER
HURRICANE Slave to the thrill 1877735111 Enigma ITA
HURRICANE Live/Radio-Show(WW1 6-8-90,Los Angeles,CA  4 trax/24 mins) HV90-32 Westwood One USA
HURRICANE Over the edge 1877733201 Enigma USA
HURRICANE Take what you want(6 trax) C20Y0194 Canyon/Japan USA
HURRY SCUARY Break it up RAL8856 Air Records/Japan JAP
HYDRA VEIN Rather death than false of faith OTH12 Metalother Records GB
HYKSOS S/T   Hyksos Records USA
HYPER Active MR101 Hyper USA
I LOVE YOU S/T GEF24371 Geffen GER
I LOVE YOU Live (Steppin' on baby/Mortar girl/Flies/Bone/Swlabr + Photo) 1877723561 Medusa USA
ICED EARTH Burnt offerings(Gatefold sleeve) 7701770931 Century Media GER
ICED EARTH Horror show (Gatefold/2 LP/Blue Vinyl) 7701773051 Century Media GER
ICED EARTH Live in Athens(Picture Disc Box + Poster) 77275-1EP Century Media GER
ICED EARTH Night of the stormrider 7701772711 Century Media GER
ICED EARTH S/T 08-9714-1 Century Media GER
ICED EARTH Something wicked this way comes(Gatefold/2 LP) 7701772141 Century Media GER
ICON Night of the crime ESC81726 Toshiba/EMI JAP
ICON S/T(1.LP) ESC81665 Toshiba/EMI JAP
ICON Right between the eyes 7567820101 Megaforce USA
ICON Shot at my heart/Out for blood (Promo) SPRO9487 EMI USA
IDEAL Der Ernst des Lebens K58400 WEA GER
IDEAL S/T KS80004 Innovative Communication GER
IDLE CURE 2nd Avenue 1418269064 Frontline GB
IDLE CURE Tough love 1418269026 Frontline GB
IDOL RICH Working girls/EP (Dirty dreams/Paint your face/Wind up/City streets)  Indie GB
IGNORANCE The confident rat 2008310171 Music For Nations GB
ILLUSION I like it loud 7599241081 Geffen USA
IMAGE Resurrection (No.169/500) HP001 Hades Paradise Records USA
IMMACULATE MARY Throuth the eyes of youth MIRROR14 Mirror Records USA
IMPALER If we had brains...we`d be dangerous MX8053 Combat USA
IMPALER Rise of the mutants (Shock rock/Crack that whip/Impaler/Heaven's force) IRDT013 IRD Records USA
IMPELLITTERI S/T(1st EP)(Signed by Rob Rock) 8856182191 Relativity USA
IMPELLITTERI Stand in line 8856182251 Relativity USA
INDESTROY S/T NNR10 New Renaissance Records USA
INNER SANCTUM 12 a.m. (Mike Portnoy on drums) INSAN1 Insan Records USA
INTERACTION S/T (6 trax) INT002 Tekla Music SWE
INTERGALACTIC TOURING BAND Various (feat. Status Quo members) 5N064N60263 Passport HOL
INTRINSIC S/T  8856182431 No Wimp Records USA
INTRUDER Psycho savant ZORRO25 Music For Nations GB
INTRUDER A higher form of killing 1686194521 Roadracer HOL
INTRUDER Cover up (Shape) IW1024 Iron Works USA
INTRUDER S/T IW1023 Iron Works USA
IRON CROSS S/T(Double Album/Gatefold/No.574/666) OPMR1005 O.P.M. Records USA
IRON MAIDEN Live after death/Live (2 LP/Promo) EMC240426/2 EMI AUS
IRON MAIDEN Somewhere in time (Promo) EMC240597 EMI AUS
IRON MAIDEN Seventh son of a seventh son 7777902581 EMI CAN
IRON MAIDEN Fear of the dark 7777991611 EMI EEC
IRON MAIDEN 2 minutes to midnight/Aces high(Double 12") IRN06 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN 2 minutes to midnight/Rainbow's gold/Mission from 'Arry 12EMI5489 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN 2 minutes to midnight/Rainbow's gold/Mission from 'Arry (Picture Disc) 12EMI5502 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN A real dead one/Live 7777892481 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Aces high/King of twilight/The number of the beast(L) (Picture Disc) 12EMIP5502 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Aces high/King of twilight/The number of the beast(Live) 12EMI5502 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Brave new world(2 LP Picture Disc) 72435266051 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Can I play with madness/Black bart blues (Shape) EMP49 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Can I play with madness/Black bart blues/Massacre 12EM49 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Can I play with madness/The evil that men do(Double 12") IRN09 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Flight of Icarus/I've got the fire (Picture Disc) 12EMIP5378 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Flight of Icarus/The trooper(Double 12") IRN05 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Live at Donington(Aug.22nd 1992)(3 LP) 2438275111 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Man on the edge/The edge of darkness/I live my way(Poster) (Picture Disc) 12EMPD398 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Out of the silent planet/Wasted years(L)/Aces high(L)(No.9622) (Picture Disc) 72438893896 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Piece of mind EMA800 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Purgatory/Maiden Japan(Double 12") IRN03 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Run to the hills(L)/Phantom of the opera(L)/Loser words(Big 'orra)(L) (Picture Disc) 12EMIP5542 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Run to the hills/The number of the beast(Double 12") IRN04 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Runnimg free/Sanctuary/Murders in the Rue Morgue(all live) 12EMI5532 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Running free(L)/Sanctuary(L)/Murders in the Rue Morgue(L) (Picture Disc) 12EMIP5532 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Running free/Run to the hills(Double 12") IRN07 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Running free/Sanctuary(Double 12") IRN01 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Seventh son of the seventh son(Flag) (Picture Disc) EMDP1O6 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Stranger in a strange land/That girl/Juanita (Promo) 12EMI5589 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN The clairvoyant/Infinite dreams(Double 12") IRN10 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN The evil that men do/Prowler '88 (Shape) EMP64 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN The trooper/Cross eyes Mary (Shape) EMIP5397 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN The wicker man/Powerslave(L)/Killers(L)(Picture Disc) 72438886876 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN The X factor(Double LP/Poster/Clear Vinyl) EMD1087 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Waysted years/Reach out (Shape) EMIP5583 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Waysted years/Stranger in a strange land(Double 12") IRN08 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Women in uniform/Invasion/Phantom of the opera(Live) 12EMI5105 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Women in uniform/Twilight zone(Double 12") IRN02 EMI GB
IRON MAIDEN Run to the hills/Total eclipse 1CK05207604 EMI GER
IRON MAIDEN The number of the beast 1C06407608 EMI GER
IRON MAIDEN The trooper/Cross eyes Mary 1CK0521077646 EMI GER
IRON MAIDEN Twilight zone/Wrathchild/ 1C05207462 EMI GER
IRON MAIDEN Women in uniform/Drifter(Live)/Phantom of the opera(Live) 1C06207418 EMI GER
IRON MAIDEN Live + one (9 trax/Live) 062-2600481 EMI GRE
IRON MAIDEN Killers 1C06407450 EMI HOL
IRON MAIDEN Sanctuary/Prowler/Drifter(Live)/I've got the fire(Live) 1AK052Z07390 EMI HOL
IRON MAIDEN Live + one (Sanctuary/Phantom of the opera/Drifter/Women in uniform) EMS41001 EMI JAP
IRON MAIDEN Maiden Japan Live (Running free/Remember tomorrow/Killers/Innocent exile) EMS41004 EMI JAP
IRON MAIDEN Live/Number of the beast(New York,82) HJLR0030  KOR
IRON MAIDEN No prayer for the dying (Red Vinyl) 7464469051 Epic USA
IRON MAIDEN Piece of mind (Picture Disc + Poster) SEAX12306 EMI USA
IRON MAIDEN S/T (9 trax) ST12094 EMI USA
JAERVINEN ALBERT BAND Countdown/Heads off (feat. Lemmy doing nothing) CITYMS1002 Cityboy FIN
JAG PANZER Ample destruction BRC1928 Banzai Records CAN
JAG PANZER Thane of the throne 7701772931 Century Media GER
JAG PANZER Chain of command (2 Picture Disc) HHMR3~4 Hellhammer Maniac SWI
JAG PANZER Ample destruction IW1001 Iron Works USA
JAG PANZER Ample destruction (b/w Picture Disc) IW1001PD Iron Works USA
JAG PANZER Battle zone 010 Azra Records USA
JAG PANZER Battle zone s(Picture Disc) 010 Azra Records USA
JAG PANZER Deathrow (Shape) DTR007 Azra Records USA
JAGGED EDGE Trouble (Trouble/You don't love me/Rosie Rosie/Crash and burn/Good golly Miss Molly) 4228419831 Polydor GB
JAGUAR Power games (+ signed band photo) NEAT1007 Neat Records GB
JAMES MARKUS Green eyes (feat:Joe Satriani)(Promo) GE048 Firenze Records USA
JAMES MELVIN The passenger (Promo) 7673256631 MCA USA
JANE'S ADDICTION Ritual de lo habitual 7599259931 Reprise USA
JEFFERSON STARSHIP/TWISTED SISTER Live/Radio-Show(KBFH  11-9-83,Seattle,WA 5 trax/23 mins) 11-9-83  USA
JEKYLL & HYDE First tyme (The boyz/City of sin/Little Miss Leather/Jekyll & Hyde) 22726 Erika Records USA
JERSEY DOGS Don't worry, get angry!(Wasted world/Who's to blame/Another pretty day + 2) WRR015 Wild Rags USA
JERUSALEM Warrior MYR1113 Myrrh GB
JESTER'S MARCH Acts 1617764510 Steamhammer GER
JET RED S/T 8856110011 Relativity USA
JETT BLACK Night flight DBM1002 DBM CAN
JETT JOAN Bad reputation 7912332511 Boardwalk USA
JEWEL Jewel I 28MRLP006 Mandrake Root JAP
JOHN ELTON Greatest hits MCA3007 MCA USA
JOHNNY CRASH Neighbourhood threat 4662241 CBS GB
JOKER S/T 9768883481 Red Light USA
JONES JIM & KOOL-ADE KIDS Trust me WA01301 W Records USA
JONES STEVE Fire and gasoline (Promo) 7673262981 Gold Mountain USA
JOSHUA Intense defense (Signed by Rob Rock) PL71905 RCA GER
JOSHUA Surrender SP25-5248 FEMS/Japan JAP
JOSHUA The hand is quicker than the eye (6 trax) E1013 Olympic Records USA
JOURNEY Captured/Live(2 LP) CBS88525 CBS HOL
JOURNEY Evolution CBS83566 CBS HOL
JOURNEY Escape 25AP2100 Sony/Japan JAP
JOURNEY Look into the future PC33904 Columbia USA
JOURNEY Next PC34311 Columbia USA
JOURNEY S/T(1.LP) PC33388 Columbia USA
JUDAS PRIEST Rocka rolla (Picture Disc) PD201 Milan FRA
JUDAS PRIEST Sad wings of destiny (Picture Disc) PD79 Milan FRA
JUDAS PRIEST A touch of evil/Between the hammer and the anvil (Shape) 9976565890 Columbia GB
JUDAS PRIEST A touch of evil/Nightcrawler (Promo) XPR1615 Epic GB
JUDAS PRIEST Evening star/Beyond the realms of death(Live)/The green Manalishi (Clear vinyl) 127312 CBS GB
JUDAS PRIEST Freewheel burning/Breaking the law(Live)/Another thing comin'(Live) TA4054 CBS GB
JUDAS PRIEST High treason(Long Island,NY,USA 7-7-80)   GB
JUDAS PRIEST Hot rockin`/Breaking the law(Live)/Living after midnight(Live) A121153 CBS GB
JUDAS PRIEST Lead into temptation(Live in New Haven, CT 1989) (Picture Disc) BRPP013 Bladerunner GB
JUDAS PRIEST Living after midnight/Delivering the goods(Live)/Evil fantasies(Live) 128379 CBS GB
JUDAS PRIEST Night crawler(Red Vinyl/No.3495) 9976590976 Columbia GB
JUDAS PRIEST No sign of life(San Antonio,TX,USA 10-9-82)   GB
JUDAS PRIEST Painkiller/United/Better by you, better than me (Red Vinyl) 9976562736 CBS GB
JUDAS PRIEST Some heads are gonna roll/Green Manalishi(Live)/Jawbreaker TA4298 CBS GB
JUDAS PRIEST Ten classic tracks(Grey Vinyl/Promo) XPR1896 Columbia GB
JUDAS PRIEST The Ripper(New York 4-11-79/2 LP)  Beacon Island Ltd. GB
JUDAS PRIEST The ripper/Never satisfied/Victim of changes GULS7112 Gull Records GB
JUDAS PRIEST Tyrant/Rocka rolla/Genocide (White Vinyl) GULS7612 Gull Records GB
JUDAS PRIEST Voice of the priest(Midsouth Coliseum,Memphis,TN,USA 12-12-82)   GB
JUDAS PRIEST 98 Live Meltdown(Tripple Album) 089-18541 Steamhammer GER
JUDAS PRIEST Best of INT148306 Intercord GER
JUDAS PRIEST Hero hero/Best of(2 LP) INT173300 Intercord GER
JUDAS PRIEST Jugulator(2 LP) 085-18781 Steamhammer GER
JUDAS PRIEST A touch of evil/Between the hammer & the anvil/You've got another thing coming(Live) 9976565896 Columbia HOL
JUDAS PRIEST Point of entry CBS84834 CBS HOL
JUDAS PRIEST Ram it down/Heavy metal(Live)/Freewheel burning(Live) 9976516896 Columbia HOL
JUDAS PRIEST Rock forever/Hell bent for leather/Beyond the realms of death A121864 CBS HOL
JUDAS PRIEST Take on the world/White heat, red hot(Live)/Starbreaker(Live) 6915 CBS HOL
JUDAS PRIEST Flames of power(Dortmund 18-12-83)  Taurus ITA
JUDAS PRIEST British steel 25-3P-208 Epic JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Defenders of the faith 25-3P-480 Epic JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Defenders of the faith(sticker/12p photobooklet) 30-3P-520 Epic JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Green manalishi(Live)/Breaking the law(Live)/You've got another thing coming(Live) 12.3P-537 Epic JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Killing machine 25-3P-28 Epic JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Point of entry(Highway Cover) 25-3P-271 Epic JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Priest in the east/Live Japan + 7" 25-3P-145~6 Epic JAP
JUDAS PRIEST LP)(Promo) 38-3P-827~8 Epic JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Ram it down 25-3P-5024 Epic JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Rocka rolla VIP6554 Victor JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Sad wings of destiny GP464 Gull Records JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Screaming for vengeance(incl.Poster) 25-3P-371 Epic JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Sin after sin 25-3P-46 Epic JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Stained class 25-3P-47 Epic JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Turbo 28-3P-705 Epic JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Features these (Picture Disc) 9C939926 CBS USA
JUDAS PRIEST Johnny B.Goode(US Promo) PR2237 Atlantic USA
JUDAS PRIEST Live Radio-Show(BBC Rock Hour,Hammersmith Odeon, London 81) #508 London Wavelenght USA
JUDAS PRIEST Locked in(US Promo) CAS2294 CBS USA
JUDAS PRIEST Love bites(Edit/LP version) (Shape) AS991852 Epic Records USA
JUDAS PRIEST Love bites(Edit/LP version) (Uncut Shape) AS991852 Epic Records USA
JUDAS PRIEST Love bites(US Promo) AS1849 Columbia USA
JUDAS PRIEST Painkiller 7464468911 Columbia USA
JUDAS PRIEST Sad wings of destiny AYL1-4747 RCA USA
JUDAS PRIEST Turbo lover (US Promo) CAS2368 CBS USA
JUDAS PRIEST Turbo lover(Hi-Octane mix/Long version/Short version) (US Promo) 4405917 VBS USA
JUDAS PRIEST Unchained(Palladium,NY 1981) (Picture Disc) ? ? USA
JUDAS PRIEST World tour '82 (Picture Disc) AS991543 ? USA
JUGGERNAUT Baptism under fire 1877721151 Metal Blade USA
JUGGERNAUT Trouble within (Inlay + Order sheet) 1877722151 Metal Blade USA
JULLIET S/T 7777735301 EMI EEC
KAROLINE S/T(Red Vinyl) 58141 WEA FRA
KARR TIM Rubbin'me the right way 7777908671 EMI USA
KEEL Because the night/Rock and roll animal (Shape) KEEPD1 ? GB
KEEL Final frontier (+ Ron Keel Photo) VIL28020 Gold Mountain JAP
KEEL Tears of fire/Because the night/The right to rock/Easier said than done/Raised on rock VIP5121 Gold Mountain JAP
KEEL Larger than live(Signed:Kenny Chaisson) (Roxy, Hollywood 18-03-89) 1501713281 Gold Castle USA
KEEL Lay down the law SH1014 Shrapnel USA
KELLY TOM BAND Breakdown ML518 Memory Music SWI
KENNY The sound of super K SRAK518 RAK/EMI GB
KICK AXE Rock the world MER2103 Mercenary Records CAN
KICK AXE Vices 28AP2902 Sony/Japan JAP
KICK AXE Live/Radio-Show(Captured live 9/17/1984) 9-17/1984 RKO Radio Networks USA
KICK AXE Welcome to the club 7464400951 Columbia USA
KID ROCK Devil without a cause(Double Album/14 trax) 7567831191 Atlantic USA
KID ROCK The history of rock(2 LP) 7567833141 Atlantic USA
KIDD GLOVE S/T(Paul Sabu/Gold Vinyl) 5010960561 Morocco USA
KIDD GLOVES Feel the fire (Reasons/Turn it around/FTF/Call me) KG7 Indie USA
KIDSKIN Murder in a tight white dress (One nite stand/Twist of the blade/MIATWD/The edge of wetness) ALK100 Wreckless Wrecords USA
KILL FOR THRILLS Commercial suicide(Promo) WEP1001 World Of Hurt Records USA
KILLER Stronger than ever RO028 Rockport GER
KILLER Ladykiller(incl.Promo insert) 6367025 Vertigo SWI
KILLER DWARFS Stand tall ML8012 Maze Records CAN
KILLER DWARFS Big deal(Promo) 7464440981 Epic USA
KILLER DWARFS Dirty weapons 7464451391 Columbia USA
KILLERS Murder one PL90643 RCA GER
KING DIAMOND Conspiracy (Picture Disc) 1686194396 Roadrunner GB
KING DIAMOND House of god 28466122339 Massacre Records GER
KING DIAMOND Satanic rites(Clear Vinyl/Bonn, GER 13/2/90) BTKD005 Braintrash Records GER
KING DIAMOND The spider's lullabye (Picture Disc) 675942335 Massacre Records GER
KING DIAMOND Them (+ Booklet) 1986195501 Roadrunner GER
KING DIAMOND Conspiracy 1686194911 Roadrunner HOL
KING DIAMOND In concert 1987/Abigail 1686195871 Roadrunner HOL
KING DIAMOND The dark sides (6 trax/Shrine/The Lake/Phone call/Halloween/Them/No presents…) RR24551 Roadrunner HOL
KING DIAMOND The eye 1686193461 Roadrunner HOL
KING DIAMOND Abigail RR9622 Roadracer USA
KING DIAMOND Fatal portrait GWD90529 GWD/Roadracer USA
KING DIAMOND Halloween/The candle/The lake (Picture Disc) GWP905599 Roadrunner USA
KING DIAMOND No presents for christmas/Charon RR125485 Roadracer USA
KING KOBRA Ready to strike ECS81700 Capitol/Japan JAP
KING KOBRA Hunger (US Promo) SPRO9316 Capitol USA
KING KOBRA III (Test Pressing) NRR26 New Renaissance Records USA
KING KOBRA Limited Edition EP (Take it off/Walls of silence/Red line) NRR31 New Renaissance Records USA
KING KOBRA Limited Edition EP (White Label Promo) 12EP1O1 New Renaissance Records USA
KING KOBRA Thrill of a lifetime 7777124731 Capitol USA
KING KURT Destination Zulu land/She's a hairy (Shape) DBUY189 Stiff Records GB
KINGDOM COME In your face (Promo) 4228391921 Polygram USA
KINGHORSE S/T 1704616151 Caroline USA
KINGOFTHEHILL I do u(Single/Album version) (Promo) SPRO05374 EMI USA
KINGPIN  Welcome to Bob City CMLP105 CMM SWE
KINGS X S/T  7567805061 Atlantic GER
KINGS X Gretchen goes to Nebraska 7567819971 Atlantic USA
KINGS X Out of the silent planet 7567818251 Megaforce USA
KINKS Lola versus poerman & the moneygoround RS6423 Reprise USA
KISS 4 Shapes(All 4 members w/stands) KISS1-4 ? GB
KISS Animalize (No.416) (Picture Disc) PIC8224951 Phonogram GB
KISS Asylum (No.367) (Picture Disc) PIC8260991 Phonogram GB
KISS Chris Tetley Interview (Double Shape) CTD2004 PRT Records GB
KISS Chris Tetley Interview(Picture Disc) CT1012 PRT Records GB
KISS Crazy crazy nights/No no no/Heaven's on fire/Tears are falling (Picture Disc) KISSP712 Vertigo GB
KISS Crazy crazy nights/No no no/Lick it up/Uh! All night KISS712 Vertigo GB
KISS Creatures of the night (No.046) (Picture Disc) 6302219 Phonogram GB
KISS Creatures of the night/Rock'n'roll all nite(Live) (Autographed B-Side) KISSD4 Phonogram GB
KISS Creatures of the night/War machine/Rock'n'roll all nite(Live) KISS412 Phonogram GB
KISS Destroyer (No.079) (Picture Disc) PIC6399064 Phonogram GB
KISS Dynasty (No.205) (Picture Disc) PIC9128024 Phonogram GB
KISS Forever(Remix)/All american men/Shandi/The oath KISSX11 Vertigo GB
KISS Forever(Remix)/The street giveth…/Deuce(Demo)/Strutter(Demo) KISXG11 Vertigo GB
KISS Framed(Coloured Vinyl) Interview BAK6005 Baktabak GB
KISS God gave r'n'roll to you II (+Kings X/Slaughter) (Picture Disc) 7567962748 Interscope GB
KISS God gave r'n'roll to you/Detroit rock city/I was made for loving you/R'n'r all nite(Fan Club Edition) KISSDJ1 Phonogram GB
KISS God gave rock'n'roll(Edit 3.53/LP 5.21) (Promo) SAM886 Vertigo GB
KISS Heaven's on fire/Lick it up/Let's put the x in sex/Rock'n'roll all nite (Promo) KIZZA1 Vertigo GB
KISS Hide your heart/Betrayed/Boomerang   KISSX10 Vertigo GB
KISS Hide your heart/Betrayed/Boomerang(Promo) KISSXDJ10 Vertigo GB
KISS Hide your heart/Lick it up/Heaven's on fire (Shape) KISP1010 Vertigo GB
KISS Hotter than hell (No.306) (Picture Disc) PIC6399058 Phonogram GB
KISS I was made for loving you/Charisma CANL152 Casablanca GB
KISS Interview (No.1358) (Picture Disc) RDPD02 ? GB
KISS Interview (Picture Disc) BAK2026 Baktabak GB
KISS Interview (Picture Disc) TT111 ? GB
KISS Interview 1986 (Tell Tales) (PictureDisc) MM1205 ? GB
KISS Killer/Love it lout/I was made for loving you KISS312 Phonogram GB
KISS Killers (No.279) (Picture Disc) PIC6302193 Phonogram GB
KISS Lick it up (No.719) (Picture Disc) PIC8142971 Phonogram GB
KISS Lick it up/Not for the innocent (Shape) KPIC5 Vertigo GB
KISS Lick it up/Not for the innocent/I still love you KISS512 Vertigo GB
KISS Love gun (No.1197) (Picture Disc) PIC6399063 Phonogram GB
KISS Reason to liveThief of the night/Who wants to be lonely/Secretly cruel (Picture Disc) KISSP812 Vertigo GB
KISS Rock and roll over (No.1059) (Picture Disc) PIC6399060 Phonogram GB
KISS S/T (No.645) (Picture Disc) 6399057 Phonogram GB
KISS Tears are falling/Heaven's on fire(Live)/Anyway you slice it KISS612 Vertigo GB
KISS The Elder (No.092) (Picture Disc) PIC6302163 Phonogram GB
KISS The solo live project(4 picture disc box)  ? GB
KISS Then now/Interview (Shape) TTS1005 Tell Tale GB
KISS Then she kissed me/Hooligan/Flaming youth CANL110 Casablanca GB
KISS Thrills in the night/Burn bitch burn/Heaven's on fire 8805351 Casablanca GB
KISS Turn on the night/Hell or high water/King of the mountain/Any way you slice it KISS912 Vertigo GB
KISS Turn on the night/Hell or high water/King of the mountain/Any way you slice it (Picture) KISSP912 Vertigo GB
KISS Unholy/Partners in crime/Deuce/Strutter KISDJ1212 Mercury GB
KISS Unholy/Partners in crime/Deuce/Strutter (White Vinyl) KISS1212 Mercury GB
KISS Unmasked (No.015) (Picture Disc) PIC6302032 Phonogram GB
KISS Alive I/Live(2 LP) NB7004 Casablanca GER
KISS Best of solo albums NB7060 Casablanca GER
KISS Crazy nights(Monsters Of Rock Edition)(Picture Disc) 8360291 Phonogram GER
KISS Dirty livin`/2000 man BZC4440 Casablanca GER
KISS Dynasty(Red Vinyl) NB7049 Casablanca GER
KISS God gave r'n'roll to you II(Edit)/Kings X(Junior's gone wild)/Slaughter(Shout it out) 7567962750 East West GER
KISS I was made for loving you/Charisma BZC4422 Casablanca GER
KISS Love gun NB7022 Casablanca GER
KISS S/T NB7001 Casablanca GER
KISS Animalize 8224951 Casablanca HOL
KISS Forever(Remix)/The street giveth…/Nowhere to run/Partners in crime 4228767171 Vertigo HOL
KISS Let's put the x in sex/Deuce/Calling Dr. Love (Promo) 4228723131 Vertigo HOL
KISS Revenge  8480371 Mercury HOL
KISS Hotter than metal(Bootleg) HRS23  ITA
KISS Scratch, bite & kiss(Lausanne,CH 1/11/84) 0129122  ITA
KISS Ace Frehley (+Poster Puzzle) VIP6579 Victor JAP
KISS Alive I(Poster) SJET9569~70 Victor JAP
KISS Alive II(Poster/Inserts/Sticker) VIP9529~30 Victor JAP
KISS Animalize 28SA250 Polystar JAP
KISS Asylum R28R-2003 Polystar JAP
KISS Crazy nights R28R2024 Polystar JAP
KISS Creatures of the night 28S-138 Polystar JAP
KISS Destroyer VIP6395 Victor JAP
KISS Double platinum 19S-5~6 Casablanca JAP
KISS Dressed to kill SWX-6188 Victor JAP
KISS Dynasty VIP6678 Victor JAP
KISS Gene Simmons (+Poster Puzzle) VIP6578 Victor JAP
KISS Hotter than hell VIP6340 Victor JAP
KISS Killers 28S-58 Polystar JAP
KISS Lick it up 28S-181 Polystar JAP
KISS Love gun VIP6435 Victor JAP
KISS Paul Stanley (+Poster Puzzle) VIP6577 Victor JAP
KISS Peter Criss (+Poster Puzzle) VIP6580 Victor JAP
KISS Rock and roll over (+ extra OBI) VIP6376 Victor JAP
KISS S/T(Incl.Kissing time) VIP6326 Victor JAP
KISS The Elder 28S-23 Polystar JAP
KISS The originals(w/complete inserts) VIP5501~3 Victor JAP
KISS Unmasked 25S-3 Polystar JAP
KISS 30 anos de musica rock(Rock'n'roll over) 8223051 Casablanca MEX
KISS Ace Frehley(Picture) NBPIX7121 Casablanca USA
KISS Ace Frehley(Poster) NBLP7121 Casablanca USA
KISS Alive III(Double album/Blue Vinyl/No.0570) 3145226471 Mercury USA
KISS Alive III(Double album/Red Vinyl/No.0570) 3145226471 Mercury USA
KISS Alive III(Double album/White Vinyl/No.0570) 3145226471 Mercury USA
KISS Asylum 4228260991 Mercury USA
KISS Crazy crazy nights(US Promo) PRO5311 Mercury USA
KISS Crazy nights 4228326261 Mercury USA
KISS Crazy nights(Picture Disc) 4228329031 Mercury USA
KISS Creatures of the night 4228241541 Mercury USA
KISS Creatures of the night (Glow in the dark vinyl) 3145286741 Polygram USA
KISS Destroyer NBLP7025 Casablanca USA
KISS Double platinum/Best of(2 LP) NBLP7100 Casablanca USA
KISS Dressed to kill NBLP7016 Casablanca USA
KISS Dynasty(Poster) NBLP7152 Casablanca USA
KISS First Kiss Last licks (Promo) PRO7921 Mercury USA
KISS Gene Simmons(Picture Disc) NBPIX7120 Casablanca USA
KISS Gene Simmons(Poster) NBLP7120 Casablanca USA
KISS Heaven`s on fire(US Promo) PRO3111 Mercury USA
KISS Hot in the shade 4223839131 Mercury USA
KISS Hotter than hell NBLP7006 Casablanca USA
KISS Kiss my ass (Red Vinyl/Gatefold) 3145221231 Mercury USA
KISS Lick it up 4228142971 Mercury USA
KISS MTV Unplugged(2 LP Live/incl.Poster) 3145289501 MTV/Polygram USA
KISS Paul Stanley(Picture) NBPIX7123 Casablanca USA
KISS Paul Stanley(Poster) NBLP7123 Casablanca USA
KISS Peter Criss NBLP7122 Casablanca USA
KISS Peter Criss(Picture) NBPIX7122 Casablanca USA
KISS Reason to live(US Promo) PRO5591 Mercury USA
KISS Revenge(Blue Marble Vinyl/No.0570) 4228480371 Polygram USA
KISS Revenge(Grey Marble) 4228480371 Polygram USA
KISS Rock and roll over NBLP7037 Casablanca USA
KISS Smashes, thrashes & hits (Picture Disc) 4228368871 Polygram USA
KISS Smashes, thrashes & hits(Promo) 4228364271 Mercury USA
KISS Solo albums Promo (2 songs each) NBD20137DJ Casablanca USA
KISS Tears are falling(US Promo) PRO3771 Mercury USA
KISS The Elder NBLP7261 Casablanca USA
KISS Turn on the night(US Promo) PRO5721 Mercury USA
KISS Unmasked(Poster/Fan Club Info sheet) 4228262421 Casablanca USA
KISS You want the best, you got the best(Double) 3145327411 Mercury USA
KISS Guns'n'kisses II(Picture Disc) NMR9303-2
KISS MY ASS Various:Anthrax/Extreme/Die Aerzte/Dinosaur Jr.(Red) 3145221231 Mercury USA
KISS SAMPLER Inside information (A world without heroes) PAYE001 Music For Profit GB
KISS(CRISS PETER) Out of control NBLP7240 Casablanca USA
KISS/NAZARETH Italian 7" IGDA1165/166 Vertigo ITA
KIX Cool kids 7567800561 Atlantic GER
KIX Hot wire 7567917141 Atlantic GER
KIX Blow my fuse (Promo) 7567818771 Atlantic USA
KIX S/T(1.LP) SD19307 Atlantic USA
KRAFTWERK Menschmaschine 1C058/32843 EMI/Electrola GER
KRAFTWERK Autobahn 7599253261 Warner Bros. USA
KRAKEN LP Demo 1983,Toronto Canada (blue) P6261 Indie SWI
KRAKEN LP Demo 1983,Toronto Canada (green) P6261 Indie SWI
KRAKEN LP Demo 1983,Toronto Canada (light green) P6261 Indie SWI
KRAKEN LP Demo 1983,Toronto Canada (red) P6261 Indie SWI
KRAKEN LP Demo 1983,Toronto Canada (white) P6261 Indie SWI
KRANK Hideous 1877721651 Metal Blade USA
KRATOS Iron beast (IB/Armageddon/Chainsaw/Save their souls) 512051 Jim Burns Music USA
KREATOR Renewal N01393-1 Noise GER
KREATOR Coma of souls(Purple Vinyl) 7464469711 Columbia USA
KREATOR Extreme aggression (Promo) 7464452541 Epic USA
KREUZEN DIE October file TGLP7 Touch & Go USA
KROKODIL S/T(1.LP) LBS83306 Liberty GER
KROKUS Ballroom blitz/Ready to rock/Out of control ARIST12579 Arista GB
KROKUS Bedside radio/Backseat rock'n'roll/Lady double dealer AROD225 Ariola GB
KROKUS Heatstrokes/Shy kid AROD233 Ariola GB
KROKUS Tokyo nights/Bedside radio/Shy kid (incl. Patch/Stickers) AROD241 Ariola GB
KROKUS Live & Dead(Milano, ITA 22-3-82)  Good Shape GER
KROKUS Say goodbye/hard luck hero/Hot shot city 608215 Arista GER
KROKUS Stayed awake all night/Nightwolf 600802 Arista GER
KROKUS Wild love/Winning man/Bourbon street/12" 2580250 MCA GER
KROKUS Change of address 25RS261 Arista JAP
KROKUS Hardware K28P146 Arista JAP
KROKUS Headhunter 25RS194 Arista JAP
KROKUS Heatstrokes(4 track EP/2 Live) K15P62 Ariola JAP
KROKUS Metal rendez-vous K28P1 Ariola JAP
KROKUS One vice at a time K28P228 Arista JAP
KROKUS The blitz 25RS228 Arista/Japan JAP
KROKUS Hardware 203322 Ariola SWI
KROKUS Headhunter 205255 Arista SWI
KROKUS Heavy Metal Krokus 84/Turn the power up (9 trax/NY City)    SWI
KROKUS Live (10.5.81 USA Cansas)(Kansas City,USA 10-5-81)    SWI
KROKUS Metal rendez-vous 201199 Ariola SWI
KROKUS One vice at a time 204400 Arista SWI
KROKUS Painkiller 6326800 Mercury SWI
KROKUS S/T(1.LP) 6326928 Schnoutz SWI
KROKUS Stampede P1060 Phonag SWI
KROKUS To you all 6326934 Schnoutz SWI
KROKUS Alive and screamin'(Signed frontcover) AL8445 Arista USA
KROKUS Ballroom blitz(4.00) ADP9313 Arista USA
KROKUS Burning up the night(3.42) ADP9467 Arista USA
KROKUS Change of address AL8-8402 Arista USA
KROKUS Eat the rich(4.13)/Stayed awake all night(4.41/3.32) AD19054 Arista  USA
KROKUS Everybody rocks(3.49) L33-17599 MCA USA
KROKUS Heart attack(Promo) MCA42087 MCA USA
KROKUS Innerview with Jim Ladd(1982) #17 / #10 Innerview USA
KROKUS Let it go(4.29) L33-17487 MCA USA
KROKUS Let this love begin(5.00) ADP9520 Arista USA
KROKUS Live/Radio-Show(BBC Rock Hour, Kansas City,USA 10-5-81) #219 London Wavelenght USA
KROKUS Live/Radio-Show(KBFH  New York, 27-1-85 9 trax/2LP)  D.I.R. Broadcasting USA
KROKUS Long stick goes boom/American woman SP122 Arista USA
KROKUS Metal rendez-vous (White Label/Testpressing/no cover) OL1502 Arista USA
KROKUS Metal Shop (Fernando Von Arb Interview + 2 trax/31-5-85)  MJI Broadcasting USA
KROKUS Midnite maniac(3.59) ADP9249 Arista USA
KROKUS Our love(4.35)(Clear Vinyl) ADP9291 Arista USA
KROKUS School's out(3.15) ADP9479 Arista USA
KROKUS Screaming in the night((live 6.00/Studio 6.44)/Headhunter(Live 4.45) ADP9543 Arista  USA
KROKUS Screaming in the night(Long 6.44/Short 4.12) SP157 Arista USA
KROKUS Stayed awake all night(Album 4.41/Single 3.32) ADP9099 Arista USA
KROKUS/QUIET RIOT Live/Radio-Show(WW1 Agoara,Atlanta, 12-6-83)+ Quiet Riot(Agora,Atlanta 14-5-83)  Westwood One USA
KROKUS/TOMMY TUTONE Live/Radio-Show(WW1 Civic Centre,Santa Monica 17/5/82)+ Tommy Tutone  Westwood One USA
KROKUS/VANDENBERG Live/Radio-Show(WW1 Atlanta,GA 12-6-83)+ Vandenberg PC235564 Westwood One USA
KRONEN S/T EP (5 trax) A8408 Azra Records USA
KRUIZ S/T C6026141004 Melodia RUS
KRUPPS (DIE) A tribute to Metallica (Nothing else matters/Enter sandman) 19512400 Rough Trade GER
KRUPPS (DIE) Odyssey of the mind III 5902330312 Rough Trade GER
KUNI Looking for action 28MM0568 Polydor JAP
KUNI Masque 28MM0520 Polydor JAP
KYUSS ...and the circus leaves town 7559618111 Elektra GER
KYUSS Blues for the red sun 3705613401 Dali GER
KYUSS Sky valley 7559615711 Elektra GER
L.A.GUNS Cocked & loaded 4228385921 Vertigo USA
L.A.GUNS Collectors Edition No.1 (Don't love me/When dreams don't follow through/Heatbreak hotel) 19550 RAZ Records USA
L.A.GUNS Rip and tear/No mercy (Promo) PRO7401 Vertigo USA
L.A.GUNS S/T 4228341441 Vertigo USA
L7 Smell the magic 9878700791 Sub Pop USA
LAAZ ROCKIT City`s gonna burn(Signed backcover) 1344 Target USA
LAAZ ROCKIT Know your enemy 1877733051 Enigma USA
LAFFY GERRY Money and the magic DL2 Die Laughing GB
LAINE PAUL Stick it in your ear 7559609411 Elektra GER
LAKE GREG S/T(1.LP) 204103 Chrysalis GER
LAMONT JOE Secrets you keep 7464399681 Columbia USA
LARD EP VIRUS72 Alternative Tentacles USA
LARD The last temptation of Reid VIRUS84 Alternative Tentacles USA
LAST CRACK Burning time 1686193301 Roadrunner HOL
LAST CRACK Sinister funkhouse #17 1686195011 Roadracer USA
LAWSUIT Bad boys of rock(4 trax) CCR001 Canadian Custom Records CAN
LE GRIFFE Fast bikes/Where are you now/The actor BOLT 1 Bullet FRA
LE GRIFFE You're killing me/E.T.A BOLT7 Bullet FRA
LE GRIFFE Breaking strain (BS/Breathe deeply/Silent running/You're killing me/Movin' on) BULP2 Bullet GB
LE MANS On the streets SH1010 Shrapnel USA
LE MANS S/T(Promo) BFC40082 Columbia USA
LE ROUX RCA Radio Series(Vol.18) DJL14270 RCA USA
LE ROUX So fired up AFL14510 RCA USA
LEATHER Shock waves RC9463 Roadracer USA
LEATHER ANGEL We came to kill (WCTK/Heart shaker/Under your spell/Askin' for it/Need your love/Whole lotta love) M20 Miami USA
LEATHERWOLF S/T (9 trax) 1877720331 Tropical USA
LEATHERWOLF S/T (Spiter/Endangered species/Season of the witch/Kill and kill again/Leatherwolf)  E1116 Tropical USA
LEATHERWOLF S/T(2.LP) 7567906601 Island USA
LEATHERWOLF Street ready 7567910721 Island USA
LED ZEPPELIN 4 KSD19129 Atlantic CAN
LED ZEPPELIN 1 40031 Atlantic GER
LED ZEPPELIN 6 LP Set(incl.36p booklet) 7567821441 Atlantic GER
LED ZEPPELIN Houses of the holy 50014 Atlantic GER
LED ZEPPELIN Physical graffiti(2 LP) 89400 Atlantic GER
LED ZEPPELIN The song remains the same/Live(2 LP) SS2201 Swan Song USA
LEGACY (TESTAMENT) San Francisco turns to Ausschwitz (Stone,SF 30-4-86 w/Steve Souza on vocals) 23369 State Records USA
LEGEND Death in the nursery (wob) WR3477 Workshop GB
LEGEND S/T (wob) WR2007 Workshop GB
LEGS DIAMOND A diamond is a hard rock SRM11191 Mercury USA
LEGS DIAMOND Fire power CR1010 Cream USA
LEGS DIAMOND Land of the gun TE1349 Target USA
LEGS DIAMOND Out on bail (OOB/Fugitve/Walk away/Find it out the hard way/Nobody's fool/One way ticket) TE1343 Target USA
LENNON JOHN Double fantasy GEF99131 Geffen GER
LENNON JOHN Walls and bridges 1C06405733 EMI GER
LENNON JOHN Sometime in NY City(2 LP) SVBB3392 EMI USA
LETHAL Programmed ZORRO15 Metal Blade GB
LIAISON S/T 1418269071 Frontline GB
LIAR Straight from the hip SKL5275 Decca GB
LIAR Set the world on fire BRK6982 Bearsville USA
LIEGE LORD Burn to my touch 8856181481 Metal Blade USA
LIEGE LORD Freedom's rise(Gatefold) IW1006 Iron Works USA
LIEGE LORD Master control 1877722681 Metal Blade USA
LIEGE LORD S/T(1.EP/Picture Disc) IW1006 Iron Works USA
LIEGE LORD S/T(1.LP/Picture Disc) IW1006PD Iron Works USA
LIFE SEX & DEATH The silent majority 7599269581 Reprise GER
LILLIAN AXE Poestic justice MFN131 Music For Nations GB
LILLIAN AXE Psychoschizophrenia MFN151 Music For Nations GB
LILLIAN AXE Dream of a lifetime(4.06)(US Promo) L33-175O2 MCA USA
LILLIAN AXE S/T(Promo) 7674221461 MCA USA
LIMELIGHT S/T AALP5005 Future Earth Records GB
LINDENBERG UDO Keule(incl.Poster) 625110 Teldec GER
LINDENBERG UDO Odyssee 2372171 Polydor GER
LION Dangerous attraction C28Y0262 Scotti Bros. JAP
LION Power love (PL/Stranger in the night/Victim of circumstances/Hungry for love/Love is a lie/Forgotten sons) SP205275 FEMS/Japan JAP
LION Trouble in Angel city 2082700051 Grand Slam USA
LIONHEART Hot tonight(US Promo) 7464395441 Columbia USA
LIONSHEART Pride in tact MFN167 Music For Nations GB
LIONSHEART S/T MFN139 Music For Nations GB
LITTERER Rock this city LIT314 Catamount CAN
LITTLE ANGELS Big bad EP(She's a little angel/Don't waste my time/Better than the rest/Sex in cars) LTLEP2 Poldor GB
LITTLE ANGELS Don't prey for me 4228412541 Polydor GB
LITTLE ANGELS Jam + 10" 3145176761 Polydor GB
LITTLE ANGELS S/T(Burning me/Reach for me/Bad or just no good/Better than the rest) LAN001 Indie GB
LITTLE ANGELS Too posh to mosh (7 trax) AMP14 Powerstation GB
LITTLE ANGELS Who the devil is this(She's a little angel/Kickin' up dust/Ninety in the shade/Don't waste my time (Promo) PRO7991 Polydor USA
LITTLE CEASAR Influence GEF24472 Geffen GER
LITTLE CEASAR Name your poison/EP 3984124181 Metal Blade USA
LITTLE CEASAR S/T 7599242881 Geffen USA
LIVING DEATH Watch out/You and me/Heavy metal/Nightlight ESM4007 Earthshaker GER
LIXX ARRAY EP(Turn my lights on/Take back the night/I'm the one/Four seasons/No way out/signed band photo) AZRA4086 Azra Records USA
LIZZY BORDEN Love you to pieces SP25-5215 FEMS/Japan JAP
LIZZY BORDEN Menace to society ALI28028 Enigma JAP
LIZZY BORDEN Terror rising ALI25003 Alfa Records JAP
LIZZY BORDEN Visual lies ALI28065 Enigma JAP
LIZZY BORDEN Give 'em the axe/Kiss of death/No time to lose/Long live rock'n'roll MBR1020 Metal Blade USA
LIZZY BORDEN Master of disguise 1877734131 Metal Blade USA
LIZZY BORDEN Murderess metal roadshow/Live(2 LP) 1877721131 Metal Blade USA
LONDON Plaza del rock N01431 Noise GER
LONDON Don`t cry wolf MHLP102 Metalhead USA
LONE RAGER Metal rap MRS03 Megaforce USA
LONE WOLF Nobody's move/3 track 12" NEAT004412 Neat Records GB
LORD JON Before I forget 1C06464803 EMI GER
LORD TRACY Deaf gods of Babylon 3940506061 UNI Records USA
LOUDNESS Lightning strikes 7567905121 WEA CAN
LOUDNESS Roadracer 12KUT110 Music For Nations GB
LOUDNESS On the prowl 9031736941 WEA GER
LOUDNESS 8186 Live(+ Single/2 LP) P6246/7 Pioneer/Japan JAP
LOUDNESS Devil soldier AF7123B B&M/Japan JAP
LOUDNESS Disillusion (English Version) AX7407 Columbia/Japan JAP
LOUDNESS Disillusion (Japanese Version) AF7246 Denon JAP
LOUDNESS Gotta fight(3 trax) Original Soundtrack:Odin AY7401 Columbia/Japan JAP
LOUDNESS Hurricane eyes P13540 Pioneer/Japan JAP
LOUDNESS Hurricane eyes P13595 Pioneer/Japan JAP
LOUDNESS Let it go P3601 Pioneer/Japan JAP
LOUDNESS Live loud alive/Live(2 LP) AZ7173/4 Columbia/Japan JAP
LOUDNESS Risky woman (+ Silent sword/The night beast) P3602 Pioneer/Japan JAP
LOUDNESS Shadows of war P13264 Pioneer/Japan JAP
LOUDNESS The birthday eye AF7085 Blow Up/Japam JAP
LOUDNESS The law of devil`s land AF7174B B&M/Japan JAP
LOUDNESS Thunder in the east AF7337 Columbia/Japan JAP
LOVERBOY Lovin`every minute of it CBS26573 CBS GB
LOVERBOY Get lucky 7464376381 Columbia USA
LOVERBOY Nothing`s gonna stop you now + Others(PROMO) AS1878 Columbia USA
LOVERBOY S/T 7464367621 Columbia USA
LOVERBOY Wildside 7464408931 Columbia USA
LUCIFER`S FRIEND Mean machine ELK52298 Elektra GER
LUST S/T (Hooker/Nites are lonely/We're gonna come gunnin'/Don't say it's over/You can't rape the willing) 23007067 Bellaphon GER
LYNCH MOB S/T  7559613221 Elektra GER
LYNN ALLEN We laugh at you(+ Bio/Album reviews etc.)   Loud Productions USA
LYNNE JEFF Armchair theatre(Promo) 7599261841 Reprise USA
LYNOTT PHILIP Yellow pearl/Girls SOLO312 Vertigo GB
LYNOTT PHILIP Solo in Soho RJ-7673 Vertigo JAP
LYNX Caught in the trap MILL5029 Mill SWE
M.A.R.S. Project Driver SP25-5311 FEMS/Japan JAP
M.A.R.S. Project Driver (Signed by Rob Rock) SM1028 Shrapnel USA
MACABRE Grim reality M1 Indie USA
MADAM X High in high school/Metal in my vains (Shape) JETP7044 Jet GB
MADAM X We reserve the right 7464398851 Jet USA
MADD HATTER S/T(9 trax) LH23268 Cosmos Records USA
MADIGAN Shades of youth BSM980 Backstage Music SWE
MAGNUM Chase the dragon JETLP235 Jet GB
MAGNUM Marauder/Live JETLP230 Jet GB
MAGNUM On a storytellers night(GF/Violet vinyl/Poster) WKFMHP34 FM Records GB
MAGNUM Start talking love/C'est la vie/Back to earth/On a storyteller's night (No.992)(Red Vinyl) POSPX920 Polydor GB
MAHOGANY RUSH Child of the novelty KOT3302 Kotai USA
MAHOGANY RUSH Maxoom (Promo) T-463 20th Century USA
MAHOGANY RUSH Strange universe (Promo) T-482 20th Century USA
MAKE-UP Born to be hard AF7353 Denon JAP
MALACHIA Red sunrise VLP002 Victoria Ltd. USA
MALIBU BARBI Rude girls (Lords of the night/When lightning strikes) MCF5164 Neon Angel Records USA
MALICE In the beginning 7567812501 Atlantic USA
MALICE License to kill 7567817141 Atlantic USA
MALICE Rockin`with you(Vocal short/Vocal long version) (US Promo) PR767 Atlantic USA
MALMSTEEN YNGWIE J. Heaven tonight/Rising force/Riot in the dungeons (Picture Disc) YJMXP1 Polydor GB
MALMSTEEN YNGWIE J. Fire & ice(11 trax) 7559611371 Elektra GER
MALMSTEEN YNGWIE J. Studio/Live'85 (I'll see the light tonight/Far beyond the sun/I'm a viking) 4228830731 Polydor GER
MALMSTEEN YNGWIE J. Marching out (Signed by Jeff Scott Soto) 28MM0420 Polydor/Japan JAP
MALMSTEEN YNGWIE J. Rising Force (Signed by Jeff Scott Soto) 28MM0400 Polydor/Japan JAP
MALMSTEEN YNGWIE J. Studio/Live'85(Signed by J.S.Soto) 12MM7015 Polydor/Japan JAP
MALMSTEEN YNGWIE J. Trilogy 28MM0515 Polydor/Japan JAP
MALMSTEEN YNGWIE J. Odyssey (Promo) 4228354511 Polydor USA
MALMSTEEN YNGWIE J. Trial by fire(Live in Leningrad) (Promo) 4228397261 Polydor USA
MAMA`S BOYS Hard'n'loud/Lettin' go/Power and passion (DJ Copy) HIPR24 Jive GB
MAMA`S BOYS Mama we`re all crazee now/Lonely soul/Crazy Daisy's house of dreams/The professor JIVET71 Jive GB
MAMA`S BOYS Midnight promises/Lonely soul/High energy weekend(unreleased) 12SP11 Spartan GB
MAMA`S BOYS Needle in the groove/Don’t tell mama (Shape) JIVEP96 Jive GB
MAMA`S BOYS Needle in the groove/Don't tell mama/If the kids are united JIVET96 Jive GB
MAMA`S BOYS Needle in the groove/Silence is out of fashion/Hard headed ways 12ION1041 Ultra Noise GB
MAMA`S BOYS Official bootleg MMB1 Spartan GB
MAMA`S BOYS Plug it in ULTRA1 Ultra Noise GB
MAMA`S BOYS Power and the passion (+ Interview Picture Disc) HIP24 Jive GB
MAMA`S BOYS Too little of you to love/Freedom fighters/Record machine 12SP6 Spartan GB
MAMA'S BOYS Plug it in VIL6043 Victor/Japan JAP
MAMMOTH S/T 1241410941 Jive USA
MANILLA ROAD Live/Roadkill BD033 Black Dragon FRA
MANILLA ROAD Atlantis rising (Gatefold/2 lp) IG10172 Iron Glory GER
MANILLA ROAD Invasion 80239 Roadster Records USA
MANOWAR Into glory ride(Picture Disc)  ? ?
MANOWAR Battle hymns (Signed by band) LT51125 Liberty/EMI CAN
MANOWAR All men play on 10/Mountains (Gatefold( (Signed by band) TEN3012 10 Records GB
MANOWAR All men play on 10/Mountains (Single Cover) TEN30-12 10 Records GB
MANOWAR All men play on 10/Mountains (White Label) TEN3012 10 Records GB
MANOWAR Blow your speakers/Violence and bloodshed (+ poster) B9463T Atco GB
MANOWAR Chris Tetley Interview (Picture Disc) CT1009 PRT Records GB
MANOWAR Defender/Gloves of metal (Signed by band) 12KUT102 Music For Nations GB
MANOWAR Hail to England (Signed by band) MFN019 Music For Nations GB
MANOWAR Into glory ride (Signed by band) MFN006 Music For Nations GB
MANOWAR Sign of the hammer (Signed by band) DIX10 10 Records GB
MANOWAR Kings of metal (+ poster) 7567819301 Atlantic GER
MANOWAR Kings of metal/Herz aus Stahl/Pleasure slave 7567864810 Atlantic GER
MANOWAR Louder than hell 2064249251 Geffen GER
MANOWAR Secrets of steel (Enschede,Holland 10-10-84) (Picture Disc) MAN2512 MGR Records GER
MANOWAR The triumph of steel (Double Album) 7567824231 Atlantic GER
MANOWAR Battle hymns 7777511251 Liberty/EMI USA
MANOWAR Blow your speakers(US Promo) PR1004 Atco USA
MANOWAR Defender(6.10)/Blow your speakers(3.36) (US Promo) PR2053 Atco USA
MANOWAR Fighting the world 7567905631 Atco USA
MARCHELLO Destiny (Promo) 7464450961 CBS USA
MARCHELLO First love(Promo/Red Vinyl/10") AS1052 CBS USA
MARINO  Target SP28-5099 Sound Marketing System JAP
MARINO FRANK Double live(2 LP) 3275160041 Maze Music CAN
MARINO FRANK Full circle ML8011 Maze Music CAN
MARINO FRANK The power of rock`n`roll CBS84969 CBS HOL
MARINO FRANK Live JC35257 Columbia USA
MARINO FRANK What`s next 7464362041 CBS USA
MARSDEN BERNIE And about time too PCS7215 Parlophone/EMI GB
MARSDEN BERNIE Look at me now PCS7217 Parlophone/EMI GB
MARSEILLE Red, white and slightly blue 9103209 Vertigo FRA
MARSEILLE Special Sampler (White Label Promo)  Mountain Records GB
MARSEILLE Touch the night ULTRA3 Ultra Noise GB
MARSEILLE S/T(2.LP) 6370431 Vertigo GER
MARSHALL LAW S/T HMRLP138 Heavy Metal Records GB
MARSHALL LAW Power crazy (World of madness/Cryout from the dark/All for rock/The heart is rising) 861095 Heavy Metal Records GER
MARTIN ERIC Sucker for a pretty face P11414 Pioneer/Japan JAP
MARTIN ERIC I'm only fooling myself 777712521 Capitol USA
MARTIN ERIC S/T 777124241 Capitol USA
MARTYR For the universe MEGATON0010 Mgaton Records HOL
MASI Downtown dreamers 1877733242 Metal Blade USA
MASI Downtown dreamers(Signed:David Fefolt) 1877733241 Metal Blade USA
MASI ALEX Vertical invader ZORRO09 Music For Nations GB
MASI ALEX Attack of the neon shark (Signed by J.S.Soto) 1877734101 Metal Blade USA
MASS(GER) Back to the music 30022 United Artists GER
MASS(GER) Rock'n'roll power at 25th hour 1002 Hot Stuff Records GER
MASS(GER) Slaughter house 624164 Teldec GER
MASS(GER) Swiss connection 624935 Teldec GER
MASTEDON It's a jungle out there REGR8217 Regency GB
MASTEDON Lofcaudio PKDR2503 Pakaderm GB
MASTERS OF REALITY S/T (Promo) 7599242101 Def American USA
MASTERS OF REALITY S/T (Remix) 4228429041 Delicious Vinyl USA
MATAKOPAS Coming out ahead WRA1-602 World CAN
MATTSSON LARS ERIC Eternity BD036 Black Dragon FRA
MATTSSON LARS ERIC No surrender BD041 Black Dragon FRA
MAX WEBSTER Live magnetic air 7777120421 Capitol USA
MAX WEBSTER Universal juveniles SRM13855 Mercury USA
MAXX WARRIOR S/T (High on metal/It's alright/Taken by forces/Burning down the gates of hell) MX4000 Executive Records USA
MAY BRIAN Back to the light 7777804001 Parlophone/EMI GER
MAY BRIAN & FRIENDS Star fleet/Let me out/Blues breaker 9991078061 EMI GER
MAYDAY Revenge 7502149001 A&M USA
MAYDAY S/T (Promo) 7502148731 A&M USA
MAZERAN Moving lips(no inserts/6 trax) NIGHT0013 Night Gallery JAP
McCOY S/T (5 trax) LLM109 Legacy Records GB
MCDONALD BRIAN GROUP Desperate business (Promo) 7464405821 Columbia USA
MEANSTREAK Roadkill MFN089 Music For Nations GB
MEAT LOAF Bat out of hell PE34974 Epic Records CAN
MEAT LOAF Bat out of hell(Live)/Midnight at the lost & found(remix)/Fallen angel(remix)/Dead ringer(Long version) TA3748 Epic Records GB
MEAT LOAF Modern girl/Take a number (+ poster) (Shape) ARISD585 Arista GB
MEAT LOAF Bat out of hell II 2438390671 Virgin GER
MEAT LOAF Dead ringer EPC83645 Epic Records HOL
MEDIEVAL S/T (5 trax) NRR20 New Renaissance Records USA
MEDIEVAL STEEL S/T (MS/Warlords/Battle beyond the stars/Echoes) SUR41084 Sur Records USA
MEGADETH Symphony of destructionBreakpoint/Go to hell 2438801166 Capitol EEC
MEGADETH Anarchy in the U.K./Liar (Shape) CLP480 Capitol GB
MEGADETH Hangar 18/The conjuring(Live) (Shape) CLPD604 Capitol GB
MEGADETH Hangar 18/The conjuring(Live) (Uncut Shape) CLPD604 Capitol GB
MEGADETH Holy wars…/Lucretia/Interview(Edited) (Gatefold Cover) 12CLG588 Capitol GB
MEGADETH No more Mr.Nice guy/Different breed(Dead-On) (Uncut shape) SBKPD4 SBK Records GB
MEGADETH No more Mr.Nice guy/Different breed-Dead On/Demon bell-Dangerous Toys (Postercover) 9992036208 SBK Records GB
MEGADETH Peace sells…but who's buying (MFN mix/never released)  Music For Nations GB
MEGADETH Skin o'my teeth/Holy wars/High speed dirt(L)(in Box) 10CL669 Capitol GB
MEGADETH So far,so what (Picture Disc) 7777481480 Capitol GB
MEGADETH Sweating bullets/Countdown to extinction/Ashes in your mouth/SOD (Gristle mix) (Blue Vinyl) 2438805066 Capitol GB
MEGADETH Symphony of destruction/Breakpoint/Go to hell (+ Poster/Clear Vinyl) 12CLS662 Capitol GB
MEGADETH Train of consequences/Holy wars(L)/Peace sells(L)/Anarchy in the UK(L) (No.1912) (Etched Disc) 12CL730 Capitol GB
MEGADETH Wake up dead/Black Friday (Shape) CLP476 Capitol GB
MEGADETH Wake up dead/Black Friday/Devils island (+Deth Certificate) 12CL476 Capitol GB
MEGADETH Youthanasia (Blue Vinyl) 2438290041 Capitol GB
MEGADETH Countdown to extinction 7777985311 Capitol GER
MEGADETH Anarchy in the U.K./Devils island(Live) (Special etched vinyl) 7777153631 Capitol USA
MEGADETH Killing is my business...and business is good MX8015 Combat USA
MEGADETH Peace sells...(Radio ready rock mix) SPRO9927 Capitol USA
MEGADETH Peace sells...but who`s buying 7777125261 Capitol USA
MEGADETH Rust in peace 7777919351 Capitol USA
MEGADETH So far, so what! 7777481481 Capitol USA
MEGADETH Symphony of destruction(Gristle mix/Edited Gristle mix) US-Promo SPRO79509 Capitol USA
MEGATTACK Raw delivery DRE18365 Dream Records FRA
MEKONG DELTA The gnom/The hut of Baba Yaga/Without honour/The cure (Picture Disc) AAARRG 08 Aaarrg Records GER
MEKONG DELTA The music of Eric Zann AAARRG 11 Aaarrg Records GER
MEKONG DELTA The principle of doubt AAARRG 19 Aaarrg Records GER
MEKONG DELTA Toccata/Black Betty/Interludium(2nd version) AAARRG 17 Aaarrg Records GER
MEMENTO MORI Life, death and other morbid tales 1274300511 Black Mark GER
MEMENTO MORI Rhymes of lunacy 1274300321 Black Mark GER
MENTORS Get up and die (4 trax) (+ Single) MLP03 Mystic Records USA
MENTORS Live at Whisky A Go Go MLP33107 Mystic Records USA
MENTORS You axed for it 1877720361 Death Records USA
MERCY S/T FING008 Fingerprint SWE
MERCY Swedish metal (State of shock/Don't stop heavy guitar/Heavy sound/Lost in time/Stranger from the dark) MCI111 Private SWE
MERCYFUL FATE Black funeral/Black masses 12KUT106 Music For Nations GB
MERCYFUL FATE In the shadows 2008310611 Music For Nations GB
MERCYFUL FATE 9(Gatefold) 3984142421 Metal Blade GER
MERCYFUL FATE Dead again(Gatefold) 3984141591 Metal Blade GER
MERCYFUL FATE S/T (A corpse without soul/Nuns have no fun/Doomed by the living dead/Devil eyes) RMLP002 Rave-On Records HOL
MERCYFUL FATE Don't break the oath N1216 FEMS/Japan JAP
MERCYFUL FATE Melissa SP25-5196 FEMS/Japan JAP
MERCYFUL FATE The beginning 1686196031 Roadracer USA
MERSINARY Choose death (The pendulum/Tear downthe walls/Medials) (Picture Disc) A27 Iron Works USA
MERSINARY Dead is dead IW1027 Iron Works USA
MERSINARY Dead is dead/War is hell(+2 trax/Feet Shape) IW1030 Iron Works USA
MERSINARY Dead is dead/War is hell(+2 trax/Square Shape) IW1031 Iron Works USA
MESSIAH Extreme cold weather(Blue vinyl) CM004 Chainsaw Murder SWI
MESSIAH Hymn to Abramelin CM001 Chainsaw Murder SWI
METAL CHURCH Blessing in disguise 7559608171 Elektra USA
METAL CHURCH Gods of wrath/Highway star (US Promo) ED5110 Elektra USA
METAL CHURCH S/T(1.LP) GZ002 Ground Zero USA
METAL CHURCH The dark 7559604931 Elektra USA
METAL CHURCH The human factor 7464470001 Epic Records USA
METAL MERCY The unborn child(In total rage/Who's in the dark/The unborn child/Rendez-vous with death) MRC101 Indie SWE
METALIUM Millennium metal - Chapter one MASLP0191 Massacre Records GER
METALIUM State of triumph-Chapter two MASLP0243 Massacre Records GER
METALLICA Chris Tatley Interview (Picture Disc) CT1008 PRT Records GB
METALLICA Creeping death/Am I evil?/Blitzkrieg 12KUT112 Music For Nations GB
METALLICA Creeping death/Am I evil?/Blitzkrieg (Picture Disc) P12KUT112 Music For Nations GB
METALLICA Eye of the beholder (Promo) AJFA112 Vertigo GB
METALLICA Interview 1987(Aardshock Festival 8-2-87) (Picture Disc) MM1253 ? GB
METALLICA Jump in the fire/Seek and destroy/Phantom lord 12KUT105 Music For Nations GB
METALLICA Nothing else matters/Enter sandman/Harvester of sorrow/Nothing else matters METAL1012 Vertigo GB
METALLICA One (Demo version/Black gatefold cover) METG512 Vertigo GB
METALLICA One/Seek and destroy(Live) (Shape) METPD510 Vertigo GB
METALLICA Sounds Interview with Lars(Signed by Lars Ulrich) (Red Vinyl) PORK1 Indie GB
METALLICA The unforgiven/Killing time/So what/The unforgiven METAL812 Vertigo GB
METALLICA Harvester of sorrow/Breadfan/The prince 4228706141 Vertigo HOL
METALLICA The $ 5.98 EP/Garage days re-revisited (5 trax) 4228887881 Mercury HOL
METALLICA ...And justice for all (Promo) 7559608121 Elektra USA
METALLICA Garage Inc.(3 LP/27 songs) 7559622991 Elektra USA
METALLICA Kill`em all MRI069 Megaforce USA
METALLICA Master of puppets 7559604391 Elektra USA
METALLICA Ride the lightning MRI769 Megaforce USA
METALLICA S/T (Double album) 7559611131 Elektra USA
METALLICA The $ 5.98 EP/Garage days re-revisited (5 trax) 7559607571 Elektra USA
METALLICA Whiplash (Jump in the fire/Whiplash(neckbrace remix)/Seed and destroy/Phantom lord) MRS04 Megaforce USA
MINDFUNK Touch you/Bang time/Velvet Jane/Surprise touch (Window Acetate) (Promo) 9976576186 Epic Records GB
MINDFUNK S/T 9974677901 Epic Records GER
MINDFUNK Big house burning (Clean/Dirty version) (US Promo) EAS3036 Epic Records USA
MINDLESS SINNERS Master of evil(Broken freedom/Key of fortune/Master of evil/Screaming for mercy) FINGMLP002 Fingerprint SWE
MINISTRY S/T(1992) 7599267271 Sire GER
MINISTRY Jesus built my hotrod/TV song 9362402110 Sire USA
MI-SEX Graffiti crimes CBS83954 CBS HOL
MISFITS Legacy of brutality PL906 Plan 9 USA
MISTREATER S/T ERG1101 Erika Records USA
MISTRUST Spin the world (+ press release infos) CL1002 Coma Records USA
MITCHELL KIM S/T (5 trax) ANM15001 Anthem Records CAN
MITCHELL KIM Go for soda(Syphon remix)/Love ties BROX192 Bronze GB
MOLLY HATCHET Beatin' the odds + Live (EPA live concert series) (Double Promo) A2S908 Epic Records USA
MOLLY HATCHET Beatin'the odds(Promo) (Picture Disc) 7464365721 Epic Records USA
MOLLY HATCHET Live(5 trax/Promo) AS528 Epic Records USA
MOLLY HATCHET S/T (Picture Disc) PJE35347 Epic Records USA
MOLLY HATCHET Take no prisoners (Promo) (Picture Disc) AS991320 Epic Records USA
MONEY Trust me HMUSA2 Heavy Metal Records GB
MONEY EDDIE Playing for keeps 7464365141 CBS USA
MONROE MICHAEL Not fakin'it 4228386271 Mercury USA
MOON MARTIN Street fever 7777120991 Capitol USA
MOON OF STEEL Passions ROSE5027 Cult'N'Roses ITA
MOORE GARY Back on the streets MCL1622 MCA GB
MOORE GARY Empty rooms(Extended mix/Live)/Nuclear attack(Live) (Gatefold) TEN2512 10 Records GB
MOORE GARY Live (Marquee, London) JETEX001 Jet Records GB
MOORE GARY Nuclear attack/Don't let me be misunderstood/Run to your mama JET12016 Jet Records GB
MOORE GARY Out in the fields/Military man (Double Shape) TENSD49 10 Records GB
MOORE GARY Out in the fields/Military man/Still in love with you TEN4912 10 Records GB
MOORE GARY Hold on to love/Devil in her heart/Law of the jungle 601163 10 Records GER
MOORE GARY Corridors of power VIL6005 Virgin/Japan JAP
MOORE GARY Dirty fingers 25AP2644 Jet/Japan JAP
MOORE GARY Rockin`every night/Live Japan VIL6039 Virgin/Japan JAP
MOORE GARY Victims of the future VL6083 10 Records JAP
MOORE VINNIE Mind`s eye SH1027 Shrapnel USA
MORE We are the band/Atomic rock K11561T Atlantic GB
MORE Warhead SD19295 Atlantic USA
MORTAL SIN Mayhemic destruction AJLP1016 Customline Records AUS
MORTAL SIN Lebanon/Blood, death, hatred (DJ Copy) MSDJ112 Vertigo GB
MOTHER LOVE BONE S/T 4228431911 Polydor HOL
MOTHERLODE The sanctuary HEJLP017 Active Music SWE
MOTHER'S FINEST Subluxation (+free EP) PL74836 RCA GER
MOTHER'S FINEST Iron age (Time strip) (Promo) SD19302 Atlantic USA
MOTHERS RUIN Godzilla/Plastic/Cannibals/Can't wait FFC7906 Off Course SWI
MOTLEY CRUE Dr.Feelgood/Sticky sweet(Shape) EKT59C Elektra GB
MOTLEY CRUE Home sweet home(remix)/You're all I need/Without you/Home sweet home EKR136TG Elektra GB
MOTLEY CRUE Home sweet home/You're all I need/Without you/Home sweet home (Picture Disc) EKR136TP Motley Records GB
MOTLEY CRUE Hooligan's holiday(2 versions)/Derelict vision(No.4092) EKR180T Elektra GB
MOTLEY CRUE Looks that kill/Helter skelter/Piece of the action/Live wire (Picture Disc) SAM213 WEA GB
MOTLEY CRUE Looks that kill/Piece of the action/Live wire E9756T Elektra GB
MOTLEY CRUE Primal scream/Dancing on glass/Red hot(L)/Dr. Feelgood(L) (+ large patch) EKR133TG Elektra GB
MOTLEY CRUE Smoking in the boys room/Home sweet home (Double Shape) EKR33PA/B Elektra GB
MOTLEY CRUE Smoking in the boys room/Use it or lose it (Shape) EKR16TP Elektra GB
MOTLEY CRUE Too young to fall in love/Knock'em dead/Take me to the top E9732T Elektra GB
MOTLEY CRUE Without you/Live wire(Leathur mix)/Girls, girls, girls(L)/All in the name of…(L) EKR109T Elektra GB
MOTLEY CRUE Without you/Live wire(Leathure Mix) (Shape) EKP109P Elektra GB
MOTLEY CRUE Without you/Live wire(Leathure Mix) (Uncut shape) EKR109P Elektra GB
MOTLEY CRUE Decade of decadence '81-'91 (Double Album) 7559612041 Elektra GER
MOTLEY CRUE S/T (Double album) 7559615341 Elektra GER
MOTLEY CRUE Too fast for love ELKK52425 Elektra GER
MOTLEY CRUE Raw tracks (5 trax) P6261 Elektra/Japan JAP
MOTLEY CRUE Too fast for love P11256 Elektra/Japan JAP
MOTLEY CRUE Shout at the devil (Picture Disc) FLWE6229 Elektra MEX
MOTLEY CRUE Dr.Feelgood 7559608291 Elektra USA
MOTLEY CRUE Girls girls girls 7559607251 Elektra USA
MOTLEY CRUE Helter skelter/Red hot/Live wire/Piece of the action(+ Poster)  (Picture Disc) 60395  Elektra USA
MOTLEY CRUE Shout at the devil E1-60289 Elektra USA
MOTLEY CRUE Theatre of pain 7559604181 Elektra USA
MOTLEY CRUE Too fast for love(Black/White) LP1281-2 Leathür Records USA
MOTLEY CRUE Too fast for love(Red) LP1281-2 Leathür Records USA
MOTORHEAD Bomber BRON523 Bronze GB
MOTORHEAD Deaf forever/On the road(Live)/Steal your face(Live) GWT2 GWR Records GB
MOTORHEAD Killed by death/Under the knife (Shape) BROP185 Bronze GB
MOTORHEAD Killed by death/Under the knife(2 versions) (+ poster) BROX185 Bronze GB
MOTORHEAD No remorse(Leather cover/Signed) MOTOR1 Bronze GB
MOTORHEAD Orgasmatron (Picture Disc) GWPD1 GWR GB
MOTORHEAD Overkill BRON515 Bronze GB
MOTORHEAD The golden years/Live EP (4 trax) 12BRO92 Bronze GB
MOTORHEAD The one to sing the blues/Dead man's hand (Shape) 9976565780 WTG Records GB
MOTORHEAD Ace of spades 202876 Bronze GER
MOTORHEAD Bastards 20263-1 ZYX GER
MOTORHEAD 1916 4131135251 WTG USA
MOTORHEAD No sleep`til Hammersmith/Live SRM14023 Mercury USA
MOTORHEAD Orgasmatron PAL1223 GWR/Profile USA
MOTORSCHOOL St.Valentines day massacre (Please don't touch/Emergency/Bomber) BROX116 Bronze GB
MOTORSCHOOL Please don`t touch(6 trax) VIP5910 Bronze JAP
MOTT THE HOOPLE Wildlife ILPS9144 Island GB
MOTT THE HOOPLE All the young dudes 31909 CBS HOL
MOUNTAIN Best of Mountain 86758 Island GER
MOUNTAIN Climbing 25AP1277 Sony/CBS/Japan JAP
MOUNTAIN Live/The road goes on forever 25AP1280 Sony/CBS/Japan JAP
MOUNTAIN Nantucket sleighride 25AP1278 Sony/CBS/Japan JAP
MOUNTAIN Avalanche 7464330881 Columbia USA
MOUNTAIN Flowers of evil 5501 Windfall Records USA
MOX NIX S/T(1.LP) 7023 Axe Killer FRA
MR.BIG Wild world/Temperamental/A long way down/R'n'roll over(L) 7567857090 Atlantic GB
MR.BIG Bump ahead 7567824951 Atlantic GER
MR.BIG Lean into it 7567822091 Atlantic GER
MR.BIG Live(San Francisco,March 28,92) 7567805231 Atlantic GER
MR.BIG The drill song/Road to ruin/Addicted to that rush(Live)/Strike like lightning 7567860500 Atlantic GER
MR.BIG S/T 7567819901 Atlantic USA
MR.BIG/BONHAM Live/Radio-Show(WW1 8 trax)Show #91-38(16-9-91) 91-38 Westwood One USA
MR.BIG/VOIVOD Live/Radio-Show(WW1 2 trax)Show #90-14 90-14 Westwood One USA
MUNETAKA HIGUCHI Destruction AF7201B B&M/Japan JAP
MUTINY Muted (+Poster/No.243/500) SGRLP001 Steel Gallery GRE
MX   S/T(10 trax/Reissue No.196/500) OPMR1001 O.P.M. Records USA
MX MACHINE Manic panic 1877722391 Restless USA
MYSTIC FORCE Take command the demo years CMFT7 CMFT Productions GB
MYSTIC FORCE Shipwrecked with the wicked (No.414) KPR100 Indie USA
MYTHRA Death and destiny/Killer/Overlord/UFO LAMP2 Street Beat GB
NAPALM Combat Demo Series (The monarch/tunnel rat-All out assault/Evil speak/Freedom day) MX8108 Combat USA
NASTY SAVAGE Abstract reality/Unchained angel/Eromantic vertigo/You snooze, you lose 1877722441 Metal Blade USA
NASTY SAVAGE Indulgence 1877721861 Metal Blade USA
NASTY SAVAGE Indulgence(Picture Disc) 1877722131 Metal Blade USA
NASTY SAVAGE Penetration point 3235720891 Rotten Records USA
NEIL VINCE Exposed 9362452601 Warner Bros. GER
NEIL VINCE/STEVE VAI/T-RIDE You're invited(V.Neil)/Get the hell out of here(S.Vai)/Luxury cruiser(T-Ride) 2145700670 Hollywood GER
NELSON After the rain 7599242901 Geffen USA
NEMESIS The day of retribution(Remix/7 trax) ATV15 Avtive GB
NEMESIS The day of retribution (5 trax)  MLP003 Fingerprint SWE
NEVERLAND S/T 7567917131 Interscope GER
NEW ADVENTURES Point blank 2417354 Polydor GER
NEW ENGLAND S/T(1.LP) INF9007 Infinity USA
NEW ENGLAND Walking wild 6E346 Elektra USA
NEW YORK  Carry the torch (5 trax) (Black cover) TD8412 Tinkers Dream USA
NIGHT S/T(1.LP) PL52144 Planet GER
NIGHTCRAWLER Soldier in time NC001 Indie USA
NIGHTRANGER 7 wishes P13131 Pioneer/Japan JAP
NIGHTRANGER Big life P13443 Pioneer/Japan JAP
NIGHTRANGER Dawn patrol 25AP2487 Sony/CBS/Japan JAP
NIGHTRANGER Midnight madness P11565 Pioneer/Japan JAP
NIGHTRANGER Live/Radio-Show(KBFH,Marquette,MI  1-13-85 10 trax/43 mins.)   USA
NIGHTSHADE Dead of night MFN122 Music For Nations GB
NIGHTWING Something in the air INT146220 Ovation GER
NINJA Forgotten shadows IW1012 Iron Works USA
NITRO Lethal(5 track/EP/10") RDN8206 Reddog USA
NITRO O.F.R. 8122708941 Rhino USA
NO BROS Heavy metal party 7623563 OK Musica AUT
NO BROS Our own way 12C1333161 EMI AUT
NO BROS Ready for the action 7623564 OK Musica AUT
NO MERCY Widespread bloodshed/Live runs red SLP1003 Suicidal Records USA
NO NOT NOW Riding the wild things (Clear Vinyl/No.263/500)  Der Verlag GER
NO RETURN Psychological torment WMD372089 Semetery Records FRA
NO SWEAT S/T (+ Bootleg EP) 4228282061 London GB
NORUM JOHN Face the truth 9974694411 Epic Records HOL
NORUM JOHN Live in Stockholm (4 trax) 9976564016 CBS HOL
NORUM JOHN Total control (Promo) 7464442201 Epic Records USA
NORUM TONE One of a kind 9970268681 CBS HOL
NORUM TONE This time 9974609681 CBS HOL
NOTHING SACRED Deathwish (No rest/Old man/Deathwish/The curse) YPRX2351 NCM Records AUS
NOTHING SACRED Let us prey (Signed by band) CLP246 Cleopatra AUS
NOTORIOUS The swalk(Electric)/Eyes of the world/The swalk BYZ1T Bronze GB
NOTORIOUS S/T (Promo) 7599242961 Geffen USA
NOVA ALDO Subject 253P478 Portrait/Japan JAP
NOVA ALDO Twitch 7464400011 Portrait USA
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Brain death/Final flight/Demoliton 8856181191 Combat USA
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Game over 8856181181 Combat USA
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Game over (Nuclear Vinyl) 8856181181 Combat USA
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Game over(Picture Disc) 8856181180 Combat USA
NUCLEAR ASSAULT The plague (6 trax) 8856181551 Combat USA
NUCLEAR VALDEZ Summer(LP/Acoustic Version)/Rising sun (Picture Disc) 9976559118 Epic Records GB
NUCLEAR VALDEZ Dream another dream 9974686821 Epic Records HOL
NUCLEAR VALDEZ I am (Promo) 7464453541 Epic Records USA
NUGENT TED Free for all EPC81397 Epic Records HOL
NUGENT TED Intensities for 10 cities EPC84917 Epic Records HOL
NUGENT TED Survival of the fittest/Live 2485121 Polydor HOL
NUGENT TED Penetrator (time strip) (Promo) 7567801251 Atlantic USA
NUGENT TED Weekend warriors FE35551 Epic Records USA
O BAND The knife UAG30077 United Artists GB
OBSESSED Lunar womb 161768791 Hellhound GER
OBSESSION Marshall law (Only the strong will survive/Hatred unto death/The execution/Marshall law) MBR1010 Metal Blade USA
OBSESSION Scarred for life 1877732121 Enigma USA
OCEAN "A" Live + B 91064 Barclay FRA
ODA Power of love L1002 Loud Records USA
ODIN Don`t take no for an answer(White Vinyl)(6 trax) GWD90509 Half Wet Records USA
ODIN The gods must be crazy (7 trax) 154914 Indie USA
OLIVER MAGNUM S/T 1877726161 Restless USA
OMEGA The hall of floaters in the sky SKLR5219 Decca GB
OMEGA Live at Kisstadion/Live(2 LP) BAC2066 Bacillus Records GER
OMEGA Skyrover F9560 Fantasy USA
OMEN Battle cry MBR1027 Metal Blade USA
ONLY CHILD S/T 8122708351 Rampage USA
ONSLAUGHT Let there be rock/Shellshock(Live)/Metal forces(Live) (DJ Copy) LONXDJ224 London GB
ONSLAUGHT The force FLAG01 Under One Flag GB
ORIGINAL SIN Sin will find you out GR0956 Grudge Records USA
ORION THE HUNTER S/T 28-3P-533 Epic/Japan JAP
ORPHAN ALLIES Running from the law DRE18366 Dream Records FRA
OSBOURNE OZZY Live E.P. (Mr. Crowley(Live)/You said it all/Suicide solution) 12EXP37640 Jet Records CAN
OSBOURNE OZZY Bark at the moon/One up the "B"side/Slow down TA3915 Epic Records GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Changes/Changes(with audience)/No more tears/Desire (Picture Disc) 9976593406 Epic Records GB
OSBOURNE OZZY I just want you/Aimee/Voodoo dancer (No.01257) (Etched B-side) 9976635706 Epic Records GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Mama I'm coming home/Don't blame me/Time after time/Goddbye to romance (Posterbag) 9976576178 Epic Records GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Miracle man 9976530636 Epic Records GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Miracle man/Crazy babies (Shape) 6530639 Epic Records GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Mr.Crowley(Live)/You said it all/Suicide solution JET12003 Jet Records GB
OSBOURNE OZZY No more tears/Party with the animals (White Vinyl) (Promo) XPR1678 Epic Records GB
OSBOURNE OZZY No more tears/S.I.N./Party with the animals(Picture Disc) 9976574406 Epic Records GB
OSBOURNE OZZY So tired/Waiting for darkness/Paranoid(L)/Bark at the moon(L)/Suicide solution(L) TA4452 Epic Records GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Symptom of the universe/Iron man/Children of the grave JETI2030 Jet Records GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Live & loud(+Booklet) 9974737981 Epic Records HOL
OSBOURNE OZZY Mama I'm coming home/Don't blame me/I don't know/Crazy train 9976576170 Epic Records HOL
OSBOURNE OZZY Bark at the moon(+ Free Single) 30AP2731-2 CBS/Sony/Japan JAP
OSBOURNE OZZY Blizzard of Ozz 5AP1992 Jet/Japan JAP
OSBOURNE OZZY Diary of a madman 25AP2237 Jet/Japan JAP
OSBOURNE OZZY Randy Rhoads Tribute/Live (2 LP) 35AP3344~5 CBS/Sony/Japan JAP
OSBOURNE OZZY Speak of the devil (+ single/Promo) 40AP2481~3 Jet/Japan JAP
OSBOURNE OZZY The ultimate sin 28AP3145 CBS/Sony/Japan JAP
OSBOURNE OZZY Ultimate live Ozzy (The ultimate sin/Never know why/Thank God for the bomb) 15AP3269 CBS/Sony/Japan JAP
OSBOURNE OZZY Innerview(Interview with Jim Ladd) Series #36/Show #3 Innerview USA
OSBOURNE OZZY Interview with Ozzy(Promo/Bark at the moon) AS1828 CBS USA
OSBOURNE OZZY Just say Ozzy (6 trax) 7464454511 CBS USA
OSBOURNE OZZY Miracle man(3.42) (US Promo) ZAS1305 CBS USA
OSBOURNE OZZY Mr.Crowle-Live/You said it all/Suicide solutions (Promo) (Picture Disc) 7464376401 Jet Records USA
OSBOURNE OZZY No more tears 7464467951 Epic Records USA
OSBOURNE OZZY No rest for the wicked (Promo) 7464442451 CBS USA
OSBOURNE OZZY Pre-release montage(Diary of a madman) AS1317 Jet Records USA
OSBOURNE OZZY Ultimate Live Ozzy (The ultimate sin/Never know why/Thank God for the bomb) (Picture Disc) 9Z940532 CBS USA
OSIRIS Futurity and human depressions(Clear Vinyl) 1177710271 Shark Records GER
OST Foxes:w/Angel/2 LP) 6685051 Casablanca AUS
OST Rocky Horror Picture Show ODE21653 Ode Records CAN
OST Rocky Horror Picture Show:Audience participation album ODE290706 Ode Records CAN
OST All This And World War II:Beatles songs performed by different artists WB66049 WEA FRA
OST Professionnel 803026 WEA FRA
OST Eat The Rich:Motorhead MOMENT108 GWR Records GB
OST Adventures of Ford Fairlanine:Queensryche/Motley Crue/R.Sambora 7559609521 Elektra GER
OST Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey:Kiss/S.Vai/Faith No More/Megadeth/Kings X 7567917251 Interscope GER
OST Cabaret 201309 MCA GER
OST Cat People 204634 MCA GER
OST Demon Knight:Megadeth/Sepultura/Rollins Band/Ministry/Pantera/Biohazard 7567827251 Atlantic GER
OST Freddy's Dead(The final nightmare):Brian May VS5333 Varese Sarabande GER
OST Judgement Night:Slayer/Biohazard/Living Color/Helmet etc. 9974741831 Columbia GER
OST Midnight express NB7043 Casablanca GER
OST Point Break:Shark Island/Ratt/LA Guns/Concrete Blonde 0881102021 MCA GER
OST Wayne's World:Kiss/Black Sabbath/Rhino Bucket/Cinderell 7599268051 Reprise GER
OST Cruising 70182 CBS HOL
OST Last Action Hero:Queensryche/AC/DC/Megadeth/Anthrax/Tesla 9974739901 Columbia HOL
OST Warriors AMLH64761 A&M HOL
OST Hair(2 LP) BL03274 RCA ITA
OST A Nightmare on Elm Street 5:B.Dickinson/Mammoth/WASP/Slave Raider 1241412581 Jive/BMG USA
OST Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure:Shark Island/Bricklin/Vital Signs/Extreme SP3915 A&M USA
OST Black Rose:Lizzy Borden/King Kobra/Hallow's Eve/Masi 1877733531 Metal Blade USA
OST Chess (ex-Abba members) 7863553401 RCA USA
OST Days Of Thunder:Guns N'Roses/Cher/David Coverdale 7599242941 Geffen USA
OST Decline of Western Civilization:Lizzy Borden/Megadeth/Queensryche/Seduce C190205 Capitol USA
OST Iron Eagle II:Britny Fox/A.Cooper/Mike Reno (Promo) 7464450061 Epic USA
OST Jesus Christ Superstar:feat.Ian Gillan)(Box) DXSA7206 Decca USA
OST Less Than Zero:Slayer/Aerosmith/Poison(Promo) 7464440421 Def Jam Recordings USA
OST Navy Seals:Mr.Big/Bon Jovi/Gowan/Lou Gramm/Planet 3/Blue Rodeo 7567821251 Atlantic USA
OST Shocker:D.Toys/Saraya/Dead On/Megadeth/Bonfire 7777952331 SBK Records USA
OST Victor/Victoria MG1-5407 Polygram USA
OUTLAW BLOOD S/T 7567916671 Atco GER
OUTLAWS Ghost riders 203108 Arista GER
OUTRAGE The final day 3145118681 Polydor HOL
OUTRAGE Black clouds 28MM0631 Polydor JAP
OUTRAGE Blind to reality(Double album/Gatefold) 00MM0675/6 Polydor JAP
OVERDRIVE Swords and axes MOP3029 Planet SWE
OVERKILL Live(Double Album/Green Vinyl) 988086131 Concrete GER
OVERKILL Feel the fire MRI1460 Megaforce USA
OVERKILL Fuck you (5 trax live) CAROL1345 Megaforce USA
OVERKILL S/T (Rotten to the core/Fatal if swallowed/The answer/Overkill) MS2851 Metal Storm USA
OVERKILL Taking over 7567817351 Megaforce USA
OVERLORDE S/T (incl. Signed band photo)(5 trax) SZR101 Strike Zone Records USA
OZZ No prisoners 7464361981 Epic Records USA
PANDEMONIUM Hole in the sky 720891 Metal Blade USA
PANDORAS Rock hard 1877722921 Restless USA
PANTERA Cowboys from hell 7567913721 Atco GER
PANTERA I am the night MMR1985 Metal Magic USA
PANTERA Metal magic MMR1283 Metal Magic USA
PANTERA Power metal MMR1988 Metal Magic USA
PANTERA Projects in the jungle MMR1984 Metal Magic USA
PANTHER S/T (6 trax) (Signed by J.S.Soto) GWD90528 Half Wet Records USA
PARADISE LOST Icon (2 LP/Poster) MFN152 Music For Nations GB
PARADISE LOST Draconian times(2 LP/Gatefold) MFN184 Music For Nations GER
PARADOXX Plan of attak(Don't let go/Unleashed/Live free or die/Black siren) SF1516 Silver Fin USA
PARALEX Travelling man/Black widow/White lightning DAN004 Reddingtons Rare Records GB
PARIAH Blaze of obscurity 08-7594 Steamhammer GER
PARIAH The kindred 08-7526 Steamhammer GER
PASSING LANE Good wind is blowin'tonight C1-23 Continental/Japan JAP
PEER GUNT Fire wire HD039 High Dragon FRA
PEGAZUS Wings of destiny NB323-1 Nuclear Blast GER
PELL AXEL RUDI Nasty reputation 008-76341 Steamhammer GER
PENTAGRAM Day of reckoning FLAME006 Napalm Records USA
PERENNIAL You're the ones/Devil's preacher/R'n'roll evenings/Caught in the ruts WRA1-118 Perennial Records CAN
PERENNIAL In my dreams JCR001 Jet City Records USA
PERRY JOE Let the music do the talking CBS84213 CBS HOL
PERRY JOE I`ve got the rock`n`rolls again 7464373641 CBS USA
PERSIAN RISK Rise up METALP112 Metal Masters GB
PETRA On fire SSR8106 Star Song GB
PETRA Back to the street 7502151431 Star Song USA
PETRA Beat the system SP5067 Star Song USA
PETRA Captured in time & space/2 LP SP6401 Star Song USA
PETRA More power to ya SSR0045 Star Song USA
PETRA Never say die SSR0032 Star Song USA
PHANTASM Wreckage (15 trax/6 demo songs/Ex-Hirax)(Clear Vinyl) DS32 Deep Six Records USA
PHANTOM S/T (Clear Vinyl) 1177710231 Shark Records GER
PHANTOM BLUE Built to perform 1686190271 Geffen HOL
PHANTOM LORD Evil never sleeps FLAME002 Napalm Records USA
PHILADELPHIA Search and destroy PAT84O3 Patmos Records USA
PHOENIX Say goodbye(Say goodbye/Wings of fire/Millions for your love/Now is the time) HEJMAXI-001 Active Music SWE
PHOENIX In full view CA12208 Charisma USA
PIAF EDITH Inoubliables 2C07053354 Pathe Marconi/EMI FRA
PICTURE Diamond dreamer 6350065 Backdoor HOL
PICTURE Heavy metal ears 6350058 Backdoor HOL
PICTURE S/T (Live picture) 6350054 Backdoor HOL
PILEDRIVER Metal inquisition CL1001 Cobra Records CAN
PILEDRIVER Stay ugly CL1006 Cobra Records CAN
PINK CREAM 69 Change(No.1163/Blue Vinyl) 9974785291 Epic Records GER
PINK CREAM 69 One size fits all 9974679631 Epic Records GER
PINK CREAM 69 49'/8' EP (7 trax) 9974694911 Epic Records HOL
PINK CREAM 69 Games people play 9974738351 Epic Records HOL
PINK CREAM 69 One step into paradise(extended version)/Partymaker/Shadows are falling 9976553066 Epic Records HOL
PINK CREAM 69 S/T 9974659491 Epic Records HOL
PINK FAIRIES What a bunch of sweeties 2383132 Polydor GB
PINK FLOYD Wish you were here 2C06896918 Pathe Marconi/EMI FRA
PLASMATICS Metal priestess (6 trax) AZ2407 Disc AZ FRA
PLASMATICS Butcher baby/Living dead(Live)/Sometimes I(Live) BUYIT76 Stiff GB
PLASMATICS New hope for the wretched (Multicolored vinyl) SEEZ24 Stiff GB
PLASMATICS Beyond the valley of 1984 WOW2 Stiff USA
PLATINUM Iceman RSPLP003 Rising Sun Records GER
POISON Open up and say...ahh (+ 2 swap cards/Green vinyl) LIB5200 Liberation AUS
POISON Every rose has it's thorn/Gotta face the hangman/Back to the rocking horse 9992071746 Capitol GER
POISON I won't forget you(LP/remix version)/Blame it on you (Promo/Multicolored) INT128725 Enigma GER
POISON Native tongue 7777989611 Capitol GER
POISON Swallow this live(11 trax) 7777980381 Capitol GER
POISON Talk dirty to me/Look what the cat../Cry tough/Live interview (Colored Vinyl) INT128722 Enigma GER
POISON Flesh and blood 7777918131 Capitol USA
POISON Look what the cat dragged in (Promo) 1877732021 Enigma USA
POISON Open up and say...ahh! 7777484931 Capitol USA
POISON Open up and say...ahh!(Promo + Interview) SPRO2-79321/2 Capitol USA
POISON Rock and roll all nite(from:Less than zero/ost) (US Promo) CAS2876 Def Jam Recordings USA
POLAND CHRIS Return to Metalopolis 1686193481 Roadrunner   HOL
POLTERGEIST Behind my mask 08-97151 Century Media GER
POLTERGEIST Depression 08-97041 Century Media GER
POSSESSED Seven churches (ambossed cover) MX8024 Combat USA
POSSESSED The eyes of horror (5 trax) 8856181681 Combat USA
POWELL COZY Over the top FA3056 Fame GB
POWERGOD Evolution Part I MASLP0187 Massacre Records GER
POWERLORD The awakening 8605153 Indie USA
POWERMAD Combat Boot Series (5 trax) MX8095 Combat USA
POWERSURGE S/T 1686193111 Roadrunner   HOL
POWERSURGE Snow god (No.251/600) OPMR1009 OPM Records USA
POWERSURGE Snow god (White Vinyl/No.62/600) OPMR1009 OPM Records USA
PRAYING MANTIS The soundhouse tapes Part 2 (The ripper/Johnny Cool/Captured city) 12HAR5201 Ripper Records GB
PRAYING MANTIS Time tells no lies 203449 Arista GER
PRAYING MANTIS Predator in disguise DR0021 Canyon International JAP
PRECIOUS METAL That kinda girl(White Label Promo) VAG001 Savage Records GB
PRECIOUS METAL Right here, right now 4228261461 Mercury USA
PRECIOUS METAL S/T(1990) 3323748341 Chameleon Records USA
PRECIOUS METAL That kind of girl 3323747531 Chameleon Records USA
PRETTY BOY FLOYD(CAN) Bullets & lipstik (6 trax)  HR101 Hanover Records CAN
PRETTY MAIDS S/T (6 trax)(+iron on logo) CULP1 Bullet Records FRA
PRETTY MAIDS Jump the gun 9974663651 CBS GER
PRETTY MAIDS Sin-decade 9974712751 Columbia GER
PRETTY MAIDS In Santa's claws/A merry jingle/Eye of the storm/Red, hot and heavy/Rock the house 9974677441 CBS HOL
PRETTY MAIDS Red hot and heavy CBS26207 CBS HOL
PRETTY MAIDS Future world (Promo) 746440713 Epic Records USA
PRETTY MAIDS S/T (6 trax) PAR1060L PAR Records USA
PRIMAL FEAR Jaws of death 2736163911 Nuclear Blast GER
PRIMAL FEAR S/T (Picture Disc) NB302-1 Nuclear Blast GER
PRIMAL FEAR S/T(1st LP) 2736163021 Nuclear Blast GER
PRINCESS PANG S/T 7777925841 Metal Blade USA
PRISM Live tonite (Royal Oak, Detroit, MI, USA  16-06-78) PRO50043 Ariola USA
PROPHACY Rock'n'roll nightmare COBALT1 Cobalt Records USA
PROPHECY S/T(1984) MAR832 Metal Arc Records USA
PROPHET S/T(1.LP) TEL65709 Total Experience USA
PROUD Fire breaks the dawn 1361521 EMI SWE
PROWLER Prowling death squad (5 trax) NRR59 New Renaissance Records USA
PSYCHOTIC WALTZ A social grace RSPLP002 Rising Sun Records GER
PSYCHOTIC WALTZ A social grace (Picture Disc) RSPPD002 Rising Sun Records GER
PURGATORY S/T (Night crawler bitch/Walley of the shadow of death/Deep into the red/Purgatory) BSS8501 J.U.F. Records USA
Q5 Steel the light 4228263591 Mercury CAN
Q5 Steel the light MFN039 Music For Nations GB
Q5 Steel the light(Full/LP version)/That's alright with you 12KUT115 Music For Nations GB
Q5 When the mirror cracks (White Label) MFN064 Music For Nations GB
Q5 Steel the light AL4006 Albatross USA
Q5 When the mirror cracks (Promo) 4228327281 Squawk USA
QUATRO SUZI Live and kickin`/Live(2 LP) SRAK6757 RAK AUS
QUATRO SUZI 12 Golden hits (+ tablatures) 1C06296904 RAK GER
QUATRO SUZI Your mama won`t like me 1C06296454 RAK GER
QUATRO SUZI Suzi...and other four letter words RS13064 RSO USA
QUEEN Sheer heart attack 7ES1026 Elektra CAN
QUEEN Greatest hits II 7777979711 Parlophone/EMI EEC
QUEEN Innuendo 7777958871 Parlophone/EMI EEC
QUEEN Live at Wembley '86 7777995941 Parlophone/EMI EEC
QUEEN At the beeb BOJLP001 Band Of Joy GB
QUEEN Made in Heaven (+ Poster/White Vinyl) PCSD167 Parlophone/EMI GB
QUEEN Radio ga ga(Extended/instrumental version)/I go crazy 1CK0641655336 EMI GER
QUEEN The miracle 7777923571 EMI GER
QUEEN A day at the races 6E-101 Elektra USA
QUEEN A kind of magic 7777124761 Capitol USA
QUEEN A night at the opera 7E1053 Elektra USA
QUEEN Flash Gordon(Soundtrack) 5E-518 Elektra USA
QUEEN Jazz 6E-166 Elektra USA
QUEEN Killers/Live(2 LP) BB702 Elektra USA
QUEEN News of the world 6E-112 Elektra USA
QUEEN S/T EKS75064 Elektra USA
QUEEN The game 5E-513 Elektra USA
QUEEN BITCH S/T (4 trax) (Picture Disc) QB1 Azra USA
QUEENSRYCHE Rage for order(Promo) ST240579 EMI AUS
QUEENSRYCHE An Interview with Queensryche(For Japan only) TTS1022 Tell Tales GB
QUEENSRYCHE An Interview with Queensryche(For Japan only/Bat Shape) TTS1022 Tell Tale GB
QUEENSRYCHE Best I can/10"(Box) 10MT97 EMI GB
QUEENSRYCHE Empire/Scarborough fair canticle (Shape) MTPD90 EMI GB
QUEENSRYCHE Empire/Scarborough fair/Prophecy 12MT90 EMI USA GB
QUEENSRYCHE Eyes of a stranger/Walk in the shadows/Take hold of the flame/Queen of the reich (GF) 12MTG65 EMI USA GB
QUEENSRYCHE I am I/Real world/Someone else (2 color prints/evelope pack) (Gold Vinyl) 12MT109 EMI GB
QUEENSRYCHE Interview BAK2124 Baktabak GB
QUEENSRYCHE Jet city woman/Empire(L)/Walk in the shadows(L) (+ poster/Donington'91 laminate/Box) 12MTS98 EMI USA GB
QUEENSRYCHE Jet city woman/Empire(Live) (Shape) MTPD98 EMI GB
QUEENSRYCHE Jet city woman/Empire(Live) (Uncut shape) MTPD98 EMI GB
QUEENSRYCHE Overseeing the operation 10QR1 EMI GB
QUEENSRYCHE Promised land (Clear Vinyl) MTL1081 EMI GB
QUEENSRYCHE Silent lucidit/Take hold of the flame/Last time in Paris (Picture Disc) 2438801698 EMI GB
QUEENSRYCHE Silent lucidity/The mission(L)/Eyes of a stronger(L) (+ poster) 9992042490 EMI USA GB
QUEENSRYCHE The warning EJ2402201 EMI GB
QUEENSRYCHE Another rainy night(without you)/Last time in Paris/Suite sister Mary(Live) 9992046116 EMI USA GER
QUEENSRYCHE Empire/Scarborough fair/Prophecy 9992040256 EMI USA GER
QUEENSRYCHE Gonna get close to you/Prophecy/Surgical strike 9992013686 EMI America GER
QUEENSRYCHE Queen of the reich (5 trax) 7777906151 EMI USA GRE
QUEENSRYCHE Operation mindcrime RP28-5618 EMI Manhattan JAP
QUEENSRYCHE Queen of the reich (4 trax) EYS-41012 EMI America JAP
QUEENSRYCHE Rage for order EYS-91171 EMI America JAP
QUEENSRYCHE Rage for order (Japan Promo) (Picture Disc)  EMI JAP
QUEENSRYCHE The warning EYS-91086 EMI America JAP
QUEENSRYCHE Breaking the silence (US Promo) SPRO04048 EMI Manhattan USA
QUEENSRYCHE Eyes of a stranger (US Promo) SPRO04195 EMI USA USA
QUEENSRYCHE Gonna get close to you(4.37/4.47) (US Promo) SPRO9781 EMI America USA
QUEENSRYCHE I don't believe in love(5.36/4.23) (US Promo) SPRO04341 EMI USA USA
QUEENSRYCHE Operation mindcrime 7777486401 EMI Manhattan USA
QUEENSRYCHE Operation mindcrime (Picture Disc) SPRO04136/37 EMI USA
QUEENSRYCHE Promised land 2438307111 EMI Records USA
QUEENSRYCHE Queen of the reich (4 trax) (Signed by band) R101 201 Records USA
QUEENSRYCHE Rage for order(Black Ring) 7777171971 EMI America USA
QUEENSRYCHE Rage for order(Silver Ring) 7777171971 EMI America USA
QUEENSRYCHE Revolution calling (US Promo) SPRO04141 EMI Manhattan USA
QUEENSRYCHE Speak the word (Interview:Recorded on the road in Europe) (US Promo) SPRO04194 EMI USA USA
QUEENSRYCHE Speaking in digital/A conversation with (US Promo) SPRO9869/9877 EMI America USA
QUEENSRYCHE The warning 7777171341 EMI America USA
QUEENSRYCHE The warning(Album version/Live in Japan) (US Promo) SPRO9326/9327 EMI America USA
QUEENSRYCHE The whisper/I dream in infrared (US Promo) SPRO9862 EMI America USA
QUEENSRYCHE Walk in the shadows (US Promo) SPRO9692 EMI America USA
QUIET RIOT A live radio assault(3 live/1 studio) Promo CDN131 CBS/Canada CAN
QUIET RIOT Condition critical (2 inserts/poster) 28AP2901 Sony/CBS/Japan JAP
QUIET RIOT Metal health 25AP2643 Sony/CBS/Japan JAP
QUIET RIOT Quiet Riot II 25AP1192 Sony/CBS/Japan JAP
QUIET RIOT/KROKUS Live/Radio-Show(WW1 10-12/6/83)+ Krokus(Roxy,Hollywood,CA 14-5-83)  Westwood One USA
QUIET RIOT/ZEBRA Live/Radio-Show(KBFH,Perkins Palace,Pasadena,CA  7-17-83 4 trax/24 mins.)   USA
RABIN TREVOR Wolf 202847 Chrysalis GER
RACER X Extreme volume/Live (Promo) SP25-5330 FEMS/Japan JAP
RACER X Second heat SP25-5320 FEMS/Japan JAP
RACER X Street lethal SP25-5297 FEMS/Japan JAP
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Bombtrack(3 versions) 9976594716 Epic Records HOL
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Bullet in the head(2x)/Seattle for nothing 9976592586 Epic Records HOL
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Sleep now in the fire/Bulls on parade(L)/Freedom(L)/Sleep now in the fire(L) 9976689496 Epic Records HOL
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Evil empire 7464575231 Epic Records USA
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Renegades (Cover versions) 9699852891 Epic Records USA
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE S/T 7464529591 Epic Records USA
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE The battle of Los Angelesss (incl.Turntable mat) 7464696301 Epic Records USA
RAGE OF ANGELS S/T 3571122135 Regency Records USA
RAINBOW Bent out of shape 28MM0300 Polydor/Japan JAP
RAINBOW Difficult to cure 28MM0018 Polydor/Japan JAP
RAINBOW Down to earth 18MM0529 Polydor/Japan JAP
RAINBOW Long live rock`n`roll MPF1156 Polydor/Japan JAP
RAINBOW On stage/Live(2 LP) MWZ8103/4 Polydor/Japan JAP
RAINBOW Rising MPX4024 Polydor/Japan JAP
RAINBOW Ritchie Blackmores`Rainbow MPX4023 Polydor/Japan JAP
RAINBOW Straight between the eyes 28MM0152 Polydor/Japan JAP
RAMONES Mania (2 LP) (Promo) 7599257091 Sire Records USA
RAN(Matsukawa Toshiya) Burning(Dedication to Randy Rhoads) WTP90366 East World JAP
RANKELSON The bastards of rock'n'roll EBON45 Ebony Records GB
RAPID TEARS Cry for mercy (Tossin tirnin/Eve of rock/Electric shockwave/Cry for mercy) CR737 Chameleon Records CAN
RAPID TEARS Honestly (White cover) CR575 Chameleon Records CAN
RAPID TEARS Honestly (Band cover) CR575 Chameleon Records USA
RAREBELL HERMAN Nip in the bud 1C06446355 Harvest/EMI GER
RASH PANZER Rock'n'roll street(Do you really know?/AC/DC/C'est la vie!/Get down!) VVR881 Vote For Records FRA
RAT ATTACK S/T (No.35/100) (Marbled Vinyl) OMR003 Old Metal Records USA
RATED X Matter of taste (6 trax) SR6944 Shattered Records USA
RATT Dancing undercover 7567816831 Atlantic CAN
RATT You're in love/Between the eyes (Shape) A9502P Atlantic GB
RATT Invasion of your privacy 7567812571 Atlantic USA
RATT Out of the cellar 7567801431 Atlantic USA
RATT S/T (You think you're tough/Sweet cheater/U got it/Tell the world/Back for more/Walkin'the dog) TC2203 Time Coast USA
RAVEN Crash bang wallop (4 trax) (Signed by John Gallagher) (Purple Vinyl) NEAT0015 Neat Records GB
RAVEN Rock until you drop (Signed by John Gallagher) NEAT1001 Neat Records GB
RAVEN Wiped out (Signed by John Gallagher) NEAT1004 Neat Records GB
RAVEN Heads up 161776391 Steamhammer GER
RAVEN Break the chain/Born to be wild/Inquisitor RR125525 Roadrunner   HOL
RAVEN Life`s a bitch (Signed by John Gallagher) 7567817341 Atlantic USA
RAVEN Live/Access all areas (2 LP/Signed by John Gallagher) MRI969 Megaforce USA
RAVEN Mad (5 trax) (Signed by John Gallagher) 7567812411 Atlantic USA
RAVEN Nothing exceeds like excess 8856182621 Relativity Records USA
RAVEN Stay hard (Signed by John Gallagher) 7567812411 Atlantic USA
RAY GUNN S/T(9 trax) 18400 My Records USA
RAZOR Armed and dangerous(7 trax) M260957 Voice Records CAN
RAZOR Custom killing FPL3042 Fringe Records CAN
RAZOR Executioner`s song VPR103 Viper CAN
REALM Eleanor Rigby/Slay the opressor (Promo) RC2451 RC Records USA
RECKLESS Heart of steel HMUSA6 Heavy Metal Records GB
RECON Behind enemy lines 1418269201 Intense GB
REDVETTE S/T (Red Vinyl) MS401 Redvette Records USA
RELLIK Killer (No.314/500) DPR4 Doomed Planet USA
RELLIK Remember the future(Dream killer/Street sinner/Rellik/Beg,borrow or steal) MPPA9125 Rellik Production USA
REO SPEEDWAGON Live/Again (Promo) AS410 Epic Records USA
REPTILE SMILE Automatic cool (Promo) 9974661311 CBS SWE
REVEREND Play god 1298180001 Charisma GB
REVEREND EP (Power of persuasion/Dimensional confusion/Wretched excess/Ritual) (Promo) 1704616001 Caroline USA
REVEREND World won't miss you 7567914111 Charisma USA
REX S/T(1.LP) PC34399 Columbia USA
REZ Innocent blood 1418268125 Grrr/Ocean Record GB
REZ Between heaven'n hell 7777410241 Sparrow USA
RHINO BUCKET S/T 7599263171 Reprise GER
RHINO BUCKET Live/Radio-Show(WW1  12-17-90 6 trax/20 mins.)  Westwood One USA
RIFF RAFF Vinyl futures SD32108 Atco USA
RIOT Riot Live (6 trax) New Peppermint Lounge,NC City, 5/7/82 967969/0 Elektra FRA
RIOT Outlaw(Remix)/Rock city(Live Hammersmith 20-4-80) K12565T Elektra GB
RIOT Warrior(Live)/Born in America 5146 Zyx Records GER
RIOT Born in America QUS1008 Quality USA
RIOT Fire down under 5E-546 Elektra USA
RIOT Narita 7777120811 Capitol USA
RIOT Restless breed E1-60134 Elektra USA
RIOT Riot Live (6 trax) New Peppermint Lounge,NC City, 5/7/83 (Promo) 067969A Elektra USA
RIOT Rock city FSA87001 Fire Sign USA
RIOT The privilege of power (Promo) 7464451321 CBS USA
RIOT Tundersteel (Promo) 7464442321 CBS USA
RISK Hell's animals 08-7592 Steamhammer GER
RIVERDOGS S/T 7464460211 Epic Records USA
ROADMASTER Sweet music SRM13760 Mercury USA
ROBERTS KANE Saints and sinners 2064243201 DGC GER
ROBERTS KANE S/T (Promo) 7673257871 MCA USA
ROC LOCHNER S/T(Limited No.26/500/Green Vinyl) OPMR1002 O.P.M. Records USA
ROCK GODDESS Heavy metal rock`n`roll/Satisfied then crucified/One hot night AMEP8263 A&M GB
ROCK GODDESS I didn`t know I loved you/Hell hath no fury (Shape) AMP185 A&M GB
ROCK GODDESS I didn`t know I loved you/Hell hath no fury/In the night AMX185 A&M GB
ROCK GODDESS My angel/In the heat of the night/Our love's gone AMSX8311 A&M GB
ROCK GODDESS Hell hath no fury AMLX68560 A&M HOL
RODS Full throttle EP (Power lover/Nothing going on in the city/Crank it up/Getting higher) ARIST12457 Arista  GB
RODS Let them eat metal MX8009 Combat GB
RODS Live MFN016 Music For Nations GB
RODS Too hot to stop/Rockin' & rollin' again(L)/Power lover(L)/Too hot to stop(L) ARIST12484 Arista  GB
RODS Wild dogs 204741 Arista  GER
RODS Heavier than thou PB6055 Passport USA
RODS In the raw SH1005 Shrapnel USA
RODS Rock hard PRIMALP1001 Primal Records USA
RODS S/T 7822195581 Arista  USA
ROLLINS BAND The end of silence (2 LP) 3562906411 Imago GER
ROLLINS BAND Weight 2787210341 Imago USA
ROMEO Feeling to rock / EP (Feeling to rock/Maria/Old fashion lover) IW1003 Iron Works USA
ROSE TATTOO Beats from a single drum RML53217 Mushroom AUS
ROSE TATTOO Blood from stone (Angry) L30252 Mushroom AUS
ROSE TATTOO S/T APLP032 Albert Productions AUS
ROSE TATTOO Southern stars 4652751 Albert Productions AUS
ROSE TATTOO Bad boy for love/Tramp CAR191T Carrere GB
ROSE TATTOO Scarred for life (Picture Disc) CALP144 Carrere GB
ROSE TATTOO Assault & battery 58359 WEA GER
ROSE TATTOO Assault and battery (No.424) (Colored Vinyl) STRLP003 Link Records GER
ROSE TATTOO Rock'n'roll outlaw (No.381) (Colored Vinyl) STRLP002 Link Records GER
ROSE TATTOO Scarred for life (No.371) (Colored Vinyl) STRLP004 Link Records GER
ROSE TATTOO Southern stars (No.349) (Colored Vinyl) STRLP005 Link Records GER
ROSE TATTOO/CANNED ROCK Bad boy for love/Rock'n'roll outlaw live at Parramatta Goal 1979) APLP042 Albert Productions AUS
ROSY VISTA You better believe it (5 trax) 60-1659 Noise GER
ROTH DAVID LEE Eat`em and smile P13334 Pioneer/Japan JAP
ROTH DAVID LEE A little ain't enough 7599264771 Reprise USA
ROTH DAVID LEE Crazy from the heart(4 trax) 7599252221 Warner Bros. USA
ROTH DAVID LEE Sunrisa salvaje (Yankee rose) (Promo) 7599255161 Reprise USA
ROTH ULI JON    Sky of avalon(Gatefold) XRJN-1017 Zero Records JAP
ROTH ULI JON & ELECTRIC SUN Beyond the astral skies (Signed:Uli/Clive) 7777124011 Capitol USA
ROXANNE S/T (Promo) 7464440861 Scotti Bros. USA
ROXUS Live (That girl/Body heat/Stand back/Morning light) X14814 Melodian AUS
ROXUS Nightstreet 9960305551 Melodian AUS
ROXX S/T EP(Blind eyes/Nuclear war/Never too late/I need you/Going gets tough/Roxx U) 14U2C Rude USA
ROXXI Drive it to ya hard! SW001 Sound Wave GER
RUFFIANS S/T (6 trax) VTY1310 Victory USA
RUFFKUT Fight for the right (5 trax) 101 Indie USA
RUNAWAYS And now...the Runaways 9102851 Mercury FRA
RUNAWAYS Rock heavies 6336625 Mercury GER
RUNAWAYS Waiting for the night 6338844 Mercury GER
RUNAWAYS Live in Japan RJ7249 Mercury/Japan JAP
RUNAWAYS Queens of noise RJ-7209 Mercury/Japan JAP
RUNAWAYS Mama weer all crazee now/Eight days a week/Saturday night special/My buddy and me RNEP602 Rhino USA
RUNAWAYS:CHERIE CURRIE Beauty`s only skin deep 6338867 Mercury HOL
RUNNING WILD Little big horn/Billy the kid/Genocide 9992042486 EMI/Noise GER
RUSH A show of hands A11055 Anthem CAN
RUSH Hemispheres 9100059 Mercury GB
RUSH S/T 9100011 Mercury GB
RUSH Counterparts 7567825281 Atlantic GER
RUSH Moving pictures 6337160 Mercury GER
RUSH 2112 25-3P-267 Epic/Japan JAP
RUSH All the world`s a stage/Live (2 LP) SRM57508 Mercury USA
RUSH Fly by night SRM11023 Mercury USA
RUSH Grace under pressure 4228184761 Mercury USA
RUSH Hold your fire 4228324641 Mercury USA
RUTHLESS Metal without mercy (5 trax) IW1004 Iron Works USA
S.A.SLAYER Prepare to die (Picture Disc) DUST1 Duso Records BRA
S.A.SLAYER Go for the throat UDL1 Under Den Linden USA
S.A.SLAYER Prepare to die/The door/Final holocaust/Unholy book/To ride the demon out RF001 Rainforest USA
SABU Heartbreak(10 trax) HMUSA37 Heavy Metal Records GB
SABU Heartbreak(9 trax) HMUSA36 Heavy Metal Records GER
SABU Heartbreak (Promo) K25P607 FM Records JAP
SACRED REICH A question/Let's have a war/Who's to blame INT125320 Hollywood GER
SACRED REICH The american way 1686193921 Roadracer HOL
SACRED REICH Alive at the Dynamo (4 trax) 1686124441 Metal Blade USA
SACRED REICH Ignorance 1877733061 Metal Blade USA
SACRED REICH Independent 2061613691 Hollywood USA
SACRED REICH Nicaragua (including 2 live trax not on lp) (Picture Disc) 1877734111 Metal Blade USA
SACRED RITE Is nothing sacred MEGATON0018 Megaton Records HOL
SACRED RITE The ritual GWD90515 Greenworld Records USA
SACRED WARRIOR Master's command 1418269075 Intense GB
SACRED WARRIOR Wicked generation 1418269209 Intense GB
SACRIFICE (SWI) On the altar of rock 70037 Camel GER
SACRIFICE(CAN) Torment in fire FPL3020 Diabolic Force CAN
SACRILEGE(GB) Behind the realms of death (6 trax) GURT4 C.O.R. Records GB
SAIGON KICK S/T 7567916341 Third Stone/Atlantic GER
SAIGON KICK The lizard 7567921581 Third Stone/Atlantic GER
SAINT   S/T SI25884 Sound Image USA
SAINT VITUS Born too late (6 trax) SST082 SST Records USA
SAINT VITUS Hallow`s victim SST052 SST Records USA
SALEM In belief that right/King in the exile/Brave new world 001-3 Wolverine GER
SALTY DOG Every dog has its day 7599242701 Geffen USA
SAMSON Before the storm POLS1077 Polydor GB
SAMSON Don`t get mad get even POLD5132 Polydor GB
SAMSON Losing my grip/Pyramid to the stars/Mr.Rock and roll(L)/Tomorrow or yesterday(L) POSPX471 Polydor GB
SAMSON Red skies/Living, loving, lying/Running out of time POSPX554 Polydor GB
SAMSON Shock tactics RCALP5031 RCA GB
SAMSON Survivors LAP1 Laser GB
SAMSON The fight goes on/Riding with the angels/Vice versa(L) POSPX680 Polydor GB
SAMSON Live at Reading'81(29-Aug-81) RR2040-LX Repertoire GER
SAMSON Head tactics RCALP5031 Capitol USA
SAMURAI Sacred blade EBON24 Ebony Records GB
SANCTUARY Into the mirror black 9974658761 Epic Records HOL
SANCTUARY Refuge denied 7464409201 Epic Records USA
SANCTUARY/FIFTH ANGEL Interchords-Words and music(Radio Promo) EPICEAS2905 Epic Records USA
SANGRE AZUL Cuerpo a cuerpo 5907905501 Hispavox SPA
SANGRE AZUL Obsesion 5604020981 Hispavox SPA
SANTA Reencarnacion ZL614 Chapa Discos SPA
SANTERS Mayday/Four song EP(Mistreatin'heart/Still I am/Time after time(L)/You turn me on(L) ER023 Ready Records CAN
SARACEN(AUS) S/T MX12013/4 Indie AUS
SARACEN(GB) Heroes, saints & fools MPRGR492 Nucleus GB
SARAYA When the blackbird sings 4228490871 Polydor HOL
SARAYA S/T 4228377641 Polygram USA
SARGANT FURY Still want more 9031751881 WEA GER
SAS Warlords CLP231 Cleopatra AUS
SATAN Court in the act MBR1016 Metal Blade USA
SATAN Into the future SHE4002 Steamhammer USA
SATAN`S HOST Metal from hell (Red Vinyl) WEB001 Web Records USA
SATRIANI JOE The extremist 9974716721 Relativity Records GER
SATRIANI JOE Time machine (Unreleased + Live) (3 LP) 99747451515 Relativity Records GER
SATRIANI JOE Surfing with the alien 8856181931 Relativity Records USA
SATROX Energy 9974694721 CBS/Switzerland GER
SATROX Heaven sent (Signed frontcover/band) 9974666631 CBS/Switzerland SWI
SAVAGE Hyperactive ZEB4 Zebra GB
SAVAGE Loose 'n lethal EBON12 Ebony Records GB
SAVAGE GRACE Ride into the night/We march on/the healing hand/Burn (Picture Disc) FL1012 Flametrader GER
SAVAGE GRACE Master of disguise IRD004 Important USA
SAVAGE GRACE Master of disguise (+ poster) (Picture Disc) IMP0004 Erika USA
SAVAGE GRACE The dominatress (5 trax) (+ singed band photo) MBR1006 Metal Blade USA
SAVAGE STEEL Do or die MML047 Maze Music CAN
SAVAGE STEEL Begins with a nightmare (Blue Vinyl) NRR17 New Renaissance Records USA
SAVAGE THRUST Eat 'em raw AM020 Avanzada Metalica MEX
SAVATAGE Sirens(No.385/500) (Picture Disc)  Industria Monticola ARG
SAVATAGE Jesus saves (4 track Promo) SAM893 Atlantic GB
SAVATAGE Gutter ballet (+ Poster) 7567820081 Atlantic GER
SAVATAGE Streets:A rock opera 7567823201 Atlantic GER
SAVATAGE When the crowds are gone (4 track Promo) PM1017 Atlantic GER
SAVATAGE Day after day (US Promo) PR909 Atlantic USA
SAVATAGE Fight for the rock 7567816341 Atlantic USA
SAVATAGE Gutter ballet 7567820081 Atlantic USA
SAVATAGE Hall of the mountain king 7567817751 Atlantic USA
SAVATAGE Hall of the mountain king (US Promo) PR2O97 Atlantic USA
SAVATAGE Hard for love (US Promo) PR722 Atlantic USA
SAVATAGE In the dream (US Promo) PR748 Atlantic USA
SAVATAGE Out on the streets (US Promo) PR889 Atlantic USA
SAVATAGE Power of the night 7567812471 Atlantic USA
SAVATAGE Power of the night (Test Pressing) 81247 Atlantic USA
SAVATAGE Sirens PAR1050 PAR Records USA
SAVATAGE Strange wings (US Promo) PR2201 Atlantic USA
SAVATAGE The dungeons are calling (6 trax) (Signed by band) MX6016 Combat USA
SAVOY BROWN Kings of boogie GNPS2196 GNP Crescendo USA
SAVOY BROWN Make me sweat GNPS2193 GNP Crescendo USA
SAXON Strong arm of the law (Gatefold) 67621 Carrere FRA
SAXON Forever free 213098 Virgin GER
SAXON Solid ball of rock 211114 Virgin GER
SAXON Denim and leather P1113G Pioneer/Japan JAP
SAXON Power & the glory P11335 Pioneer/Japan JAP
SAXON S/T P10889G Pioneer/Japan JAP
SAXON Strong arm of the law P10971G Pioneer/Japan JAP
SAXON The eagle has landed/Live P1127 Pioneer/Japan JAP
SAXON Wheels of steel P10870G Pioneer/Japan JAP
SCHENKER MICHAEL GROUP Assault attack WWS81520 Chrysalis/Japan JAP
SCHENKER MICHAEL GROUP Built to destroy WWS91064 Chrysalis/Japan JAP
SCHENKER MICHAEL GROUP Built to destroy (Remixed) WWS91077 Chrysalis/Japan JAP
SCHENKER MICHAEL GROUP Michael Schenker Anthology(2 LP MSG/UFO) WWS67170~71 Chrysalis/Japan JAP
SCHENKER MICHAEL GROUP One night at Budokan/Live(2 LP) WWS67159~60 Chrysalis/Japan JAP
SCHENKER MICHAEL GROUP Rock will never die/Live WWS70188 Chrysalis/Japan JAP
SCHENKER/McAULEY BAND Perfect timing RP28-5506 Toshiba/EMI JAP
SCHENKER/McAULEY BAND Save yourself 7777927521 Capitol USA
SCORPIONS All night long/Fly to the rainbow/Speedy's coming/In trance PC9402 RCA GB
SCORPIONS Love at first sting SHSP2400071 Harvest/EMI GB
SCORPIONS Virgin killer PPL14225 RCA GB
SCORPIONS Animal magnetism 1C06445933 Harvest/EMI GER
SCORPIONS Crazy world 4228469081 Mercury GER
SCORPIONS Face the heat 3145182801 Mercury GER
SCORPIONS Lovedrive 1C06445275 Harvest/EMI GER
SCORPIONS Taken by force PL28309 RCA ITA
SCORPIONS Tokyo tapes/Live (2 LP) RCA9147~48 RCA JAP
SCORPIONS Blackout SRM14039 Mercury USA
SCOTT TERRY S/T E160014 Elektra USA
SCREAM Let it scream 6751451739 Hollywood GER
SCREAMER Target: Earth 1893666521 New Renaissance Records USA
SECRECY Art in motion N01571 Noise International GER
SECRECY Art in motion(White Label Promo) 01571 Noise GER
SECRECY Raging romance 0603001821 Noise International GER
SEDUCE S/T PSYCH001 Psycho Mania USA
SEDUCE Too much ain`t enough(Promo) 7874221521 I.R.S. USA
SEPULTURA Schizophrenia (Gatefold) COG009 Cogumelo Records BRA
SEPULTURA Arise 1686193281 Roadracer HOL
SEPULTURA Arise/Inner self/Troops of doom (all live) 1686124066 Roadracer HOL
SEPULTURA Chaos A.D. 1686190001 Roadrunner HOL
SEPULTURA Refuse-Resist/Inhuman nature/Propaganda (Multicolored Vinyl) RR2377-8 Roadrunner   HOL
SEPULTURA Slave new world(+ 3 trax/1 live/Orange vinyl) 1686123748 Roadrunner HOL
SEPULTURA Territory/Policia/Biotech is Godzilla RR2382-6 Roadrunner   HOL
SEX PISTOLS Never mind the bollocks (Pink cover) KBS3147 Warner Bros. CAN
SEX PISTOLS The great rock`n`roll swindle (2 LP) VD2510 Virgin GB
SEXX S/T (Lost without your love/Think about you/Meainline) (Picture Disc) IW1011PD Iron Works USA
SHADOW KING S/T 7567823241 Atlantic GER
SHAKIN`STREET S/T(2.LP) 7464364991 Columbia USA
SHAM 69 Angels with dirty faces/Borstal breakout/Hurry up Harry/If the kids are united POSPX602 Polydor GB
SHANGHAI Take another bite (Please me tease me/Without love/Push it in/Big and sleazy) 5535 Exclusive Records USA
SHARK ISLAND July 14,'89/Alive at the Whiskey (6 trax) (Promo) EAS1766 Epic Records USA
SHARK ISLAND Law of the order (Promo) 7464450431 Epic Records USA
SHARK ISLAND Live/Radio-Show(WW118-9-89 6 trax/25 mins) #89-39 Westwood One USA
SHARK ISLAND Paris calling (Live) (US Promo) EAS1813 Epic Records USA
SHARK ISLAND S`cool bus  Indie USA
SHARKS Alter ego (b/w Band ) (Red vinyl) SM1002 Indie USA
SHARKS Alter ego (Picture Disc) SM1002 Iron Works USA
SHARKS Alter ego (swimming pool) (Promo) SM1002 Indie USA
SHARKS Kid sister/Your car or mine(No.130/Shape) M45-118 Mystic Records USA
SHAW TOMMY Live in Japan (5 trax) AMP18054 A&M JAP
SHAW TOMMY What if (Promo) SP5097 A&M USA
SHEGUI Around the world for sport CM005 Celtic Music GB
SHEGUI In the wind SHP105 Highway GB
SHELL AND THE OCEAN Turn blue 7777916051 EMI GER
SHELLEY PETE Homosapien(Dance/Elongated dancepartydubmix)/Love in vain 12WIP6720 Genetic Records GB
SHELLEY PETE Telephone operator/Many a time(extended mix/dub mix) 12XX1 Genetic Records GB
SHELLEY PETE XL1 7822180171 Arista  USA
SHELTER First stop (Joe Lamente) 4228106891 Polydor USA
SHERBS The skill 50783 Atco GER
SHIVA Firedance HMLP6 Heavy Metal Records GB
SHOK PARIS Concrete killers 7674222361 I.R.S. USA
SHOK PARIS Go for the throat AU001 Auburn USA
SHOOTING STAR Burning 7464386831 Epic Records USA
SHOOTING STAR Hang on for your life 7464374071 Epic Records USA
SHOOTING STAR III wishes (Promo) 7464380201 Epic Records USA
SHOOTING STAR Silent scream (Promo) 7599240561 Geffen USA
SHOUT In your face MFN092 Music For Nations GB
SHOW-YA Immigration RT28-5023 East World JAP
SHRAPNEL S/T (I didn't know I loved ya/Nations/Master of my destiny/Hope for us all/It's a crime) 7559602811 Elektra USA
SHY Once bitten...twice shy EBON15 Ebony Records GB
SHY Brave the storm PL70605 RCA GER
SHY Hold on(extended version)/Strangers in town/Two hearts PT40054 RCA GER
SHY Brave the storm (Promo) (Blue Vinyl) JR14148 RCA USA
SHY Excess all areas 7863563111 RCA USA
SHY Misspent youth (Promo + Press kit) 7613263711 MCA USA
SIEGES EVEN Life cycle 08-75581 Steamhammer GER
SIEGES EVEN Steps 08-76211 Steamhammer GER
SIGNAL Loud & clear 7777909731 EMI/USA GER
SILENCERS Rock`n`roll enforcers 7464365291 Precision/CBS USA
SILENT RAGE Don't touch me there 7863597031 Simmons/RCA USA
SILENT RAGE Rebel with a cause(2 mixes)/Some kind of woman (White Vinyl) CH12006 Chameleon USA
SILENT RAGE Shattered hearts 3323747571 Chameleon USA
SILVER MOUNTAIN Universe RRR213 Roadrunner CAN
SILVER MOUNTAIN Roses & champagne HRLP881 Hex Records SWE
SILVER MOUNTAIN Shakin' brains MBR1017 Metal Blade USA
SIN On the run/Captured in time (Shape) 1130 Azra Records USA
SINDROME Into the hall of extermination (Picture Disc) DUST3 Duso Records BRA
SINFUL Gonna raise hell (5 trax) SHADE3 Shades Records GB
SINNER Danger zone 081661 Noise GER
SINNER Dangerous charm 084458 Noise GER
SINNER The nature of evil NB324-1 Nuclear Blast GER
SINNER Touch of sin 081689 Noise GER
SIR LORD BALTIMORE Kingdom come SR61328 Mercury USA
SIREN Financial suicide AAARRG 18 Aaarrg GER
SKEW SISKIN S/T 7599244591 Giant GER
SKID ROW S/T (5 trax/Cover songs) 7567824311 Atlantic GER
SKID ROW Slave to the grind 7567822421 Atlantic GER
SKID ROW Live/Radio-Show(WW1 18/9/89)+ Winger #89-20 Westwood One USA
SKIN S/T 72438288691 Parlophone/EMI GB
SKULL No bones about it MFN117 Music For Nations GB
SKYCLAD Irrational anthems MASSLP084 Massacre Records GER
SKYCLAD Johna's ark 0209-1 Noise GER
SKYCLAD Prince of the poverty line (+7") 0239-1 Noise GER
SKYCLAD The silent whales of lunar sea 0228-1 Noise GER
SKYCLAD The wayward sons of mother earth 0163-1 Noise International GER
SKYCLAD Tracks from the wilderness (6 tracks) N0194-5 Noise International GER
SKYCLAD Vintage whine MASLP0178 Massacre Records GER
SKYHOOKS Guilty until proven insane UAG30241 United Artists GB
SLADE Alive 2383101 Polydor GB
SLADE Old new borrowed and new 2383261 Polydor GB
SLADE Slade in flame 2442126 Polydor GB
SLADE Slade on stage/Live RCALP3107 RCA GB
SLADE Till deaf do us part RCALP6021 RCA GB
SLADE Coz I luv you 2383107 Polydor GER
SLADE Nobody`s fools BS2936 Warner Bros. USA
SLAMMER The work of idle hands(No.252) 2292449991 WEA GB
SLASH'S SNAKEPIT It's five o'clock somewhere (2 LP 2064247301 Geffen GER
SLAUGHTER (CAN) Strappado FPL3028 Fringe CAN
SLAUGHTER (USA) The wild life 9463219111 Chrysalis EEC
SLAVEN Slave to the heart/Shake your fist/Wicked (Signed B-Side)(+ bio/photo) SLVN001 Slavensong USA
SLAYER Undisputed attitude(2x10") 74321357591 American Recordings EEC
SLAYER Interview (Signed by Tom Araya) (Picture Disc) BAK2046 Baktabak GB
SLAYER Postmortem/Criminally insane(remix)/Aggressive perfecter (Signed by Tom Araya) LONX133 Def Jam Recordings GB
SLAYER Reign in blood (Picture Disc) LONPP34 London GB
SLAYER Seasons in the abyss/Aggressive perfector/Chemical warfare(L) (Black Logo) DEFA912 Def American GB
SLAYER Seasons in the abyss/Aggressive perfector/Chemical warfare(L) (Red Logo) DEFA912 Def American GB
SLAYER Spirit in black/Dead skin mask (Promo) DEFAM812 Def American GB
SLAYER Decade of aggrassion/Live (2 LP) 3145106051 Def American GER
SLAYER Postmortem/Criminally insane(remix)/Aggressive perfecter (Signed by Tom Araya) 9207060 Def Jam Recordings GER
SLAYER Reign in blood (Signed by Tom Araya) (Picture Disc) 100001X Def Jam Recordings GER
SLAYER Live undead (6 trax) (Signed by Tom Araya) RR125500 Roadrunner   HOL
SLAYER Hell awaits SP25-5180 FEMS/Japan JAP
SLAYER Live undead (6 trax) SP18-5249 FEMS/Japan JAP
SLAYER Reign in blood P13433 Pioneer/Japan JAP
SLAYER Show no mercy SP25-5108 FEMS/Japan JAP
SLAYER Diabolus in musica (2 LP) 7464691921 American Recordings USA
SLAYER Divine intervention 9362455221 American Recordings USA
SLAYER Haunting the chapel/Captors of sin/Haunting the chapel (Signed by Tom Araya) MBR1024 Metal Blade USA
SLAYER Hell awaits(No.1550) (Picture Disc) MXPD8020 Metal Blade USA
SLAYER Live undead (Signed by Tom Araya) (Picture Disc) MBR1037 Metal Blade USA
SLAYER Postmortem/Criminally insane(remix)/Aggressive perfecter (Signed by Tom Araya) 7599207060 Def Jam Recordings USA
SLAYER Seasons in the abyss 7599243071 Def American USA
SLAYER Show no mercy MBR1013 Metal Blade USA
SLAYER Show no mercy (Picture Disc) 1877722141 Metal Blade USA
SLAYER South of heaven (Promo) (Signed by Tom Araya) 7599242031 Def Jam Recordings USA
SLAYER Hell awaits MBR1040 Metal Blade
SLAYER Reign in blood 7599241311 Def Jam Recordings
SLEEPY HOLLOW A legend retold (4 trax) OMR030 Old Metal USA
SLIME Yankees raus AG006 Aggresssive Rock Produktionen GER
SMOKEY Bright lights & back alleys SRAK530 RAK  GB
SMOKEY Changing all the time 211029 Ariola/BMG GER
SMOKEY The Montreux album 1C06461505 RAK GER
SMOKEY The other side of the road 1C07463337 RAK GER
SNAKE(AUS) Let the music begin POSSUM6 Possum AUS
SNAKE(GER) The second step CL5815 Bellaphon GER
SNAKEBYTE S/T  (6 trax) SB700001 Indie USA
SNOW S/T(5 trax) RM1178 Dynammic Records USA
SNOW S/T(5 trax)(+ poster) RM1178 Sass Records USA
SNOWMEN S/T(1982) TMV1001 Ice Records USA
SOCIAL DISTORTION Live at the Roxy (2LP) 0930435161 Time Bomb Records USA
SOJOURN Lookin'for more 011285-1 MCA USA
SOLITUDE Justice for all/Demo(6 trax) + 1 extra track) DPR1 Doomed Planet Records USA
SORTILEGE EP (Amazone/Progeniture/Gladiateur/Sortilege/Bourreau) RMLP003 Rave On Records HOL
SOUNDGARDEN Bad motor finger 8283953741 A&M GB
SOUNDGARDEN Superunknown (2 LP) (Blue vinyl) 3145401981 A&M USA
SPARTAN WARRIOR Steel n`chains GRC2164 Guardian GB
SPEDDING CHRIS Friday the 13th PB6007 Passport USA
SPELLBOUND Breaking the spell SNTF934 Sonet GB
SPIDER(GB) Rock`n`roll gypsies RCALP3101 RCA GB
SPIDER(GB) Why d'ya lie to me/Footloose and fancy free RCAT313 RCA GB
SPINAL TAP This is Spinal Tap 4228178461 Polydor USA
SPLIT BEAVER When hell won`t have you HMRLP3 Heavy Metal Records GB
SPLIT ENZ Time and tide SP4894 A&M CAN
SPY S/T 7464363781 Kirshner/CBS USA
SPYS S/T 1C064400104 EMI America GER
SQUIER BILLY Emotions in motion EST12217 Capitol GB
SQUIER BILLY Live & more (5 trax) ECS50136 Capitol/Japan JAP
SSD How we rock MM022 Modern Method USA
ST.PARADISE S/T BSK3281 Warner Bros. USA
STAGE DOLLS Still in love/Mystery/Soldiers gun 4228771771 Polydor GB
STAGE DOLLS Commandos 8472160281 Big Time USA
STAGE DOLLS S/T (Promo) 9463217161 Chrysalis USA
STAMPEDE Days of wine and roses/Movin on/Photographs/Missing you POSPX507 Polydor GB
STAMPEDE Hurricane town POLS1083 Polydor GB
STAMPEDE The official bootleg/Live ROCK1 Polydor GB
STANLEY MICHAEL BAND Heartland 1C06486240 EMI America GER
STANLEY MICHAEL BAND North coast 1A064400026 EMI America HOL
STARCASTLE Real to reel EPC82916 Epic Records HOL
STARCASTLE Citadel PE34935 Epic Records USA
STARCASTLE Fountains of light PE34375 Epic Records USA
STARCASTLE S/T PE32914 Epic Records USA
STARR JACK Out of the darkness MFN034 Music For Nations GB
STARR JACK No turning back FLAME004 Napalm Records USA
STARR JACK Rock the american way PB6048 Passport USA
STARZ Coliseum rock ST11861 Capitol USA
STARZ S/T ST11539 Captiol USA
STATETROOPER S/T(feat.Gary Barden/vocals) WKFMLP91 FM Records GB
STATUS QUO Blue for you (Signed by Rick Parfitt/Francis Rossi) 9102006 Vertigo FRA
STATUS QUO Dog of two head 500818 Pye Records FRA
STATUS QUO Le double disque d`or (2 LP) PYA16006 Pye Records FRA
STATUS QUO Pidedriver 9102009 Vertigo FRA
STATUS QUO Quo (Signed by Rick Parfitt/Francis Rossi) 9102001 Vertigo FRA
STATUS QUO 2 record set (2 LP) PDA046 Hallmark GB
STATUS QUO Ain`t complaining(Extended)/That's alright/Lean machine QUO2212 Vertigo GB
STATUS QUO Back to back VERH10 Vertigo GB
STATUS QUO Blue for you 9102006 Vertigo GB
STATUS QUO Caroline/Dirty water/Down down (all live at NEC) QUO1012 Vertigo GB
STATUS QUO Dog of two head NSPL18371 Pye Records GB
STATUS QUO Down the dustpipe (Golden Hour) (Embossed sleeve) GH604 Golden Hour GB
STATUS QUO Fresh quota DOW02 PRT Records GB
STATUS QUO From the makers of (Metal Box) PROBX1 Vertigo GB
STATUS QUO Golden hour of GH556 Golden Hour GB
STATUS QUO Greatest hits U80060 Pickwick GB
STATUS QUO Live (2 LP) (Signed by Rick Parfitt/Francis Rossi) 6641580 Vertigo GB
STATUS QUO Ma Kelly`s greasy spoon (Signed by Rick Parfitt/Francis Rossi) NSPL18344 Pye Records GB
STATUS QUO Ol`rag blues(extended remixed)/Stay the night/Whatever you want(Live) QUO1112 Vertigo GB
STATUS QUO On the level (Signed by Rick Parfitt/Francis Rossi) 9102002 Vertigo GB
STATUS QUO Pictures of matchstick men (Beige Label) HMA257 Hallmark GB
STATUS QUO Rocking all over the world 9102014 Vertigo GB
STATUS QUO Rollin`home/Lonely (Shape) QUODP18 Vertigo GB
STATUS QUO Status Quo-tations MALS1193 Marble Arch GB
STATUS QUO The best of (Blue Pye) NSPL18402 Pye Records GB
STATUS QUO 1982 6302189 Vertigo GER
STATUS QUO 12 gold bars 6360179 Vertigo GER
STATUS QUO Hello (Signed by Rick Parfitt/Francis Rossi) 6360098 Vertigo GER
STATUS QUO If you can`t stand the heat 6360164 Vertigo GER
STATUS QUO Just supposin` 6302057 Vertigo GER
STATUS QUO Never too late 6302104 Vertigo GER
STATUS QUO Pop Chronik (2 LP) 87099 Pye Records GER
STATUS QUO Spare parts (re-release) 200729 Pye Records GER
STATUS QUO Status Quotations (Popclub) 87898 Pye Records GER
STATUS QUO The best of 1972-1974 9279314 Vertigo GER
STATUS QUO Whatever you want 6360175 Vertigo GER
STATUS QUO Live(2 LP) SFX10020~21 Vertigo/Japan JAP
STATUS QUO Piledriver 15PR28 Vertigo/Japan JAP
STATUS QUO Messages from the Status Quo (Signed by Rick Parfitt/Francis Rossi) LPS513 Cadet Concept USA
STATUS QUO Now hear this (Signed by Rick Parfitt/Francis Rossi) RCL7402 Riva Records USA
STEAMHAMER Mountains 201006 Brain GER
STEAMHAMER Speech 0040054 Brain GER
STEELE CHRISSY Magnet to steele 9463218431 Chrysalis EEC
STEELER(USA) S/T SH1007 Shrapnel USA
STEELHEART Tangles in reins 881104261 MCA GER
STEELHEART S/T (Promo) 7573263681 MCA USA
STEEPLECHASE S/T (feat.Joe Lamente) ST1181 Big City Records USA
STEVENS STEVE Action (US Promo) PROA3778 Warner Bros. USA
STIFF Straight up STSMCF5097 STS Records USA
STINGRAY Operation stingray 67660 Carrere FRA
STONE FURY Break down the wall (US Promo) L33-1223 MCA USA
STONEFIELD Light of lies 21932 Iron Ages SWI
STONEFIELD The eyes of the dawn (4 trax) 57217052 Indie SWI
STORM S/T (Promo) 7777122591 Capitol USA
STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH Live at Budokan MFN144 Music For Nations GB
STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH Bigger than the devil NB383-1 Nuclear Blast GER
STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH Speak english or die MRI1269 Megaforce USA
STRAND S/T 7599295941 Island USA
STRANGER(USA) S/T 7464379401 Epic Records USA
STRANGEWAYS Native sons 7863565691 RCA USA
STRANGEWAYS Walk in the fire 7863596621 RCA USA
STRATOVARIUS Dreamspace TT0008-1 T&T Records GER
STRATOVARIUS Fright night 4634161 CBS HOL
STRAY Mudanzas TRA268 Transatlantic GB
STRAY Reflecting a generation TRASAM44 Transatlantic GB
STRAY S/T(1.LP) TRA216 Transatlantic GB
STRAY Saturday morning pictures TRA248 Transatlantic GB
STREETS Crimes in mind (Promo/Timestrip) 7567812461 Atlantic USA
STREETS S/T (Promo Timestrip) 7567801171 Atlantic USA
STRESS Killing me night and day SB18028 Bernett FRA
STRIKE S/T (7 trax) C001 C.O.M.A. Records USA
STRYPER Always there for you/In God we trust (Shape) ENVS1 Enigma GB
STRYPER Free (6 trax) 20AP3341 CBS/Sony/Japan JAP
STRYPER The yellow and black attack SIPR002 Seoul Records KOR
STRYPER Free/Calling on you/The rock that makes me roll (Yellow Vinyl) V-75500 Enigma USA
STRYPER Soldiers under command 20771 Enigma USA
STRYPER The yellow & black attack (Round cover/Colored Vinyl) 1877732071 Enigma USA
STRYPER The yellow and black attack (6 trax) E1064 Enigma USA
STS 8 MISSION The mystery of time MRI031 Atom H Records GER
STYX Pieces of eight (Gold Vinyl) SP4724 A&M CAN
STYX The grand illusion (Gold Vinyl) SP4637 A&M CAN
STYX Equinox AMLH64559 A&M HOL
STYX Kilroy was here AMP28068 A&M/Japan JAP
STYX S/T(Best of/Japan only compilation) C28Y3112 A&M/Japan JAP
STYX Caught in the act/Live (2 LP) SP6514 A&M USA
STYX Cornerstone(Halfspeed) NR27 A&M USA
STYX Crystal ball AMSP3218 A&M USA
STYX Innerview (Interview with Jim Ladd) #17 #13 Innerview USA
STYX Radio sampler & interview album (Killroy was here) SP017222 A&M USA
STYX The serpent is rising BXL10287 Wooden Nickel USA
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Possessed to skate/Human Guines Pig/Two wrongs don't make a right VS96712 Virgin GB
SUICIDE SQUAD Live it while you can/No solution/Bad boys blues/Can't use ya' MFN085M Music For Nations GB
SULTANS' SEED Aimin' for victory DRE18362 Dream Records FRA
SURGIN When midnight comes(Promo) 7777171671 EMI America USA
SURRENDER No surrender (4 trax) DLP3002 Capitol CAN
SURRENDER S/T 7777119381 Capitol USA
SURVIVOR S/T C25Y0001 Scotti Brothers/Japan JAP
SURVIVOR Vital signs C25Y0107 Scotti Brothers/Japan JAP
SURVIVOR Eye of the tiger 7646380621 Scotti Brothers USA
SURVIVOR Too hot to sleep 7464442821 Scotti Brothers USA
SURVIVOR When seconds count (Promo) 7464404571 Scotti Brothers USA
SVEN GALI Freaks/Bodycount/Under the influence (Promo) CITY01 RCA GB
SWEET VI ST12106 Capitol CAN
SWEET Funny how sweet co-co can be SF8238 RCA GB
SWEET Give us a wink RS1036 RCA GB
SWEET It`s it`s the sweet mix vol.1 12ANA28 Anagram GB
SWEET It`s it`s...sweet`s hits GRAM16 Anagram GB
SWEET The golden greats PL25111 RCA GB
SWEET Desolation boulevard 2621430 RCA GER
SWEET Live at the Marquee 80-8825 SPV GER
SWEET Strung up (2 LP) 2628124 RCA GER
SWEET Sweet fanny adams 2621325 RCA GER
SWEET SAVAGE (USA) S/T (5 trax) MCF5015 Indie USA
SWEET SIN S/T   MOB International GB
SYE Turn on the fire MBR1035 Metal Blade USA
TAFOLLA JOEY Infra-blue 16861934217 Roadrunner HOL
TAIPAN(AUS) 1770 (5 trax) CLPM213 Cleopatra AUS
TAIPAN(AUS) S/T (4 trax) CONT3 Bullet Records GB
TAIST OF IRON Resurrection IR1313 Iron Records USA
TAKASHI Kamikaze killers (Strangler/Kamikaze/Mad Max/Playboy girls) MONGOL1 Mongol Horde USA
TALAS Live speed on ice/Live MX8005 Combat USA
TALAS S/T EF401 Evenfall USA
TALAS Sink your teeth into that EMCL1 Relativity USA
TALISMAN S/T (Signed by all band members) AR5005 Airplay SWE
TALK OF THE TOWN Feel my heartbeat/Free like an eagle GAPMS9 Gap SWE
TALL STORIES S/T 9974687261 Epic Records HOL
TAMPLIN AND FRIENDS An axe to grind RO9233 Intense GB
TANGIER Four winds 7567912511 Atco GER
TANGIER Stranded 7567916031 Atco GER
TANK Filth hounds of hades + 7" KAMLP1 Kamaflage GB
TANK Honour and blood MFN026 Music For Nations GB
TANTRUM Trenton City murders/Shot for shot/Call of the beast/Knights of fire RD9001 Rock Dream USA
TARAMIS Queen of thieves (Signed Lyric sheet) MFM2 Metal For Melbourne AUS
TARAMIS Stretch of the imagination IRS942225 Rising Sun GER
TARAMIS Queen of thieves 1877722871 Metal Blade USA
TASTE Live Taste,Montreux,Switzerland 2310082 Polydor GB
TASTE S/T 2459327 Polydor GER
TAYLOR ANDY Thunder(Black cover) 7673258371 MCA USA
TAYLOR B.E.GROUP Innermission (Promo) MCA5335 MCA USA
TAYLOR B.E.GROUP Our world 7464402821 Epic Records USA
TEA The ship 9118001 Philips GB
TEA S/T 6360617 Vertigo GER
TEA Tax exile 6360637 Vertigo GER
TEASER S/T (feat.Adrian Vandenberg) 6413506 Vertigo GER
TEASER S/T (feat.Adrian Vandenberg/Different cover) 6413506 Vertigo HOL
TEAZE Tour of Japan/Live AQR520 Aquarius CAN
TEEZE S/T (8 trax) SMC1200 SMC Records USA
TEN YEARS AFTER Recorded live (2 LP) 6641146 Chrysalis GER
TENSION Breaking point 8856180981 Torrid USA
TERRA ROSA The endless basis(incl.Flexi"Do work") 28MRLP011 Mandrake Root Records JAP
TESLA Edison's medicine (4 trax) (No.354) (Green vinyl) GFSX13 Geffen GB
TESLA Five man acoustic jam 2064243111 Geffen GER
TESLA Mechanical resonance P13431 Pioneer/Japan JAP
TESLA Psychotic supper (Promo) 2064244241 Geffen USA
TESLA The great radio controversy (Promo) 7599242241 Geffen USA
TESTAMENT Low 7567826451 Atlantic GER
TESTAMENT The ritual 7567823921 Atlantic GER
TESTAMENT The new order 7567818491 Atlantic USA
TEXAS Real to reel/Live L37093 Festival AUS
THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG Down among the deadmen (No.497/500) DPR5 Doomed Planet Records USA
THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG Twilight of the idols DPR1 Doomed Planet Records USA
THIN LIZZY Bad reputation 6360154 Vertigo GB
THIN LIZZY Cold sweat/Bad habits/Angel of death(L)/Don't believe a word(L) LIZZY1112 Vertigo GB
THIN LIZZY Dedication/Cold sweat/Emerald(Live)/Still in love with you(Live) LIZZY114 Vertigo GB
THIN LIZZY Jailbreak 9102008 Vertigo GB
THIN LIZZY Killers live (Bad reputation/Opium trail/Are you ready/Dear Miss lonely hearts) LIZZY812 Vertigo GB
THIN LIZZY Live/BBC Radio One (2 LP) (Green Vinyl) 1876602401 Windsong GB
THIN LIZZY Thunder & lightning + 4 track live EP VERL3 Vertigo GB
THIN LIZZY Thunder and lightning/Still in love with you(Live) LIZZY1212 Vertigo GB
THIN LIZZY Live tapes/Official bootleg (4 unreleased live tracks) 6381041 Vertigo GER
THIN LIZZY Live and dangerous/Live (2 LP) 6641810 Vertigo HOL
THIN LIZZY Black rose RJ7587 Vertigo/Japan JAP
THIN LIZZY Life/Live (2 LP) 20PP57~8 Vertigo/Japan JAP
THIN LIZZY The japanese compilation album RJ-7650 Vertigo/Japan JAP
THIN LIZZY Thunder and lightning 25PP83 Vertigo/Japan JAP
THIN LIZZY Chinatown BSK3496 Warner Bros. USA
THREE MAN ARMY A third of a lifetime KSBS2044 Kama Sutra USA
THRILLS GALORE Guaranteed (6 trax) MPPA1230 Sham Rock Records USA
THRUST Fist held high MBR1032 Metal Blade USA
THUNDER A better man/Bigger than both of us(L)/Low life in high places(L) (+ calendar) 2438804656 EMI GB
THUNDER Behind closed doors(No.877/Red & Blue Vinyl) EMD1076 EMI GB
THUNDER Laughing on judgement day (2 LP) 7777999091 EMI GER
THUNDER SAM Manoeuvres (Picture Disc) BULP5 Bullet Records GB
THUNDERHEAD Busted at the boarder MFN110 Music For Nations GB
THUNDERHEAD Behind the eight-ball INT145122 Intercord GER
THUNDERHEAD Crime pays INT145169 Intercord GER
THUNDERHEAD Killing with style 74321161801 Gun GER
TIGER TAILZ Shoot to kill/She's too hot/Living without you TAILZ01 TT Records GB
TIGER TAILZ Young and crazy MFN078 Music For Nations GB
TILT(GB) Ride the tiger UEZLP2001 T-Mac Records GB
TILT(GB) Something wicked (Cry of the jackal/Sin child/Watching the skies/On ice) 12ATV102 Active Records GB
TILT(JAP) The beast in your bed MSN1114-1 Human Records JAP
TITAN FORCE Winner loser SHARK021 Shark Records GER
TKO In your face MFN033 Music For Nations GB
TNT Realized fantasies 7567822661 Atlantic GER
TNT Intuition 4228367771 Polygram USA
TOAD S/T (Signed by Cosimo Lampis/Vic Vergat) X616 Hallelujah GB
TOAD Tomorrow blue (Signed by Cosimo Lampis/Vic Vergat) X626 Hallelujah GB
TOAD Dreams (Signed by Cosimo Lampis/Vic Vergat) FRL36001 Frog ITA
TOKYO BLADE Cave sessions/Official bootleg (4 trax) LEG1T Indie GB
TOKYO BLADE Midnight rendez-vous/Mean streak/If Heaven is Hell(Long version)Highway passion OHM4T Powerstation GB
TOKYO KID BROTHERS Hamélu no fue KTP80071 Indie JAP
TOOL Undertow (2 LP) 1422310521 Zoo/BMG USA
TORCH S/T DM0001 Il Discotto ITA
TORME Die pretty die young (+ 12") HMRLP94 Heavy Metal Records GB
TORME Turn out the lights KAMLP2 Kamaflage GB
TORME Official bootleg ONS3 Onsala Records GER
TORTURE Terror kingdom (5 trax)  BDD002 Beta Records MEX
TOTO Turn back CBS84609 CBS HOL
TOUCH S/T(1.LP) SD38123 Atco USA
TOXIC REASONS Independence 01655-08 Bitzcore GER
TOXIC REASONS Kill by remote control (Signed by band) SILO4 Indie USA
TOXIMA War KU111 Kiva Records USA
TOY ROZ EP (Sexy lil'devil/Crazy/Anything your little heart desires/Surrender/T.L.C./Take me to your heart) 9063298831 B.G.Records USA
TOYAH Anthem VOOR1 Safari Records GB
TRAMPOLIN Gonna make it alright CBS85152 CBS HOL
TRANSIT Break away (Signed by band) 30-898 Indie SWI
TRANSIT Take your love (Extended speak-mix/album version/No-speak-mix) 2106 K-Tel SWI
TRASH Watch out PL40257 RCA GER
TRAUMA Scratch and scream SH1017 Shrapnel USA
TRAVERS PAT Boom boom/Live (2 LP) ESSDP140 Castle Communications GB
TRAVERS PAT Makin`magic 2383436 Polydor GB
TRAVERS PAT Heat in the street 2383516 Polydor GER
TRAVERS PAT School of hard knocks INT145155 Intercord GER
TRAVERS PAT Crash and burn PD16262 Polydor USA
TRAVERS PAT Putting it straight PD16121 Polydor USA
TREDEGAR S/T (Gatefold sleeve) CEPLP001 Aries GB
TREDEGAR S/T (Remix) 23003-413 Nibelung Records GER
TRIFFID Invasion(4 trax) NEON11722 Neon Records USA
TRILLION Clear approach EPC83947 Epic Records HOL
TRILOGY Life on earth YPRX2249 Indie AUS
TRIUMPH Rock`n`roll machine LAT1036 Attic CAN
TRIXTER S/T 7673263891 Mechanic USA
TROUBLE The misery shows/R.I.P. (Promo) DEFAM612 Def American GB
TROUBLE The wolf/Psychotic reaction (Promo) DEFAM412 Def American GB
TROUBLE Manic frustration 3145125561 Def American GER
TROUBLE Assassin/Tales of brave Ulysses MBR1018 Metal Blade USA
TROUBLE Run to the light 1877732691 Metal Blade USA
TROUBLE S/T (Promo) 7599242671 Geffen USA
TROUBLE S/T (White Vinyl) MBR1019 Metal Blade USA
TROUBLE The skull MBR1041 Metal Blade USA
TROWER ROBIN Live CHR1089 Chrysalis GB
TROWER ROBIN Victims of the fury CHR1215 Chrysalis USA
TRUST Repression (French version) CBS84318 CBS FRA
TRUST Paris by night/Live 7567819821 Megaforce USA
TT QUICK Metal of honor 7567905211 Megaforce USA
TT QUICK S/T (5 trax) MARZ2002 Megaforce USA
TT QUICK Sloppy seconds 9519654321 Halycon Records USA
TUFF What comes around goes around 7567822441 Atlantic GER
TUFF LUCK S/T NRR18 New Renaissance Records USA
TURNER JOE LYNN Rescue me P13198 Pioneer/Japan JAP
TURNER JOE LYNN Heartless (US Promo) ED5076 Elektra USA
TWILIGHT PROJECT S/T (Starchild/Lord of the rings/Into the fire/Fallen rainbow) MTR005 Indie SWE
TWISTED SISTER Come out and play (Picture Disc) K7812751P Atlantic GB
TWISTED SISTER I am(I`m me)/Tear it loose(L)/Destroyer(L)/It's only rock'n'roll(L) A9854T Atlantic GB
TWISTED SISTER I am(I'm me)/We're not gonna take it/I wanna rock/The kids are back (Promo) SAM990 Atlantic GB
TWISTED SISTER I wanna rock/Burn in Hell(L)/S.M.F.(L) A9634T Atlantic GB
TWISTED SISTER Interview (Picture Disc) TT105 Tell Tale GB
TWISTED SISTER Leader of the pack/I wanna rock (Shape) A9478P Atlantic GB
TWISTED SISTER Leader of the pack/I wanna rock/I'll take you alive A9478T Atlantic GB
TWISTED SISTER Ruff cutts (4 trax) SHH13712 Secret GB
TWISTED SISTER The kids are back/Shoot 'em down(Live) (Shape) A9827P Atlantic GB
TWISTED SISTER The kids are back/What you don't know(L)/Bad boys(L)/Run for your life(L) A9827T Atlantic GB
TWISTED SISTER Under the blade SECX9 Secret GB
TWISTED SISTER Under the blade (Picture Disc) SECXP9 Secret GB
TWISTED SISTER We`re not gonna take it/The kids are back(L)/You can't stop(L)/We're not gonna take it(L) A9657T Atlantic GB
TWISTED SISTER You can`t stop rock`n`roll/Feel the power(L)/Four barrel(L)/One man woman(L) (Signed cover) A9792T Atlantic GB
TWISTED SISTER You want what we got/Stay hungry/We're not.../King of fools A9435T Atlantic GB
TWISTED SISTER Big hits & nasty cuts(13 trax) 7567823801 Atlantic GER
TWISTED SISTER You can`t stop rock`n`roll 7800741 Atlantic GER
TWISTED SISTER Come out and play P13233 Pioneer/Japan JAP
TWISTED SISTER Love is for suckers P13553 Pioneer/Japan JAP
TWISTED SISTER Stay hungry P11492 Pioneer/Japan JAP
TWISTED SISTER Under the blade(+ 1) 7567812561 Atlantic USA
TWISTED SISTER We rock your socks off(Live/Rochester 14/10/84 Radio) MAC78000-12 Macho Records USA
TWISTED SISTER/JEFFERSON STARSHIP Live/Radio-Show(KBFH 11-9-83,Mid Hudson Arena,Poughkeepsie,NY 4 trax/25 mins) 11-9-83  USA
TWO BIT THIEF Another sad the big city 08-61291 We Bite Records GER
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Crazy nights(+ 12") MCF3123 MCA GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Don`t stop by/Slave to freedom(Live)/Raised on rock(Live) MCAT723 MCA GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Making tracks/What you sayin' MCAT798 MCA GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Spellbound 203641 MCA GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG The wreckage MFN050 Music For Nations GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG S/T(Japan compilation with live trax) VIM4083 MCA/Japan JAP
TYKETTO Don't come easy GEF24317 Geffen GER
TYRANT Legions of the dead MBR1038 Metal Blade USA
TYRRANICIDE God save the scene WDLP001 Whirling Dervish USA
TYSONDOG Beware of the dog NEAT1017 Neat Records GB
TYTAN Blind men and fools KAMA6 Kamaflage GB
TYTAN Rough justice METALP105 Metal Masters GB
TYTON Castle Donnington (Picture Disc) T101 Iron Works USA
U.D.O Timebomb PL74953 RCA GER
UFO Strangers in the night/Live (2 LP) CH21209 Chrysalis CAN
UFO High stakes & dangerous men 1761581781 Castle Communications GB
UFO High level cut WWS81226 Chrysalis/Japan JAP
UFO No place to run WWS81281 Chrysalis/Japan JAP
UFO Force it 4411410741 Chrysalis USA
UFO Lights out 4411411271 Chrysalis USA
UFO No heavy petting PV41103 Chrysalis USA
UFO Phenomenon 4411410591 Chrysalis USA
UK SUBS Another king of blues GEMLP100 GEM Records GB
UK SUBS Crash course/Live (+ 12") GEMLP111 GEM Records GB
UK SUBS Diminished responsibility GEMLP112 GEM Records GB
ULTRA POP Adventures in fantasy UL0001 Ultimate Records USA
ULTRA POP S/T UL0001 Ultimate Records USA
ULTRAVOX Vienna 202701 Chrysalis GER
UNION S/T 986111241 Mayhem Records USA
UNLEASHED S/T (Growing fear/Search for the truth/Obsession/Cry for revenge) UN21986 D.K.P. Productions USA
UPPER ECHELON Surface tension (Drivin' mean/Evil(songs)/Teaser/Winter)  Hierarchy Records USA
URGENT Timing PEC80083 Epic Records CAN
URIAH HEEP Live (2 LP) BRSP1 Bronze GB
URIAH HEEP Abominog 204532 Bronze GER
URIAH HEEP Demons and wizards 28768XOT Bronze GER
URIAH HEEP Innocent victim 25543XOT Bronze GER
URIAH HEEP Look at yourself 28765XOT Bronze GER
URIAH HEEP Very`eavy very`umble 28763ET Bronze GER
VAI STEVE Alien love secrets (7 trax) 9974785861 Relativity GER
VAI STEVE Sex & religion 9974739471 Relativity HOL
VAI STEVE Passion and warfare 8856110371 Relativity USA
VALHALLA EP (6 trax) (signed by David Fefolt) WRA1122 Indie USA
VAN HALEN 1984 7599239851 Geffen GER
VAN HALEN 5150 P13285 Pioneer/Japan JAP
VAN HALEN Diver down P11189 Pioneer/Japan JAP
VAN HALEN Fair warning P10978W Pioneer/Japan JAP
VAN HALEN I P10479W Pioneer/Japan JAP
VAN HALEN II P10641W Pioneer/Japan JAP
VAN HALEN Women and children first(incl.Poster) P10801W Pioneer/Japan JAP
VAN HALEN For anlawful carnal knowledge W1-26594 Warner Bros. USA
VAN HALEN  Japan(Civic Auditorium, Pasadena,CA,USA  20-12-1977) 45 mins  ? HOL
VAN WILKS Bombay tears 9111069 Mercury GER
VANADIUM Metal rock DAI30396 Durium ITA
VANDENBERG Heading for a storm (+ Poster) P11441 Pioneer/Japan JAP
VANDENBERG S/T P11260 Pioneer/Japan JAP
VANDENBERG Alibi P13151 Pioneer/Japan USA
VANDENBERG Live/Radio-Show(WW1 20-22/1/84)+ Krokus PC235564   USA
VAR:95 YNF/THE PIRATE ALBUM'83 incl.:2 trax by AVATAR PACER8308 Pacer  USA
VAR:ALL HELL LET LOOSE Venom/Jaguar/Raven/Sabre/Axis/Steel/Crucifixion/Persian Risk/White Spirit/Warrior/Alien/Hellanbach NEAT0102AB Neat Records ITA
VAR:ALL STARS feat:Dianno/D.Airey/N.Murray/D.Stratton etc. ASBLP001 West Coast Productions GB
VAR:AT THE FOOT OF BRUTALITY Masada/Num Skull/Firing Squad/Nocromacy/Disorder AM016 Avanzada Metalica MEX
VAR:ATTACK SAMPLER Pöbel/N.K.N./Einbahn/R.A.K./Chaos/Micky Und Die Mäuse  Teufelskraut SWI
VAR:BATTLE OF METAL Marino/Sexual/Rajas/Hurry Scuary SP25-5044 Sounds Marketing System JAP
VAR:BEAVIES & BUTTHEAD EXPERIENCE Anthrax/Nirvana/Cher/Run DMC (Picture Disc) 2064246131 Geffen GB
VAR:BEST OF METAL BLADE VOL.1 Slayer/Trouble/Voivod/Tyrant/Metal Church/Hirax/Omen/Tyrant/Thrust (Signed frontcover) 1877721171 Metal Blade USA
VAR:BORN TO METALIZE Hades/Sneak Attack/Beast/Torture MRI669 Megaforce USA
VAR:BRUTE FORCE Fist/Raven/Prowler/Xero/C.Towns/Diamond Head/Sledgehammer/M.Underwood/White Spirit/Quartz/Cryer/May West MCF3074 MCA GB
VAR:BULLETS VOL.1 Helstar/Dark Angel/Megadeth/Impaler/Agent Steel/Agnostic Front/Crumbsuckers//Possessed/Abattoir MX8111 Combat USA
VAR:CALIFORNIA METAL:Volume II Mastedon/Ransom/Recon/Vision/Soldier/Judea/Emerald/Judea 3571121929 Regency USA
VAR:CHICAGO CLASS OF 87 Messenger/Roche/Vengeance/Premonition/Decoy Paris/Love Hunter SF1520 Silver Fin USA
VAR:CHICAGO METAL WORKS 1 Paradoxx/Felony/Blackstar/Silent Rage/Lunacy/War Cry/Diamond Rexx/Torment/Slauter Xstroyers/Mealstrom SF1517 Silver Fin USA
VAR:CHICAGO METAL WORKS 2 Hammeron/Infra-Red/Sacred Steel/Merrockury/Hedstone/Love Hunter/Powerage/Trytan/Arch Angel/1313 SF1518 Silver Fin USA
VAR:CLEVELAND METAL Black Death/Breaker/Shock Paris/Sacred Few/Cerberus/Jagged Edge/Mistreater/Sorcerer SRPR8937 Clubside Records USA
VAR:CLEVELAND'S HEAVY METAL- Etched in steel Sorcerer/Sinner/Merri Hoax/Gutwrench/Mistreater/Stryker/Severe Warning/White Night HMR001 Heavy Metal Rendezvous USA
VAR:CRAZED Queensryche/Rush/Krokus/Dio/Y&T/Scorpions/Quiet Riot/Zebra/Helix/Armored Saint JCI1111 JCI USA
VAR:DEATH METAL Hellhammer/Helloween/Running Wild/Dark Avenger 081666 Noise GER
VAR:DOOMSDAY NEWS II Coroner/Watchtower/Midas Touch/Deathrow/Mordred/Rage/Vendetta/Mania FW44451 Noise International USA
VAR:EASTERN FRONT DRI/Hexx/Ruffians/Heathen/Violence/Sentinel Beast/Raw Power/Laaz Rockit/forbidden Evil + other bands (1lp live/1 studio) 1877721841 Restless Records USA
VAR:EXILED feat:Rossi/Frost 25297 RCA GER
VAR:FRIDAY ROCK SHOW Sweet Savage/Xero/Diamond Head/Spider/Last Flight/Demon/Black Axe/Witchfynde INT128012 Intercords GER
VAR:FROM THE MEGAVAULT SOD/Overkill/TT Quick/Exciter/Medieval Steel/Raven/Imperious Rex/Blessed Death/Anthrax/Blue Cheer MRI1569 Megaforce USA
VAR:GO TO EAT (METAL DOM) Hurry Scuary/Racing Fury/Battle Axe/Belladonna/Terra Rosa/Hello/Grass mary/Shotgun Marriage NIGHT008 Night Gallery JAP
VAR:HARD Queensryche/WASP/Icon/Alcatrazz/King Kobra/Scorpions/Tobruk/Icon/Helix/Uli Jon Roth 9992605881 EMI FRA
VAR:HARD & HEAVY  Stormbringer/Killer/Black Angels/Sacrifice/Sergeant/Maxine/Gravestone/Crown/Tyrant/Kaktus/Fandango MP856 MUSK Music SWI
VAR:HARD ATTACK 2 Queensryche/Alcatrazz/King Kobra/Saxon/Fate/Wasp/Saxon/Tobruk/Helix/Scorpions/Zeno 9992610091 EMI GER
VAR:HEAR`N AID Stars(2 versions)/4 1/2 minute news 8440041 Mercury AUS
VAR:HEAVY METAL HEROES VOL.1 Jaguar/Soldier/Grim Reaper/Buffalo/Twisted Ace/Bitches Sin/Metal Mirror/Handsome Beasts/Expozer/Split Beaver/Dragster/W.General HMLP1 Heavy Metal Records GB
VAR:HEAVY METAL HEROES VOL.2 Shiva/Mendes Prey/Twisted Ace/W.General/Lionheart/Jess Cox/Pallas/No Faith/Persian Risk/Overkill/No Quarter HMLP7 Heavy Metal Records GB
VAR:IRON TYRANTS Nasty Savage/Tyton/Death Slayer/Teeze/Boss Tweed/Possession/Enforcer/Blackstar/Mesomorph/Teazer WMR World Metal Records USA
VAR:IRON TYRANTS Nasty Savage/Tyton/Death Slayer/Teeze/Boss Tweed/Possession/Enforcer/Blackstar/Mesomorph/Teazer WMR World Metal Records USA
VAR:JUDAS PRIEST TRIBUTE 1 Helloween/Saxon/Gamma Ray/U.D.O./Testament/Rage/Mercyful Fate/Fates Warning/Radakka/Doom Squad/Devin Townsend/Lions Share 7701771151 Century Media GER
VAR:JUDAS PRIEST TRIBUTE 2 Iced Earth/Overkill/Angra/Kreator/Skyclad/Leviathan/Forbidden/Nevermore/Virgin Steele/Blind Guardian/Heavens Gate/Gamma Ray/Stratovarius 7701771251 Century Media GER
VAR:K-WEST feat: Snow - Crack the whip BMC-80111 Starstream Records USA
VAR:L.A.BLUES AUTHORITY G.Lynch/Z.Wylde/P.Thrall/P.Gilbert/B.Sheehan 1686191861 Roadrunner GER
VAR:LA SOUNDTRACK Legs Diamond/Ravenloft/Gary McCord etc. KWEST K West Records USA
VAR:L'AMOUR ROCKS Attacker/Halloween/Mean Streak/Boys/Matriarch/Blakk/Lethal Agggression/Wrathchild MER2101 Mercenary USA
VAR:LA'S HOTTEST UNSIGNED ROCK BAN Rough Cutt/Rag Doll/Little Tokyo/Kid Rocker/Tarsha/Pictures B706 Backhouse USA
VAR:LEAD WEIGHT Raven/Venom/Blitzkrieg/Fist/Axe/White Spirit/Aragorn/Axis/Bitches Sin/Warrior/Satan's Empire NEAT1000 Neat Records GB
VAR:LIVE AND HEAVY UFO/Gillan/Rainbow/Status Quo/Motorhead/Nazareth/Deep Purple/Def Leppard/Whitesnake/Black Sabbath NEL6020 NEMS Records GB
VAR:MEGAHURTZ Fifth Angel/Sanctuary/Riot/Slammin'Watusis 7464442541 Epic Records USA
VAR:METAL ATTACK VOL.1 Celtic Frost/Helloween/Sinner/Grave Digger/Running Wild/Warrant 551682 Noise GER
VAR:METAL DECADE 1980-81(VOL.I) Iron Maiden/Angelwitch/Samson/Trust/Rush/Foreigner/Rose Tattoo/Venom/Kiss + others 2292418991 Teldec GER
VAR:METAL DECADE 1982-83(VOL.II) Dio/Iron Maiden/Ozzy/Pretty Maids/Accept/Twisted Sister/Manowar/Krokus/Rainbow + others 2292419001 Teldec GER
VAR:METAL DECADE 1984-85(VOL.III) Kreator/Exodus/Dokken/Megadeth/Warlock/Accept/Dokken/Slayer/Saxon/Exodus + others 2292419011 Teldec GER
VAR:METAL DECADE 1986-87(VOL.IV) Savatage/Overkill/Kiss/Ozzy/Judas Priest/Megadeth/Anthras/Europe + others 2292419021 East West GER
VAR:METAL DECADE 1988-89(VOL.V) Annihilator/Skid Row/Doro/Zed Yago/Sodom/Magnum/Bonfire/Steeler/Cinderella + others 2292419031 East West GER
VAR:METAL EXPLOSION Friday Rock Show:Samson/Trespass/Gillan/Money/Praying Mantis/Taurus/More/Gillan/Angel Witch INT128011 Intercord GER
VAR:METAL FATIGUE Savage/Assasin/Modus Operandi/Headhunter/Hot Wire/Shell Shock/Strontium Dog/JD Band/Innner Vision EBON01 Ebony Records GB
VAR:METAL FOR MUTHAS Iron Maiden/Angelwitch/Samson/Sledgehammer/EF Band/Toad The Wet Sprocket/Praying Mantis/Nutz/Ethel The Frog EMC3318 EMI GB
VAR:METAL FOR MUTHAS II Trespass/Xero/White Spirit/Chevy/The Raid/Easy Money/Dark Star/Horsepower/Red Alert EMC3337 EMI GB
VAR:METAL INFERNO Venom/Witchfinder General/Crucifixion/Cloven Hoof/Demon/Blood/Angel Witch/Widow KKLP103 Kastle Killers Records GB
VAR:METAL MADNESS Shock Paris/Hellion/Sixty-Nine/Knightmare II/Max/Vice/Assassin/Scarlet Angel/Prophet/High Risk (Red Vinyl) NR01 New Renaissance Records USA
VAR:METAL MANIAXE Cry Wolf/Emerald/Chateaux/Stranger/Uncle Sirus/Mad Avenue/Madame Guillotine/Omun/Menace/Trojan/Fallen Angel/Miraj/Angel Underground EBON08 Ebony Records GB
VAR:METAL MASSACRE 01 Metallica/Black and Blue/Avatar/Malice/Bitch//Ratt/Cirith Ungol/Demon Flight/Pandemonium/ MW6363 Metalworks CAN
VAR:METAL MASSACRE 01 MetallicaSteeler/Avatar/Malice/Bitch//Ratt/Cirith Ungol/Demon Flight/Pandemonium/ MBR1001 Metal Blade USA
VAR:METAL MASSACRE 02 Obsession/Warlord/Armored Saint/3rd Stage Alert/Surgical Steel/Savage Grace/Overkill/Trauma/Dietrich/Molten Leather/Hyksos/Aloah (Signed by Armored Saint) MBR1004 Metal Blade USA
VAR:METAL MASSACRE 03 Slayer(Signed by Tom Araya)/Medusa/Virgin Steele/Snowhite/Bitch/Tyrant/Test Pattern/Black Widow/Warlord/Sexist/Snowhite/Marauder/La Mort MBR1008 Metal Blade USA
VAR:METAL MASSACRE 04 Sacred Blade/Trouble/Zoetrope/Death Dealer/Sceptr/War Cry/Abattoir/Witchslayer/Lizzy Borden/August Redmoon/Thrust/Medieval MBR1012 Metal Blade USA
VAR:METAL MASSACRE 05 Omen/Voivod/Attacker/Hellhammer(Signed by band)/Future Tense/Overkill/Fates Warning/Metal Church/Lethyl Synn/Final Warning/Mace MBR1021 Metal Blade USA
VAR:METAL MASSACRE 06 Possessed/Mayhem/Hades/Dark Angel/Nasty Savage/Steel Assassin/Hallow's Eve/Hirax/Pathfinder/The Obsessed/Martyr 720191 Metal Blade USA
VAR:METAL MASSACRE 07 Hertic/Detente/Commander/Krank/Sentinel Beast/Flotsam & Jetsam/Mad Man/Juggernaut/Cryptic Slaughter/Have Mercy/Titanic/Lost Horizon 1877720981 Metal Blade USA
VAR:METAL MASSACRE 08 Gargoyle/Ripper/Sacred Reich/Viking/Overlorde/Fatal Vilence/Tactics/Sanctum/ESP/Wargod/LSN/Colbalt Blue 1877721781 Metal Blade USA
VAR:METAL MASSACRE 09 Oliver Magnum/Toxik/Banshee/Redrum/Dissenter/Pedifile/Chaos Horde/Faith Or Fear/The Wrath/Ovedose 1877722461 Metal Blade USA
VAR:METAL MASSACRE 10 Murdercar/Wench/Slaughter/Confessor/Betrayer/Solitude/Dan Collette/Nihilist/R.O.T./I.D.K. ZORRO04 Music For Nations GB
VAR:METAL MASSACRE PICTURE BOX 5 LP Picture Disc + Booklet MBB1 Metal Blade USA
VAR:METAL MELTDOWN 1 Kil D'Kor/Strychnine/Century/Sashay/Hellrazor/DC Lacroix/Slaughter Haus/Kaliber/Bethlehem Steele/Max Planck DSR1000 Decibel Shock Records USA
VAR:METAL MELTDOWN 2 Kil D`Kor/Attax/Shock Treatment/Jinxx/Poets Crown/Passion Toy/Ruff Justice/Dehumanizers/Show & Tell/DC Lacroix/Vadasy Jade/Coven LP0002 Ever Rat Records USA
VAR:METAL RAGE Queensryche/Accept/Helix/Stryper/Twisted Sister/Rush/Autograph/BOC/Bon Jovi/Y&T/Judas Priest 2277501860 K-Tel USA
VAR:METAL THAT MATTERS Liege Lord/Mersinary/Ripper/Fortress/Stormtrooper/Warwitch/Holy Terror/Bloodcum/Knightmare/Ironn Cross (Picture Disc) IW1016 Iron Works USA
VAR:METAL WARRIORS Shy/Vortex/Sinner/Sortilege/TNT/High Level/Flyte/Mitchell Troy/Wish/Omega/Lyadrive/Random Black/Breeze EBON11 Ebony Records GB
VAR:METALGON Axemaster/Mars/Triax/Coda/Legend (Shape) A30 Azra Records USA
VAR:METALLIC STORM Mercyful Fate/Tantrum/Scimitar/Tarot Sutra/Mean Machine/Confessor/Jury/Wells Fargo/Mercinary/Wikkyd Vikker/Pentapus/Detroit/Mody Dick EBON06 Ebony Records GB
VAR:METALSTORM BOX Dark Angel/Overkill/Dissension(Metal Box)  Azra Records USA
VAR:MUTHAS PRIDE Wildfire/White Spirit/Quartz/Baby Jan 12EMI5074 EMI GB
VAR:NATIVITY IN BLACK Megadeth/Sepultura/Faith No More/White Zombie/Bruce Dickinson/Type O Negative/COC/Ozzy Osbourne/Biohazard/Ugly Kid Joe 9974776711 Columbia GB
VAR:NEW ELECTRIC WARRIORS Turbo/Buffalo/Streetfighter/Stormtrooper/Tarot/Bastille/Oxym/Dawnwatcher/Vardis/Silverwing/Rhabstallion/Colossus/Jedediah Strut/Warrior/Kosh/Race Against Time MOGO4011 Logo Records GB
VAR:NEW YORK METAL'84 Virgin Steele/Cities/Blacklace/Warhead/Teazer/Takashi/Overkill/Deathslayer/Frigid Bich RC001 Rock City Records USA
VAR:NOBODY'S CHILD Romanian Angel appeal(feat:Guns N'Roses/Billy Idol) 7599262801 Reprise GER
VAR:NORTHWEST METAL FEST Metal Church/Strike/Sato/Mace/Lipstick/Open Fire/Koda Khan/Overlord/Rottweiler/Bondage Boys GZ001 Ground Zero Records USA
VAR:NWOBHM '79 REVISITED Samson/Paralex/Jaguar/Angelwitch/Vardis/Venom/Diamond Head/Trespass/TOPT/Gaskin/Sledgehammer/Girlschool + others 4228463221 Vertigo GB
VAR:ONE TAKE NO DUBS Avenger/Hellanbach/Black Rose/Alien NEAT0025 Neat Records GB
VAR:PACIFIC METAL PROJECT Coma/Heir Apparent/Myth/Phaze/Mistrust/Manchild/Ransom/Arson/Xinr/Look Out/DC Lacroix 1877720751 Coma Records USA
VAR:POWER CHORDS VOL.1 Manowar/Overkill/Savatage/Anthrax/Ace Frehley/Kix/Malice/Raven/Testament/White Lion 7567817771 Atlantic USA
VAR:RADIO SHOWS - LIVE TRACKS #1O Nightranger/Billy Squier/Twisted Sister GLT10 Live Tracks USA
VAR:RADIO SHOWS - METALSHOP 1O/85 Helix/Yngwie J.Malmsteen - Interview MS89 MJI Broadcasting USA
VAR:READING ROCK VOL.1 Budgie/Twisted Sister/MarillionWhitesnake/Terraplane/Chinatown/Stampede/MSG/UFO/Grand Prix/Spider/Jackie Lynton/Randy California MNLP82 Mean Records GB
VAR:ROCK TO RICHES Rough Cutt/Brighton/Caught In The Act/Stronghold/Rokway/The Plads/NuHaven/London's Scarlett/Wiseguy/Cook'N RTR8348 Starstream Records USA
VAR:ROKSNAX Saracen/Samurai/Hollow Ground GRC80 Guardian GB
VAR:ROXCALIBUR Black Rose/Satan/Battleaxe/Marauder/Skizofrenik/Brands Hatch/Under Den Linden GRC130 Guardian GB
VAR:SATAN'S REVENGE 2 The Unsane/Ripping Corpse/Tempter/Damien/Sacred Death/Angkor Watt/Necrovore/Darkness/Severe Warning/Morbid Angel/Vacant Grave NRR48 New Renaissance Records USA
VAR:SCENE OF THE CRIME Sparta/Savage/Manitou/Tyrant/Panza Division SUS3 Suspect Records GB
VAR:SPACEWALK A salute to Ace Frehley(11 trax) 64027007664 Triage Records CAN
VAR:SPEED KILLS Hallows Eve/Exodus/Destruction/Bulldozer/Metallica/Slayer/Possessed/Exciter/Venom/Voivod/Megadeth/Celtic Frost MFN054 Music For Nations GB
VAR:SPEED METAL HELL 1 Attila/Shining Blade/Savage Grace/Battle Bratt/Artillery/Medieval/Midnight Vice/Stiletto/At War/Executioneer/Whiplash GWD90516 New Renaissance Records USA
VAR:SPEED METAL HELL 2 At War/Mayhem/Samhain/Anvil Bitch/Savage Thrust/Deathrash/Aggression/Tempter/Flotsam & Jetsam/Wargod/Outrage/Post Mortem GWD90548 New Renaissance Records USA
VAR:STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN/HIGHWAY TO HELL Bon Jovi/Cinderella/Motley Crue/Ozzy Osbourne/Skid Row/Gorky Park/Scorpions/ 4228420931 Mercury USA
VAR:STEEL CRAZY Rods/Twisted Sister/Stampede/Starfighters/Anvil/Brian Johnson & Geordie/Praying Mantis/Krokus/Lautrec/Girlschool AABT200 Abstract Records GB
VAR:STREET SURVIVORS Little Ceasar/Bang Tango/Tomorrow's Child/Black Cherry/NRG/Fire/Sphinx In Cairo/Rain On Fire/Lunatic Fringe/Triangle 1877724041 Metal Blade USA
VAR:SWEDISH METAL Spellbound/Motherlode/Shed/Universe SMLP1 Sonet Records GB
VAR:THE CIRCUIT feat. 2 trax by Rapid Tears + 5 bands CR555 Chameleon Records CAN
VAR:TIL DEF US DO PART Danzig/Four Horsemen/Black Crowes/Masters Of Reality/Slayer/Wolfsbane/Trouble 4228485741 Def American Recordings GB
VAR:TOTAL DESTRUCTION Bitch/Slayer/Warlord/Obsession/Savage Grace/Pandemonium/Trouble/Witchkiller/Demon Flight MBR1022 Metal Blade USA
VAR:ULTIMATE REVENGE II Forbidden/Faith Or Fear/Death/Dark Angel/Raven 8856120021 Combat USA
VAR:US METAL VOL.1 Rods/Toyz/Issak Newton/Chumbi/Exxe/Gilles-Meblin Assault/Whizkey Stik/Greg Strong/Reddi Killowatt/Lyle Workman SH1001 Shrapnel USA
VAR:US METAL VOL.2 Wild Dogs/Culprit/Le Mans/Vixen/Cinema/Exciter/Rods/Mike Batio/Vigin Steele/Failsafe SH1002 Shrapnel USA
VAR:US METAL VOL.3 Hawaii/Vicious Rumours/Violation/Wild Dogs/Mixed Blessing/Steve Richards Band/Rods/Derek Frigo/Vicious Rumours/Manilla Road/Gilles-Marrino Assault SH1006 Shrapnel USA
VAR:US METAL VOL.4 Keel/Scanner/TKO/Guilt/Aggressor/St. Michael/Vicious Rumors/Wild Dogs/Shawn Lane/Frigo Firing Squad SH1013 Shrapnel USA
VAR:WELCOME TO VENICE Suicidal Tendencies/Beowulf/Lost Cyclos/No Mercy/Excel SLP1001 Suicidal Records USA
VARDIS 100 M.P.H. MOGO4012 Logo Records GB
VARDIS Quo vardis LOGO1034 Logo Records GB
VARDIS The lions share RAZ3 Razor Records GB
VARDIS The world`s insane LOGO1026 Logo Records GB
VAULT Sword of steel(No.368/500) HMG Hidden Metal Gems GER
VENDETTA S/T (Promo) 7464379711 Epic Records USA
VENGEANCE Arabia 9974634371 CBS HOL
VENOM At war with satan NEAT1015 Neat Records GB
VENOM Black metal NEAT1005 Neat Records GB
VENOM Manitou/woman (Shape) NEAT0043 Neat Records GB
VENOM Nightmare/Satanachist (censored cover) NEAT004712 Neat Records GB
VENOM Possessed NEAT1024 Neat Records GB
VENOM Welcome to hell NEAT1002 Neat Records GB
VFN S/T (6 trax) VXN01 Indie USA
VICE S/T (Two wheel thunder/Battle cat/Feel the fire/Stalker) RIEL Riel Records USA
VICIOUS RUMORS S/T 7567820751 Atlantic GER
VICIOUS RUMORS Welcome to the ball 7567822761 Atlantic GER
VICIOUS RUMORS Digital dictator 2624510331 Shrapnel USA
VILLAIN Only time will tell (No.576/700) Cult Metal 008 Cult Metal Classics GRE
VIOLENCE Eternal nightmare 7674221871 Mechanic Records USA
VIPER Manics in Japan(Club Citta,Tokyo 18-06-93/11 trax) 478012 Eldorado/Sony BRA
VIPER Evolution(Blue Vinyl/No.0457) IRS942280 Massacre Records GER
VIPER Theatre of fate MASSLP002 Massacre Records GER
VIRGIN STEELE Noble savage CL1005 Cobra Records CAN
VIRGIN STEELE A cry in the night/I am the one/Go down fighting/Interview with Mark Snider 12KUT104 Music For Nations GB
VIRGIN STEELE Guardians of the flame (US-Cover) HORDE1 Mongol Horde USA
VIRGINIA WOLF Push (Promo) 7567817561 Atlantic USA
VISITOR Take it SQD1158 Visitor Records USA
VIXEN Edge of a broken heart/Charmed life (Shape) MTPD48 Manhattan/EMI GB
VOIVOD Nothingface (Signed by Away/Piggy) MCG6070 MCA GB
VOIVOD Angel rat (Signed by Away/Piggy) MCA10293 MCA GER
VOIVOD Best of (Signed by Away/Piggy) 0196-1 Noise International GER
VOIVOD Cochroaches/Too scared to scream(Signed) (Picture Disc) N0085 Noise GER
VOIVOD Dimension hatross (Signed by Away/Piggy) 08-4465 Noise International GER
VOIVOD Nothingface (Signed by Away/Piggy) 08-4789 MCA GER
VOIVOD Nothingface (Signed by Away/Piggy) (White Label Promo) 08-4789 MCA GER
VOIVOD The outer limits (Signed by Away/Piggy) 0881107011 MCA GER
VOIVOD Killing technology 35181-25 VAP/Japan JAP
VOIVOD Astronomy domine/The unknown knows (US Promo) L33-17980 Mechani USA
VOIVOD Dimension hatross (Signed by Away/Piggy) 3612442421 Noise International USA
VOIVOD Interview for "Nothingface" (Signed by Away/Piggy) L33-18050 Mechanic Records USA
VOIVOD Killing technology (Signed by Away/Piggy) 8856181471 Combat USA
VOIVOD Nothingface (Signed by Away/Piggy) 7673263261 Mechanic Records USA
VOIVOD Rrroooaaarrr (Signed by band) MX8103 Combat USA
VOIVOD The lost machine(5.53)/Jack Luminoius(17.26) (Signed by Away/Piggy) MCA8P2684 Mechanic Records USA
VOIVOD Thrashing rage (4 trax) (Picture Disc) 8856181241 Combat USA
VOIVOD War and pain (Signed by band) MBR1026 Metal Blade USA
VOIVOD/MR.BIG Live/Radio-Show(WW1 3 trax) (Signed by Away/Piggy) 90-14 Westwood One USA
VON ROHR CHRIS Hammer & tongue 208297 Ariola SWI
VOODOO X The awakening Vol.I (Promo) 9974652411 CBS GER
VOODOOCULT Jesus killing machine (+ 12") 3145232171 Motor GER
VORTEX The mill (Oubliette/I got mucho more/The mill/A lovely day) SKULL9807P Stormbringer SWE
VORTEX The mill (Oubliette/I got mucho more/The mill/A lovely day)(Picture Disc)  Stormbringer SWE
VOW WOW Beat of metal motion VAP3O14428 VAP/Japan JAP
VOW WOW Cyclone WTP90331 Toshiba/Japan JAP
VOW WOW III WTP90381 Toshiba/Japan JAP
VOW WOW Shock waves ST12541 Capitol USA
VULCAIN Big brothers 70474 Riff Records/Virgin FRA
VULCAIN Live force 2383 New Musidisc FRA
VYPER Afraid of the dark (4 trax)  GWD90512 Greenworld USA
WAITE JOHN Missing you(Ext.version)/For your love 1CK0622003566 EMI America GER
WAITE JOHN For Japan only (Missing you-extended/Tears-Live/Restless heart-remix/Euroshima-remix) EYS5O149 Toshiba/Japan JAP
WAITE JOHN Ignition 7558513761 Chrysalis USA
WAITE JOHN Mask of smiles (+ Poster) 7777171641 EMI America USA
WAITE JOHN No brakes (Promo) 7777171241 EMI America USA
WAITE JOHN Rover`s return 7777172271 EMI America USA
WAITE JOHN/FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS Live/Radio-Show(WW1  8-18-86 8 trax/35 mins) #86-16 Westwood One USA
WALLENSTEIN Blitzkrieg 20290646 Pilz GER
WALSH JOE You can`t argue with a sick mind/Live 27147XOT ABC Records GER
WAR BABIES S/T (Brad Sinsel) 9974688971 Columbia HOL
WARD BILL Ward one:Along the way 3323748161 Chameleon Records USA
WARFARE Pure filth (+ 7"(This machine kills/Burn the Kings Road) NEAT1021 Neat Records GB
WARFARE Two tribes(Metal noise mix)/Hell/Blown to bits NEAT004512 Neat Records GB
WARLOCK Burning the witches SKULL8325 Mausoleum BEL
WARLOCK True as steel 4228302371 Vertigo GER
WARLOCK You hurt my soul/Turn it on/Evil(Wheel cover) (Picture Disc) 4228842911 Vertigo GER
WARLORD Deliver us (7 trax) SP25-5098 Sounds Marketing System JAP
WARLORD And the cannons of destruction have begun… MBR1029 Metal Blade USA
WARLORD Deliver us (6 trax) MBR1005 Metal Blade USA
WARLORD Lost and lonely days/Aliens MBR1023 Metal Blade USA
WARLORD Thy kingdom come MBR1072 Metal Blade USA
WARNING S/T 2393325 Polydor FRA
WARNING S/T 2480602 Polydor FRA
WARP DRIVE Gimme gimme MFN099 Music For Nations GB
WARRIOR Fighting for the earth DIX9 10 Records GB
WARRIOR Fighting for the earth/Only the strong survive TEN38-12 10 Records GB
WARRIOR Fighting for the earth/Only the strong survive(Holographic + Picture Disc) TENY38 10 Records GB
WARRIOR SOUL (Love is)The drug/Moonage daydream/Pump it up/I just wanna 12KUT164 Music For Nations GB
WARRIOR SOUL Hero/Ghetto nation/Twenty four hours DGCT10 Geffen GB
WARRIOR SOUL The wasteland/Hero/Drugs, God and the new republic (Promo) DGCDJ3 Geffen GB
WARRIOR SOUL Drugs,god and the new republic GEF24389 Geffen GER
WARRIOR SOUL Salutations from the getto nation GEF24488 Geffen GER
WARRIOR SOUL Last decade dead century 7599242851 Geffen USA
WARRIOR SOUL  The space age cowboys MFN172 Music For Nations GB
WASP 95-Nasty/Easy living (Uncut Shape) CLP432 Capitol GB
WASP Animal(F..k like a beast)/Show no mercy (Red Vinyl) 12KUT109 Music For Nations GB
WASP Animal(F..k like a beast)/Show no mercy (Shape/Codpiece) PKUT109 Music For Nations GB
WASP Animal(F..k like a beast)/Show no mercy (Shape/Pig) PIG109 Music For Nations GB
WASP Black forever/Goodbye America(No.99/3000) (Shape) RAWT1007 Raw Power GB
WASP Blind in Texas/Savage (Shape) CLP374 Capitol GB
WASP Chainsaw Charlie/Phantoms in the mirror/The story of Jonathan 12RG6308 Parlophone GB
WASP First blood...last cuts (2 LP) 7777805171 Capitol GB
WASP I am one(Chainsaw Charlie/Live + I wanna be somebody/Live) 2438803078 Parlophone GB
WASP I wanna be somebody/Tormentor (Picture Disc) 12CLP336 Capitol GB
WASP Interview (Picture Disc) TT116 Tell Tale GB
WASP Mean man (DJ 12") 12CLDJ521 Capitol GB
WASP Mean man/Locomotive breath/For whom the bell tolls (Gatefold cover) 12CLG521 Capitol GB
WASP Mean man/Locomotive breath/for whom the bell tolls (Shape) CLP521 Capitol GB
WASP School daze/Paint it black 12CL344 Capitol GB
WASP Still not black enough (No.2090) 2638941031 Raw Power GB
WASP Sunset & Babylon/School daze/On your knees 12CLG698 Capitol GB
WASP The crimson idol (Signed cover by Blackie) 7777998911 Parlophone GB
WASP The headless children (Picture Disc) ESTPD2087 Capitol GB
WASP The idol/12" 12RS6314 Parlophone GB
WASP Mean man/For whom the bell tolls K0602032396 Capitol GER
WASP Inside the electric circus(Photoset/Single) S331004 Capitol/Japan JAP
WASP the raw RP28-5518 Capitol/Japan JAP
WASP S/T ECS81671 Capitol/Japan JAP
WASP The last command (Book/Insert/Poster) S331001 Capitol/Japan JAP
WASP Animal(F..k like a beast)/Show no mercy (Picture Disc) 1877722090 Restless Records USA
WASP The headless children 7777489421 Capitol USA
WATCHMEN Generation 1418218224 Regency GB
WATCHTOWER Control and resistance 084783 Noise International GER
WATCHTOWER Energetic disassembly WT001 Zombo USA
WEAPON It's a mad world/Set the stage alight WEAPONE Indie GB
WEHRMACHT Shark attack 1893666231 New Renaissance Records USA
WENDY O WILLIAMS Maggots:The record GWLP8 GWR Records GB
WENDY O WILLIAMS Commander of kaos SH0043 Steamhammer GER
WENZDAY Nearly made it SKY10164 Quality Records CAN
WEST BRUCE & LAING Live`n kickin`/Live MWX4042 RSO/Japan JAP
WEST BRUCE & LAING Whatever turns you on MWX4041 RSO/Japan JAP
WEST BRUCE & LAING Why dontcha MWX4040 RSO/Japan JAP
WHEELER BOB S/T WRA1433 World Records USA
WHIPLASH Power and pain (White Label) RR9718 Roadrunner   HOL
WHIPLASH Power and pain GWD90533 Roadracer USA
WHITE HEAT S/T INL3547 Lark Records BEL
WHITE HEAT Don`t wait for the movie BIRDR179 Sparrow GB
WHITE LION Mane attraction 7567821931 Atlantic GER
WHITE LION Fight to survive VIL28007 Victor/Japan JAP
WHITE LION Big game 7567819691 Atlantic USA
WHITE PIGS Boot camp series MX8129 Combat USA
WHITE SISTER Fashion by passion WKFMLP76 FM Records GB
WHITE SISTER S/T 7777171271 EMI America USA
WHITE WOLF Standing alone 7863580421 RCA USA
WHITE ZOMBIE Astro creep:2000(Blue Vinyl)(Songs of love, destruction and other synthetic delusions of the electric head) 2064248061 Geffen USA
WHITE ZOMBIE God of thunder/Love razor/Disaster blaster (Green Vinyl) 1704614570 Caroline USA
WHITESNAKE David Coverdale Whitesnake SLP3024 Sonet GB
WHITESNAKE Guilty of love/Gambler (Shape) BPP420 Liberty GB
WHITESNAKE Is this love/Need your love so bad (Shape) 12EMP3 EMI GB
WHITESNAKE Live in the heart of the city/Live (2 LP) SNAKE1 United Artists GB
WHITESNAKE Ready an`willing UAG30302 United Artists GB
WHITESNAKE Saints and sinners LBG30354 Sunburst/Liberty GB
WHITESNAKE Still of the night/Here I go again/You're gonna break my heart again (Picture Disc) 12EMIP5606 EMI GB
WHITESNAKE Trouble UAG30305 United Artists GB
WHITESNAKE Come an`get it 1C06483134 Sunburst/Liberty GER
WHITESNAKE Love hunter 1C06482741 United Artists GER
WHITESNAKE Slide it in 1C0642400001 Liberty GER
WHITESNAKE Live at Hammersmith MPF1288 Polydor/Japan JAP
WHITESNAKE Northwinds MPF1178 Polydor/Japan JAP
WHITESNAKE Slide it in (2 inlays/Book/Remix) 32AP2681 CBS/Geffen Japan JAP
WHITESNAKE Slide it in (American mix) 20AP2966 CBS/Geffen Japan JAP
WHITESNAKE Snakebite UALA915H United Artists USA
WIDOW Gone too far (Promo) 7464398881 CBS USA
WIDOWMAKER(GB) Too late to cry 30038XOT United Artists GB
WIKKA S/T (4 trax) 8806 TNT CAN
WILD BLUE No more jinx CHR1531 Chrysalis GB
WILD DOGS Man`s best friend SH1012 Shrapnel USA
WILD DOGS Reign of terror 1877732411 Enigma USA
WILD DOGS S/T SH1003 Shrapnel USA
WILD HORSES Stand your ground EMC3368 EMI GB
WILDHEARTS Caffeine bomb/Shut your f..king/and thebullshit goes on 4509950630 East West GB
WILDHEARTS Don't be happy...just worry (2 LP) 4509912021 East West GB
WILDHEARTS I wanna go where the people go/Can't do right/Give the girl a gun +1 6301022207 East West GB
WILDHEARTS If life is like a love bomb/I want an overdraft/Geordie in Wonderland 4509986870 East West GB
WILDHEARTS Just in lust/Mindslide/Friend for five minutes/ sin 630113740 East West GB
WILDHEARTS p.h.u.q. (Gatefold sleeve) 0630106541 East West GB
WILDHEARTS Suckerpunch/Beautiful Thing you/Two-way idiot mirror/29 x the pain 4509967820 East West GB
WILDHEARTS TV EP(TV tan/Show a little emotion/Dangerlust/Down on London) 4509942580 East West GB
WILDHEARTS Earth vs. the Wildhearts 4509932871 East West GER
WILDHEARTS Fishing for luckies 0630148881 East West GER
WILDSIDE Under the influence 77777986541 Capitol GB
WINGER/SKID ROW Live/Radio-Show(WW1 18/9/89)+ Skid Row #89-20 Westwood One USA
WINTERKAT The struggle (6 trax) WK40588 Momentum International USA
WINTER'S REIGN The beginning… SABAM33180 Ultraprime BEL
WINTER'S REIGN The mini album Q101 Q Records GB
WISHBONE ASH Live dates Vol.2 (2 LP) MCG4012 MCA GB
WISHBONE ASH Twin barrels burning ASH1 AVM Records GB
WITCH Nobody sleeps OTTMCF5141 Ott Records USA
WITCH The hex is on (5trax) (Red Vinyl) OTT1984 Ott Records USA
WITCH CROSS Fit for fight IRD010 Roadracer USA
WITCHFINDER GENERAL Death penalty (Picture Disc) HMRPD8 Heavy Metal Records GB
WITCHFINDER GENERAL Death penalty (Red vinyl) HMRLP8 Heavy Metal Records GB
WITCHFINDER GENERAL Friends of hell (Clear Vinyl) HMRLP13 Heavy Metal Records GB
WITCHFINDER GENERAL Friends of hell (Picture Disc) HMRPD13 Heavy Metal Records GB
WITCHFINDER GENERAL Friends of hell (Silver Vinyl) HMRSD13 Heavy Metal Records GB
WITCHFINDER GENERAL Soviet invasion HM17 Heavy Metal Records GB
WITCHKILLER Day of the saxons (5 trax) MBR1011 Metal Blade USA
WOLFSBANE All hell's breaking loose down at little Kathy Wilsons place (6 trax) 4228469671 Def American Recordings GB
WOLFSBANE Down fall the good guys (No.3136) 3145104131 Def American Recordings GB
WOLFSBANE Ezy/Load me down/Dead at last (White Label) DEFAB1112 Def American Recordings GB
WOLFSBANE Massive noise injection(Double Live Album) ESDLP193 Bronze GB
WOLFSBANE Steel/Paint the town red (Promo) DEFAM712 Def American Recordings GB
WOLFSBANE Waysted but dangerous (Loco/Dance dirty/Limousine/Killer) WSB2 Def American Recordings GB
WOLFSBANE Live fast, die fast (Promo) 7599242151 Def American Recordings USA
WORLD TRADE S/T 4228396261 Polygram USA
WORLD WAR III S/T 7009 Axe Killer FRA
WRABIT S/T 7573252681 MCA USA
WRABIT West side kid 7674190051 MCA USA
WRATH Fit of anger GWD9O532 King Klassik USA
WRATH Fit of anger (Remix with 3 extra trax) 1877722911 Medusa Records USA
WRATHCHILD Nukklear rokket (3 trax) (Purple vinyl) 12VHF50 FM Records GB
WRATHCHILD Stackheel strutt (4 trax) (Red vinyl) BOLT2 Bullet GB
WRATHCHILD AMERICA Climbin'the walls 7567818891 Atlantic USA
WURZEL Bess/Midnight in London/People say I'm crazy/E.S.P. GWT4 GWR Records GB
WW III S/T 2145700041 Hollywood GER
WYZARD Knights of metal (4 trax) PR666 Pazuzu Records USA
XAVION Burnin`hot 7559603751 Asylum USA
XCURSION Ready to roll X0079 Rampage USA
XCURSION S/T  (4 trax) (Red Vinyl) X0073 Rampage USA
XCURSION S/T (4 trax) (White Vinyl) X0073 Rampage USA
XERO Oh baby/Hold on/Lone wolf XERO1T Brickyard GB
XERON Does anybody hear LM777 Oronsay Records USA
XIT Relocation 2C06861217 Rare Earth FRA
XIT Silent warrior 2C06694500 Rare Earth FRA
X-RAY Hard section TL4 Teichu JAP
X-RAY January 27th '86(First & Final live concert at Yubin Chokin Hall) 28MX1244 Polydor/Japan JAP
X-RAY Shout N125 Continental JAP
XYZ Hungery 7777961141 Capitol EEC
XYZ Live/Radio-Show(WW1 13-8-90,Los Angeles  5 trax/25 mins) Bad Condition   USA
XYZ S/T 1877735251 Enigma USA
Y&T Dirty girl/Knock you out/Hungry for rock AMSX8172 A&M GB
Y&T I believe in you/Rescue me AMSP8229 A&M GB
Y&T Meanstreak/Straight thru' the heart (Shape) AMP135 A&M GB
Y&T Meanstreak/Straight thru' the heart/Dirty girl AMX135 A&M GB
Y&T Midnight in Tokyo/Barroom boogie/Squeeze AMX161 A&M GB
Y&T Yesterday & Today/Live ZORRO21 Metal Blade GB
Y&T Ten 7599242831 Geffen GER
Y&T Black tiger AMP28055 A&M/Japan JAP
Y&T Contagious P13528 Geffen/Japan JAP
Y&T Down for the count AMP28136 A&M/Japan JAP
Y&T Earthshaker AMP28046 A&M/Japan JAP
Y&T Forever (Japanese Only Compilation) C28Y3195 A&M/Japan JAP
Y&T In rock we trust AMP28099 A&M/Japan JAP
Y&T Mean streak AMP28080 A&M/Japan JAP
Y&T Open fire/Live C28Y3139 A&M/Japan JAP
Y&T Live/Radio-Show(BBC Rock Hour,Sherwood Hall,Salinas,CA,USA 05-12-83) BBC #449 BBC USA
Y&T Live/Radio-Show(KBFH,Arlington Theater,Santa Barbara,CA 22-9-85)  KBFH USA
Y&T S/T PS677 London USA
Y&T Struck down PS711 London USA
Y&T Ten(Inhouse copy) 1P8028 Geffen USA
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH Sin (7 trax) FPE3010 Fringe CAN
ZAFFIRO DAVID The other side 1418269056 Alarma GB
ZAPPA DWEEZIL Confessions GRUB19 Barking Pumpkin GB
ZEBRA No tellin' lies 7567801591 Atlantic GER
ZEBRA S/T (Promo) P11413 Atlantic JAP
ZEBRA 3V 7567816921 Atlantic USA
ZEBRA Live/Radio-Show(RKO Captured Live,Rainbow,Denver,CO 84)   USA
ZEBRA/AUTOGRAPH Live/Radio-Show(KBFH,Hempsted,NY 84/85) 10-2-85  USA
ZEBRA/QUIET RIOT Live/Radio-Show(KBFH,Houston,TX  7-17-83 5 trax/27 mins.)  KBFH USA
ZEE MICHAEL Five seven,maybe five eight(I've got news for you/Blueprints for love/I'll hold on/I'm no loser)(Promo) ER047 Ready Records CAN
ZENITH Prisoner 081893 Steamhammer GER
ZEPHYR S/T (Tommy Bolin) (Promo) CPLP4510 ABC Records USA
ZINATRA S/T 4228348601 NT Records HOL
ZINATRA The great escape 4228429621 Mercury HOL
ZNOWHITE All hail to thee E1077 Enigma USA
ZOETROPE A life of crime (+ Poster/Promo) 8856181591 Combat USA
ZOETROPE Amnesty MX8025 Combat USA
ZON Astral projector PEC90442 Epic Records CAN
ZON Back down to earth PEC80026 Epic Records CAN
ZON I'm worried about the boys FAL80003 Falcon CAN
ZOSER MEZ Vizier of wasteland ZR5001 Zoser Records DEN
ZZ TOP Stages/Delirious (Shape/Middle) W2003FP Warner Bros. GB
ZZ TOP Stages/Hi fi mama (Shape/Left side) W2202BP Warner Bros. GB
ZZ TOP Deguello HS3361 Warner Bros. USA
ZZ TOP Fandango BSK3271 Warner Bros. USA
ZZ TOP Tres hombres XPS631 London USA