Kit by Lucien Jaggi, Pictures & dumb Text by Peter Mojzisek
McDonnell-Douglas F-4E "Phantom II"
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F-4E_001.jpg (27 kB)
McDonnell-Douglas F-4E-34-MC, Serial 67-0279
34 TFS, 388 TFW - Korat RTAFB (May 1969 - October 1974)

Missile-only armament for air-to-air engagements didn't prove in Vietnam, and the addition of external gun-pods didn't satisfy neither. Soon, the Air Force began asking for an internally mounted gun for their F-4 Phantoms. In July 1966 the McDonnell-Douglas company got the go-ahead with such an development, and in November 1968 the first F-4Es arrived in Southeast Asia. Later on, all F-4Es were fitted with leading edge slats, but not a handful (only 4) had received this equipment before the end of the Vietnam-War. All F-4Es served there with a "regular" F-4C/D wing, hence "hard wing".

F-4E_002.jpg (19 kB) The 40th Tactical Fighter Squadron flew the Republic F-105D/F until May 1969 with the 347 TFW.

Then, with their conversion to the F-4E came also a new designation as the 34th TFS, a new assignment to the 388 TFW and a combat deployment to Thailand.

In 1974, the 34th TFS again changed their equipment to the F-4D - only to be finally de-activated on 23/12/1975.

F-4E_003.jpg (26 kB)

This model is based on Tamiya's 1/32 F-4C/D Phantom (item 60305), but has been converted with the Cutting Edge set (32023) to an F-4E "Hard Wing" version. This set comes along with a complete new nose section and slots for the stabilators. The Revellogram kit of the F-4E/F is not accurate enough, so this conversion is the only way to get a *real* F-4E for now. Maybe Tamiya will do a complete F-4E some day ?

A close look of the nose section. The CE set provides you with both, the long and the short nozzle for the gun.

Hey, this shark's mouth is a fearsome view, isn't it?

F-4E_004.jpg (13 kB)

My phriend Lucien (a real "Phantom Phreak") did much more on this thing ...
Please go to the second Page of his F-4E "Phantom II".

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