A- Class Catamaran

A-Class Catamarans are the fastest single handed racing boats in the world. In contrast to most other racing classes it is a development class. Only the basic measurements must be within certain limits. These limits are:
maximum length : 5.49 m (18 ft)
maximum beam : 2.30 m
maximum sail area : 13.94 sqm (150 sq ft)
minimum weight
: 75 kg
This led to the fact that the A-Cat as a multihull has become a pure high-tech boat and is nowadays considered as the formula one among all the sailing boats. Modern materials such as carbon and kevlar are being used for the mass production of hulls and masts, a potential of development which has been recognized and approved by modern industries, whereas others still satisfy with glass fibers and aluminum masts.
Other design aspects like the shape of the hulls, length or shape of the mast, shape of the sail, ... are not restricted. These very few limitations have encouraged people all over the world to improve the design of these boats. Thus A-Catamarans have become continuously faster over the last decades. Nowadays a modern A-Class boat easily outperforms even the Olympic Tornado in wind conditions up to 3 Bft.


official Links
http://www.saca.ch/                                                        SUI
http://www.users.bigpond.com/storm_ausA/                      AUS
http://www.znet.at/aaca/                                                AUT
http://www.clasea.org/                                                     ESP
http://afcca.free.fr/                                                        FRA
http://www.segel.de/a-cat/                                               GER
http://home01.wxs.nl/~dwars000/index.htm                      NED
http://www.romagna.net/classeaitalia/                            ITA
http://www.geocities.com/naaca/usaca.html                      USA
http://www.geocities.com/naaca/iaca.html                         INTERNATIONAL A- CLASS A  IACA