RhB MOW and Yard Diesel Switchers Tm 2/2 (22, 57, 91, 92), Catenary Servicing Vehicle Xm 2/2 (9912) in 0m-Scale

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Xm2-2oran.jpg (76 KB)
Xm 2/2  9912
(picture of prototype)
Xm2-2oxyd.jpg (28 KB)
Xm 2/2  9912
(picture of prototype)
Prototype Information

Between 1957 and 1969 the company Aebi delivered 15 diesel switchers for yard service, MOW and a catenary servicing vehicle for maintenance of the overhead wire to the RhB, all painted in oxyd red. The yard switchers with the road numbers 56 to 67 have been modernised at end of the 1980's, got painted orange and renumbered as 15 to 26. The two diesel switchers with the road numbers 91 and 92 for the MOW got a yellow outfit and the catenary servicing vehicle 9912 painted orange.

Tm22-91.jpg (130 KB)
Tm 2/2  91
Tm22-57.jpg (70 KB)
Tm 2/2  57
Model Information

The model is driven by a Faulhaber motor with reduction gear and the power is, prototypically in all details, transmitted to both axles by small Delrin chains. All axles have ball bearings and the wheels are with individual shock absorbers. The brake system is built to prototype. For digital operation, the DCC functions allow the cabin light beeing switched on and off as well as changing from switching lights to regular lights on the unit. For analog operation, a switch in the bottom of the model allows selection of either switching or regular lighting.

Tm22-22.jpg (67 KB)
Tm 2/2  22
Tm22-C.jpg (46 KB)
View into the cab of 0m-scale Tm 2/2 during assembly
Tm22-B.jpg (64 KB)
View onto the bottom of 0m-scale Tm 2/2 with its prototypical chain drive

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