RhB Ge 4/4 III (641 - 649) in 0m-Scale

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Ge649P.jpg (102 KB)
Ge 4/4 III  649 "BCU"
The prototype in front of the roundhouse in Landquart
Ge644P.jpg (101 KB)
Ge 4/4 III  644 "Radio Grischa"
The prototype in front of the roundhouse in Landquart
Prototype Information

In 1989, the Rhaetian Railways ordered new Ge 4/4 III engines at SLM/ABB, a modern universal locomotive with AC engine and GTO thyristor control. The engines 641 to 649 were delivered to RhB in 1993/94, the road numbers 650 to 652 were added in 1998. They soon showed to be excellent for their duties. Today, these locomotives pull mainly heavy express and freight trains on the Albula route, where in that mountainous area with tight curves and steep grades the intelligent radial wheel steering, first built into the Ge 4/4 III's, dramatically reduces wear of rails.

Ge649.jpg (109 KB)
Ge 4/4 III  649 "BCU"
Ge644.jpg (85 KB)
Ge 4/4 III  644 "Radio Grischa"
Model Information

The model locomotive is equipped with four strong ESCAP motors of 2.5 Watt power each, with them it has excellent running qualities and optimal traction power. The wheelsets have shock absorbers and ball bearings, frame details and the trucks are exactly built to prototype. The model is designed for 1.0 metre radius in minimum, but for operation with long trains and on grades radii of 1.2 metre or larger are recommended. The pantographs are driven by their own motors and can be moved up and down. The model is available as digital version, including sound and integrated Zimo MX66M DCC-decoder, or as analog version without sound, independent of the lettering variant. The electronics in the digital version makes use of 9 DCC functions and enables mastering of all light functions, individual pantograph control and sounds. Headlights and cabin lights are LED's. Two microprocessors have been used, one to control lights and pantographs, the other in the soundelectronics. The following sounds can be played: engine turn on/off, idling and running with accelleration and braking, pantograph up and down, the horn (2 different recordings) and air release from the compressor.

Ge641.jpg (117 KB)
Ge 4/4 III  641 "Heidiland"
Ge641s.jpg (107 KB)
Ge 4/4 III  641 "Heidiland" front view
Ge646.jpg (71 KB)
Ge 4/4 III  646
GeCab.jpg (91 KB)
Detail view of Ge 4/4 III cab in 0m-scale during assembly
GeFrame.jpg (55 KB)
Interior of 0m-scale Ge 4/4 III  with its own sound electronics and a Zimo MX66M DCC Decoder plugged onto
GeBot.jpg (74 KB)
Ge 4/4 III underbody in 0m-scale
GeRtop.jpg (100 KB)
Ge 4/4 III  roof details in 0m-scale
GeRbot.jpg (80 KB)
Ge 4/4 III roof bottom in 0m-scale with pantograph drives

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