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FO Freight Cars

4601.jpg (111 KB)
M  4601 with skis
4501.jpg (74 KB)
Ek  4501   (4501 - 4508)
Prototype Information

In 1914 the B.F.D. (Brig-Furka-Disentis) received 10 closed freight cars, 10 high board gondolas and 10 low board gondolas from the company Chantiers de la Buire in Lyon, all equipped with brake system and cogwheel brake for the Abt cograil system. Todays FO took over all rolling stock of the B.F.D. in 1925. Because of always tight budget at FO, many existing underframe was re-used and only the upper mount made new to cover the demand. Several freight cars were modified this way like: gravel container car, logging cars, MOW cars, tank cars, ski cars, herbizide car, snow plows, gondola with low aluminium boards, transport car for long rails, etc.

4411.jpg (99 KB)
Gkv  4411   (4411 - 4420)
4411b.jpg (72 KB)
Bottom details of  Gkv  4411   (4411 - 4420)
Model Information

The whole brake system including the cogwheel brake is prototypically built. Every road number is available with old markings as well as todays international markings following UIC. Markings were changed by RhB, FO and BVZ in the years 1964 - 1969. The models carry weight (Tara) and old / new revision data matching their prototype.

4711.jpg (67 KB)
Lkl  4711 - 4712
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FO Passenger Cars

4301g.jpg (42 KB)
F  4301
4301s.jpg (63 KB)
Detail view into  F  4301
Model Information

The coaches B 4201-02, the B 4203 with different sides and the baggage-coach BF 4281 are available now. The baggage car F 4301 can already be reserved. The interior of the models show all details of the prototype, seats with baggage holders, ashtrays, the baggage compartment of the baggage-coach with mail box etc. The models are equipped with very fine shock absorbers for optimal running, also when cogged. The complete brake system with brake cogwheel for system Abt is prototypically built. The cars are equipped with electronics to provide constant lighting. With the model come destination plates labelled for Brig, Oberwald, Realp, Andermatt, Göschenen, Disentis.

Prototype Information

SIG delivered ten two axle coaches of type C with road numbers 201-210 to the B.F.D. in 1913. After the merger to FO some cars were rebuilt to baggage-coaches, baggage cars, catenary and other MOW cars, which will also be produced as model by ABG in the future.

4301r.jpg (72 KB)
Detail view of  F  4301
4301f.jpg (86 KB)
Detail view of  F  4301
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